Fujikura Ventus TR Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft builds on the hugely successful Ventus line.  Adds something new without changing the fundamental character.  Ideal blend of Ventus Blue and Ventus Black.


Ventus is one of the most successful shafts in Fujikura’s history.  As the top shaft on Tour and at retail, creating a follow up was no easy task.  “Make it better, but don’t change it,” was how some at Fujikura described the task.  While that may seem like a joke, that’s exactly what they’ve managed to do with Fuijkura Ventus TR.


The idea of “Make it better, but don’t change it” can be seen in the graphics on the Ventus TR.  At a glance, it’s identical to the original Ventus Blue [review HERE].  The graphics are the same, save the addition of the “TR” logo, and the base color is very similar, though a bit lighter.

A second look reveals that upgrades have been made.  First, the shaft is no longer one color.  It’s navy blue for most of its length, but it fades to black at the grip.  More noticeable is the sparkle finish underneath the blue.  Both of these changes are subtle, but they really pop in the sun.  This shaft is still more workhorse than spotlight stealer, but the TR version has a little more razzle dazzle.


The feel of the Ventus TR also hits that “same but better” theme.  At its core, this is still a Ventus Blue.  The tip is very stiff, but the butt and mid are soft enough that you get a little kick without swinging out of your shoes.

Where the TR separates itself from Ventus Blue is by being just a little tighter, particularly at the base of the grip.  This is a slight difference, which I can’t emphasize enough.  That said, players who find themselves wanting something between Ventus Blue and Ventus Black will love it.

Check out the strongest Ventus TR – Ventus TR Black – HERE


Regular readers may recall that I gamed both the Ventus Blue and the Ventus Black [review HERE], the latter for an extended period of time.  I really loved Ventus Black, but the thing I loved – that I was responsible for everything – could be a drag on those last few holes when my energy waned.  The Fujikura Ventus TR is a perfect blend of the two.  I get the stability of Ventus Black with the added kick and smoother feel of Ventus Blue.

In my first round with Ventus TR, the things that stood out were the consistent spin, the high ball speed, and the stable feel.  Regardless of the quality of contact or the start line, every shot flew with integrity.  There were no ballooning shots nor any knuckleballs.  While my swing was definitely in off-season form, every result matched the swing, which is all I ever ask for from a shaft.  And to my earlier point about ball speed and letting the shaft do some of the work, my best drive of the day was on #18 – a bomb that carried over 280 yards.

When I got the Ventus TR to the launch monitor, my on-course observations were supported with numbers.  The spin rates are mid-low and extremely robust.  For me, the launch of the Ventus TR is more in line with Ventus Blue, which is a good thing.  Given that my spin is already low, I’m happy to see the ball launch a bit higher for more carry.

Need higher launch or more active feel?  Check out the Ventus TR Red HERE

If you want the technical side of how Fujikura created Ventus TR, the answer is advanced materials.  Through their ENSO reseach, Fujikura found that they could improve performance by strengthening the mid-handle of the shaft.  They did this by incorporating Spread Tow, an ultra-light, ultra-strong material that made this section stronger without adding weight.

The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft is available in weights ranging from 50 grams to 80 grams.  As you would expect, the 70 and 80 gram versions are only offered in Stiff and X flex.  At 60 grams, Fujikura makes Regular, Stiff, and X.  The lightest version comes in R2, Regular, and Stiff flexes.


Improving on Ventus was a tall order, but Fujikura filled it with the Ventus TR shaft.  Whether you found yourself between models in the original Ventus line, or simply want to see if you can find something a bit better than your Blue or Black, head to your Fujikura fitter to try the Ventus TR.

Visit Fujikura HERE

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  1. ive had mine for 3 weeks now and like you said it is clearly a blend of Black and Blue. Very subtle kick at impact but also very very stable. I have no fear of a big miss with this like I did with Blue

    I hit record ball speeds on Trackman since switching to this shaft with the Stealth+

    • Hi Matt,
      Most shaft upgrades over stock seem to be marketed towards faster swing speeds. For a 90mph swing would this be an option or can you recommend another?


