Fujikura Ventus Shaft Review

50 Words or Less

The Fujikura Ventus is extremely accurate.  Consistently high ball speed.  Among the lowest spinning shafts I’ve ever hit.

Check out the Fujikura 2024 Ventus Blue HERE


Watch this video of Fujikura’s employees explaining the benefits of Ventus, and you’ll quickly understand that they’re not holding back with the claims of what this shaft can do.  Among the benefits they list are more centered contact, faster ball speed, and tightened dispersion.  Can one shaft possibly confer all those advantages?  I eagerly put it into my driver to find out.

If you like Ventus Blue but want a little more stability, check out Ventus TR HERE


The Fujikura Ventus has an all-business look that lets the performance do the talking.  Its dark navy color is interrupted only by the silver branding in the upper half of the shaft and the small “VeloCore” symbol near the tip.  The Ventus logo has a crisp, futuristic look.


When I looked at the EI Profile and then swung the Ventus, I felt as if Fujikura had designed it just for me.  My feel preferences in a shaft tend toward a stable tip with a softer butt and mid.  In the Ventus, Fujikura gave me more of everything I like.

The tip of the Ventus is described as “ultra stiff” to prevent twisting.  EI Profiles show that the tip of the Ventus is slightly stiffer than the ATMOS Black.  At impact, the Ventus feels supremely stable, even on toe or heel shots.

In the butt section, the Ventus is a little softer than the ATMOS Black and Speeder Evolution IV which leads to a slightly smoother feel.  As is typical of Fujikura’s Speeder shafts, there isn’t a big kick but rather a smooth energy transfer from your hands through the shaft.


What had me most excited about the Ventus is the promise of improved dispersion.  Yes, I’d love more distance, but what I need is to play fewer shots from the trees.  Right out of the gate, the Ventus delivered.  My dispersion was much tighter than normalperhaps the best I’ve ever had for a review – and two things in particular stood out.  First, I had to really work to produce a shot that curved left.  In all my testing, I didn’t hit a single ugly hook (I really hope I didn’t just jinx myself).  Additionally, the ball didn’t want to bend much in either direction.  Even with a wonky, Bubba-cut swing, the ball gently fell to the right.

Did the Ventus also improve my ball speed and center face contact?  It did.  My swing speed is down a bit (shoulder trouble), but my smash factor was as consistently high as it’s ever been.  Translation: more ball speed and more distance.

For me, the Ventus was mid-low launching with extremely low spin.  In fact, the spin was so low I sometimes dropped below optimal.  However, the dispersion is so tight, I will probably fix the spin with a higher lofted head rather than abandon this shaft.

To close, I want to be clear that the Ventus is an awesome fit for me.  In terms of feel and profile, it’s everything I like.  This is an amazing shaft, but it’s not going to fit every player, and if it doesn’t fit you, you won’t see results like mine.  As always, work with a club fitter to find your optimal fit.

The Fujikura Ventus is available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 gram weights.  The lightest version is offered in R2, Regular, and Stiff.  Regular, Stiff, and X are the flex options at 60 grams.  The heavier options are available in only Stiff and X.


When I first saw Ventus at the PGA Show, I was excited to try it.  As I watched the rapid adoption of Ventus on the PGA Tour, my anticipation grew to levels that I was afraid couldn’t be met.  When I got it in hand, the Fujikura Ventus exceeded my highest hopes.  This shaft is the clear front runner to go in the bag this year and has given me real hope for turning driving into a strength of my game.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Adam Rodriguez

    For shafts, it would be great if you mentioned price. Specifically, the price from club champion as you do most your testings from there. Great article. Ty.

  2. Great review! I was just fitted into this for my 3 wood during my Club Champion fitting. I did have to bump the loft up (to 16.5) to combat the low spin but I loved the feel, accuracy and distance I was getting out of it. I was carrying it 17 yards further than the shaft I had in my TS3 previously with optimal spin. Can’t wait to try it on the course.

  3. Matt,

    When I go to fujikura’s website and read about the ventus they have a graph of the EI profile and it shows the tip being “softer” and the butt and mid being “stiffer.” Am I reading this wrong? From your article I was thinking this was a tip stiff shaft with a softer butt…comparable to the tensei ck pro white? Or is this something different.

  4. Matt,
    What was the weight of the shaft that you tested?

  5. Christopher

    The Ventus is amazing. Just, unbelievably accurate. In my fitting I tried around 20 shafts, and the Ventus won by a country mile. I’ve never hit so many fairways. It just never misses. I can’t say that I hit it further, but being in the fairway every time is a nice feeling.

    • James Quin

      Great review Matt- Sounds like an exceptional shaft! By the sounds of it the 7-X would fit me perfectly!

    • Taylor Black

      I love the look of this shaft, it’s simple. I would love to have one of these in a 6-S. I’d really be interested to put this shaft to the test.

  6. I’d love to try this shaft!! seems to be right up my alley and needing to kill some spin

    The 6x would be perfect

  7. william Neal

    The shaft sound like the holy grail. I would go with the 50g R2 flex.

    • The 60 g shaft in a stiff flex would be my upgrade shaft in my Ping head.
      From what I see, lower spin, tighter dispersion and more distance !!!
      Sounds like a winner to me !!

  8. I would like a 50 gram reg. I play a TS2

  9. Mitchell Rothstein

    Looking for a new driver shaft have fujikura 150s in my wedges
    Flex R2 50g

  10. Sounds like an upgrade from my current driver shaft. I’d love to try it in a 60-stiff.

  11. I would like the 60-X

  12. Gordon Kaardal

    I would love to try this shaft, currently using the speed shaft and love that so I know the Ventus would be amazing.