      • Matt Saternus


        In the right flex and weight, the TR can be great for a 90 MPH swinger.
        The problem with a lot of golf marketing is that it’s targeted toward who people think they are/want to be vs. who they are/what they need. The average male golfer hits their drive around 200 yards, which means they swing it 80 MPH (assuming they’re optimized, faster if they’re not). The OEMs know this and they are building product to work for that player, but the marketing often speaks to “faster players” and “aggressive swings” because that’s more attractive than the reality of “this is going to keep your mishits airborne” and the like.



  2. Per-Erik Olsson

    Did yoy test the shaft with Ping g425 head?
    Length? Was the Bue-TR tipped or straight in?
    Regards PEO

    • Matt Saternus

      Yes, I tested with the G425 Max. I never tip shafts for testing.


      • Matt,

        Big fan of your reviews, Esp as you play a 425. Couldn’t help but notice the blue spun significantly lower in your review (1591) compared to tr (1927) and black (1621).

        Is that an anomaly?

        • Matt Saternus


          You can’t compare numbers from different reviews as if they’re apples to apples.


          • OK so what were the variables? I assumed it was you as the tester and the 425 as you’ve been playing it for a minute. You also seem to use 6x shafts based off historics.

            Just trying to figure out why the blue was significantly lower

          • Time. Some days I swing well, some days I swing poorly. Fast/slow, more/less hooky, etc. If two things get tested in the same session(s), you can compare them. Otherwise it’s not apples to apples.


      • Trevor Larson

        What club did you test the original Ventus Blue velocore with? I was comparing the two reviews and it seemed like you gained 10 yards of distance. Was it the same Head?

  3. Fernando J.

    Have to give this a serious look this year.

  4. Erik Ferner

    Good review! Last year, I was fitted for a low spin driver and shaft. Although I did not select this brand, I like that this new version gives the best of both worlds, especially being a bit lighter. If a shaft color pops in the sunlight, that only adds to the selling points! Sounds like a winner!

  5. First of all it looks great. I’d be interested in trying as I play the Ventus Black but am looking for a touch more launch.

    • Simply put, i don’t know enough about shafts to make informed decisions, so having knowledge provided by others, could with a fitting where i can ‘feel’ what’s right for me is great. I want to walk in and at least have an idea of what i want to look at. The visual is important as i want to feel confident when i look at it as well as when i feel it in the swing. It shouldn’t matter what it looks like but it so does.

  6. Ken Mykietowich

    Great review. Lots of info and insight to what looks like a very nice shaft

  7. It is great to have options, but, how would a 50 gram R2 Ventus TR benefit a golfer, that would fit into that shaft?

  8. I have a fitting scheduled in March and I can’t wait to test this out against the Ventus Blue I’m currently playing. If it can lower my spin just a few hundred RPMs but retain that smooth feel that I love so much about the Blue, I’ll be sold!

  9. Drew Friedrich

    Love the Ventus Black though it is stout. The blue was a little whippy for me. This seems like it could be just the right mix.

  10. Just outstanding!

  11. Nick Richardson

    Hi Matt,

    My TR is “out for delivery “. 👌🏼
    You got some really nice numbers from this and it sounds quite perfect, more testing to come b4 it goes in the bag?


    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I won’t make any decisions about the bag until the snow melts.



      • Great review. It will be interesting to see if they come out with a black and red tr model.

      • Jeff Bowling

        I currently hit a tour ad MJ 6 X flex shaft. I’m 51 years old! I was thinking of purchasing the Ventus blue TR stiff shaft or the regular stiff shaft but I’m just not sure which one I should do! My swing speed is between 90 and 103, could I still go with the stiff shaft and get some years out of it? And 1 more question, can you tell me is the TR a velcore shaft? Or what’s the difference between TR and Velcore or are they the same? Thank you!

        • Matt Saternus


          The TR has VeloCore. VeloCore is a technology used in both the standard and TR Ventus shafts.
          As to what you should buy, my recommendation would be to get a fitting and try a lot of things.



  12. I was lucky enough to get mine a little early over the weekend. Couldn’t agree more, the feel of the blue with a bit more stiffness of the black. Perfect shaft for me, hitting absolute bombs.

  13. Fritz Leopold

    I never pulled the trigger because I literally needed aiming in the middle of blue and black… sounds like I need to go take this for a test drive!

  14. Thank you for the review. I was considering the Ventus Blue until this “new and improved” version came out.

  15. Currently playing a Fujikura Motore X F3 in my Sim2 and love the smooth feel I get with it. Would definitely love an upgrade to the Ventus Blue TR shaft to see any differences in feel and performance. Appreciate the review!

  16. Would love to give this a try.

  17. Perry Albert

    I like the overall look of the shaft
    I would like to see what it would look like with ghost graphics.
    I have never been one to try other shafts in my clubs. I have always trusted that the head manufacturer had paired the best performance shaft for their club. I realize that they are obviously going to be biased towards their own company offerings. But maybe my game is not good enough to realize the difference.

  18. Michael DeMascio

    What is the difference between the Ventus Red and Blue shaft?

  19. I definitely have to give these a look this year. I’ve got the Ventus blue in my 3 wood and it’s a great shaft but if I can get a bit more carry with the TR …. count me in!

  20. I love my ventus blue and not sure if I would change it. I really like the high launch and carry with it but the spin is a little high. Definitely plan to do some testing with this shaft to see if it gives me better spin numbers .

  21. Love the reviews! I’ve been eyeing the Ventus for. a while now. This could be my shaft upgrade

  22. Hi Matt, Your reviews are excellent – Thank-you!! A few points / questions. In looking at many of your Shaft reviews it would be good to identify the Driver Head. I see that you commented on it being a PING G425 Max in the comments. When did you change to this Head and what Driver Head did you use before to do the testing? I think having consistency of driver head is very important to allow launch / spin comparisons between your reviews. Price point or a link to where to purchase the shafts could be helpful and might drive revenue. Lastly, could you test the Ventus Blue that comes or came as a stock shaft with some Drivers (Taylormade for example) or if that is not possible then perhaps the Stock shaft in a Driver vs the OEM shaft when possible (Ventus Blue vs. Ventus Blue Velocore or TR). Thanks much!!

  23. I have never tried the Ventus, but the TR has my attention. I tend to be a low spind player and my ball flight can be a problem sometimes. I think I am going to have to give this shaft a try. Good stuff!!

  24. As someone who plays the Black in driver and a fairway wood, I’m intrigued by this one. Hopefully I can find one locally to try out.

  25. Very cool, seems like they threaded the needle between the black and blue very well.

  26. Charles W Keller

    Going for a fitting on the 19th. I’ll give the black and blue a try.

  27. Troy Whitehead

    Love the idea of kick plus stability. Really want to give these a try

  28. Michael Lubarsky


    On Feb 1st, Ken asked you “It is great to have options, but, how would a 50 gram R2 Ventus TR benefit a golfer, that would fit into that shaft?”
    You replied that you didn’t understand his question. As a Senior player with SS of high 80’s to low 90’s, would this shaft make much difference distance wise.

    • Matt Saternus


      Regardless of age and swing speed, it’s a matter of fit. For some players the Ventus TR will add distance. For others, it could reduce distance.


  29. Nice review, Matt. I added the TR to the list for my next fitting. Sounds pretty impressive.

  30. This looks like exactly what I am looking for. slight kick with stability.

  31. Been waiting for this type of shaft! Can’t wait to give it a try!

  32. I really need to try this shaft this year! Great review!!

  33. Roger Chang

    Intriguing. I have a tendency to do well early holes, then lose control later. Probably because courses I play don’t have driving ranges and loosen up later in round. Currently play Aldila NV Orange. How would this compare?

  34. I will be keen to get hold of this in Singapore to try against my AV Raw Blue 60 Stiff. Always wanted to have a proper fitting locally but it is hard as we don’t really have such facilities.

  35. Bernard Schoof

    Sounds like a winner, I would love the tighter dispersion and mid fight.

  36. Steve Zimmel

    Hi Matt
    I was “fitted” at G.G. years ago and bought a TM M3 in an 8.5 deg head with Tensei white. 60g stiff. The G400 and Rogue just ballooned with too much spin in the stock shaft offerings,, as did a few of the other shafts we tried in the TM. I have read about the Vents line, but have never gone to a fitter to try. Would it be better to test in my M3 or try a whole new set up?

  37. Keith Finley

    My friend tipped his Blue in an effort to approximate this new shaft’s feel… I’m interested to compare his with a TR…

  38. Randall Siedschlag

    Testing out a ventus black and love the feel of it. Will get it out to the course Sunday. As for the TR, if it combines Ventus black feel with Blue launch, this will be a bomber. I like the RDX blue shaft as well but it is just not ideal for my aggressive transition. The TR would be a great marriage of the two. I’d love to try it.

  39. Steve Zimmel

    Was planning to game M3 a season or two yet.
    Not totally married to it if enough has changed in todays products to make a change worth it. I know some sites have suggested a change makes sense every 5 years or so. What is your take on that?

    • Matt Saternus


      5 years is a decent rule of thumb. My view is that anytime you start to think you need new gear, take your current stuff to a fitting and run it head to head. If you don’t see improvement, there’s no reason to switch.


  40. Hector R Fernandez

    Thanks for the review Matt. I currently use the Ventus Red on my SIM2 Max and Blue on my fairway woods. I like a higher launching driver, so the Red works well for me.

    I will definitely give this a test drive since it is a compromise between a Blue and a Black.

    Thanks again!

  41. Is this shaft better suited to smoother swingers, or players who have a more abrupt change of direction and put more load on the shaft?

  42. I play the red reg

  43. Nice review! I’ve been using the Ventus Blue on and off so this is something I’d like to check out.

  44. Very interested in this shaft, especially if I can gain some launch over the black currently in my driver.
    Thanks for the great review.

  45. Todd Williams

    Who doesn’t like stability and extra kick!!

  46. Ben from Chicago

    Really excited to try this as I’m shopping for new 3w shafts.

  47. David J Sell

    I recently read another flattering review of this shaft, with similar reports to what Matt is saying. I’d love to add this to my TS2 driver and take it for a spin, or less spin if you will. Love Plugged in Golf, always informative !

  48. Got a lot of friends loving Ventus with Velocore (not the disappointing ‘fake’ stuff Fuji should not have released), so I might just have to give the Ventus TR a go during my upcoming fitting!

  49. I should give this one a try, if they have it my flex.

  50. Currently gaming the black in my driver but perhaps this would be a good fit for a wood where a touch more launch could help

  51. Ventus products rock and have gamed them in my driver & 3wd long and straight 💣

  52. That description definitely encourages me to give Ventus TR some monitor time. I’m looking forward to it.

  53. John McNeil

    Once I heal up from my Achille’s surgery I am looking to re-shaft my 3 and 5 wood and maybe my driver. These are definitely going to be on the list.

  54. Beautiful looking shaft, and it’s got to be pretty good since many pros are playing it, not for money but for performance.
    I played a R flex with old steel shafts, but found that many older or stock graphite shafts in R were too whippy or have too high of torque. This shaft looks like a winner in all categories.

  55. I love your reviews, and it sounds like a great shaft. However, I was hoping to ask you a general question about spin and shafts/heads. Certain driver heads and shafts are labeled as “low spin”. I often think about these, broadly speaking, as for better, higher swing speed players. Is this a category of shafts and/or heads that higher handicap players should look at as well who have higher spin due to not hitting the center of a club face? Fitting is crucial, but I am trying to understand the concept of lowering spin. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      Good question. You’re correct to note that low spin heads are often targeted at lower handicap players, but that is starting to go away. When you look at drivers like the Rogue ST Max LS and the PING G425 LST, you can still get a lot of forgiveness in a low spin head. You may give up a little forgiveness compared to the standard model, but it might be worth it depending on your normal spin numbers.



  56. Does this have the Velocore technology?

  57. Would you choose ventus over Diamana TB? Both reviews talked about stability and would love to hear your thoughts on which you thought was more stable.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t run them head to head, but I think the Ventus TR is a bit stronger in the tip.


  58. I think I have run the gambit with Ventus Options. Black 6S felt too stout, Blue 6S produced some occasional outliers. Black 5x was great and Ventus TR 6S is great! Cant decide which of those! Thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I can’t tell you which option is best for you. Did you see or feel a difference between the Black and TR?


      • Black 5 felt much different than the Black 6. Connected, but with a little more active feel. TR has the crack a whip feel. I have read your reviews on black and TR, was just curious as to which you may prefer.

        • Matt Saternus


          I prefer the feel of the TR. I haven’t spent enough time with it to see if it will become a full time gamer like the Black was.


  59. Hi Matt,
    Love all the reviews!! I also game the 425max and want to ask you if you change out the weights in the head when you use non counter balanced shafts? I have noticed with Ping that the swingweight and hence performance of the the shafts can change when I try different shafts in the Ping due to their very high head weight.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!
      No, I don’t try to equalize swing weight or otherwise add variables, I just let the shaft be what it is.



  60. Brian Martin

    Really good review, Matt – thanks. I just put the TR on to my Ping 425 Max head and I haven’t hit the driver this consistently in tears. I am a 4-hdcp and 59 y/o and was hitting 260+ drives with little effort and even fewer directional misses. I play the 5S model and am thrilled with my results 30 days in.

  61. After playing with a 50 gram stiff stock shaft on my SIM2 Max driver, I decided to get fitted for a stiffer shaft. I just couldn’t get my temp right and my swing was all over the place. The fitter recommended the Ventus blue TR 6-X. Wow I feel so much more confident. I hit more fairways with tighter dispersion than the Mitsubishi stock shaft. I noticed a little gain on the yardage but not by much. I didn’t really care about gaining distance as I typically get 280-300 yards from drives or 240-260 with my 3 wood. Fewer penalty strokes from bad decision drives rapidly reduced my score.

  62. Matt, how does the Ventus TR compare to your gamer, the Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 1K? And, which shaft within the Mitsubishi Rayon family most resembles the characteristics of the Ventus TR? Many thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I have a full review of the 1K White here: https://pluggedingolf.com/mitsubishi-tensei-pro-white-1k-shaft-review/

      I don’t think there’s a perfect analog to the Ventus Blue TR, but something from Mitsubishi’s Blue family would be closest – Diamana TB, Tensei Blue, etc.


      • Thanks, Matt. I just did a club fitting and the fitter recommended the Ventus TR for my driver, noting that I need a tip stiff to prevent the shaft from kicking the ball left whenever my swing fault (my hands going too early) rears its ugly head.
        I read your glowing review of the Tensei 1K Pro White, but this shaft wasn’t available at the fitting session. If this shaft’s characteristics are similar to the Ventus TR’s, it will probably fit me as well, and I may give it a try sight unseen.

        • Matt Saternus


          Got it.
          My policy is to never second guess a fitter, so I’d suggest going with that Ventus TR. It’s an awesome shaft.



          • Thanks, Matt, and I understand it makes sense to go with the fitter’s recommendation. However, even just out of curiousity, does the Tensei 1K Pro White play and feel similar to the Ventus TR? Thanks.

          • Stanley,

            Depends on your scope of comparison. Super broad view, you could say they’re somewhat similar, but in my view they aren’t that close.


  63. I just tested the TR Blue in the 7X flavor with my Stealth Plus and found it to be outstanding. I clocked a 116 swing speed and 2089 ball spin which gave me 291 carry and 312 rollout. You simply can’t ask for any more.

  64. How does the Ventus TR Blue feel compared to the HZRDUS Black gen 4?

  65. Hi Matt,

    I know I should get fit but the option just isn’t readily available for me where I live.

    I’ve hit the Blue TR a little bit in a 6x. My driver swing speed, verified by launch monitors (really, I’m not making it up), averages around 118 topping out around 123. Is the 6x ideal or should I look at the TX? I like the 60g range for a driver, I just don’t seem to get on with the 70g shafts in that club. The current shaft I have is an older one, a UST ATTAS 5 Gogo 6x that is tipped an inch. I like the feel of the shaft but I do notice some instability so I was thinking I wanted to try something newer/better. I was hoping the tipping would help to stabilize it, it did but doesn’t seem like it did enough. Any other recommendations you could give?

  66. I just got the Callaway Paradigm triple diamond driver and Five-wood both matched with the Ventus TR blue 7! Cannot wait to see performance on these clubs.

  67. John Bryce Corey

    I am 67 years old, have an 86 mph swing speed and normally hit my driver about 200-210 yards and play to a 13.7 handicap. I switched to the Ventus TR 5-R blue, 50 gram shaft and also upgraded from my Rogue ST Max to the Paradym X. I hit all but one fairway, even on off center hits and my longest drive was 220., I was extremely impressed with the forgiveness of this set up.

  68. Fred Jackmovich

    Had the shaft with Aerojet head. After 4th round Shaft snapped in half at mid point. not happy. Has anyone had this happen?

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