  13. Rod Gardner

    Would love to replace my stock shaft in my Ping400, 60 gram Reg.

  14. James B Gotlibowski

    This review sounds amazing. Anything for some dispersion tightening. The extra ball speed would be a plus! Give me some fairways!

    Id love to win a Ventus 6X!

  15. Adam Miller

    Was fit for this shaft and loved it! But the price was too rich for my blood. Maybe I could be a lucky winner! Ventus 6-S was right for me. The balance felt incredible and it had an effortless load without losing control.

  16. Dan Humboldt

    I would love to try the 60 gram x-flex!

    Currently playing the Aldila RIP Alpha x-flex and it’s just feeling a little heavy in my Callaway EPIC SZ.

    I am like you Matt and I want to find the tightest dispersion rheee is. Swing about 112 with a 159 balls speed and 13.4 launch angle. So sounds like you and I would have similar results!

    Would love to try this as my new gamer!

    Yours in fairways,

  17. Corbyn Gallagher

    Would love to get one of these. I would use a 70 Stiff flex.

  18. How would rate it against a ping tour 60s shaft?
    Would love to win 60-s

    • Matt Saternus


      The PING Tour is a great shaft, but it doesn’t have much feel to me. The Ventus has a smoother feel and is more active in the butt section.



    • Mitchell Peterson

      How do you identify an authentic Ventus shaft

      • Matt Saternus


        If you’re comparing the Ventus that comes stock in TaylorMade drivers vs the aftermarket version, only the aftermarket has the “VeloCore” marking near the tip.



        • Gary Tsang

          Hi Matt – awesome review. I was wondering if you tried the Atmos Blue TS and if yes, how does it compare to the Ventus Blue?

          • Gary,

            I have not had a chance to review the ATMOS TS, so I can’t offer a comparison.



  19. 60-S please!

  20. As a high launcher, this sounds like a great shaft for me. I’d love a 70g, x-stiff shaft!

  21. I would like the 60 gram in an X flex.

  22. Robert Gamblin

    Can you compare it to the Project X Even flow Black in stiff , I believe , the Black is a lower launching shaft ,and low spinning , i was asking more about feel ???

    • Matt Saternus


      To me, the Ventus is butt soft, tip stiff. The EvenFlow Black is very similar but is a little softer feeling in the tip.



      • Great review as always Matt. Thanks for offering the shaft. I’d love it in 60 gram X-stiff.

        • I’ve always played Fujikura from the Rombax(which I believe to be their best) to the Atmos. Would love to win a Ventus in 60gram stiff.
          Thanks for all the reviews you guys always do.

  23. Michael Wagner

    Sounds like a great shaft! I think the 50 gram in a Regular Flex would really improve my game!

  24. James Auin

    Great review Matt- sounds like an exceptional shaft! By the sounds of it the 7-X will fit me perfectly!

  25. Great article! I’d love to win a Ventus shaft in 60-X

  26. Mike Hogan

    I’d like the 6 S and middle of the fairway, thank you!

  27. John Shuff

    I would love to try the Ventus in 6S. I currently play the Graphite Design Tour AD GP 6S and the Ventus sounds like an update of this design.

  28. Rod Fuller

    Due to cervical neck surgery my slight draw has become a hook. I am looking for some improvement and this shaft might help.
    I think 60 gram weight and regular flex would be better for me.

  29. Kevin "scratch" kelly

    I’d love to test out a 60 gram regular shaft. Nickname scratch but with psoriatic arthritis, disc disease , after 4 spine surgeries , 2 fusions, having itchy skin is the closest Ill get to scratch at age 67. But I still want to play with the boys ( sane guys I’ve been playing with since 12 years old, and this seems to be a fabulous concept allowing for someone to go with softer flex yet maintain control of clubface throughout the swing. I Still have fairly good driver swing speed at 110-111 but really want to try this softer flex with the firm sections to control face and swing path while getting all the fluid power I can out of my body! Getting that extra juice with the flex and control might be the secret to playing golf decades longer than expected ! Thank you for the opportunity to play and review the shaft if I was to be selected This shaft would replace my 757 speeder!!

  30. Larry Hill

    I demoed this shaft at Golf MD in Olathe KS, spin reducer as you stated. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win this jewel!

  31. I love the idea of better dispersion. I’ve got an AD GP in 6S, but it can be a little spinny, would an X flex help that a little? SS is 103.
    I’d love to try the Ventus in 6X!

  32. Keith Martin

    Model 5 R 47g

  33. Awesome review! Would like to enter to win one of these- 70g X-stiff.

  34. Chris Gordon

    I’d love to try the 60 stiff. I think that fits my swing & profile perfectly. That all blue looks sweet. Would be amazing in my Rogue sub-zero!

  35. Brad Gibson

    70 gram x-stiff for the contest.

  36. Great review Matt I would love to give this shaft a try in the 70 stiff model. I currently the Project X hzrdus black. Keep up the good work.

  37. I would be interested in testing the 70 gram stiff Ventus. Nothing I have tried has replaced the Hzrdus Black which has been in my last two drivers and currently in my TS3.

    Thanks for the opportunity Matt.

  38. Very intrigued by this. Have a Diamana W in my M2 currently, that has been good to me, but would love to try this out. In 50-R.

  39. Mark Swartz

    I will have to try this shaft at Club Champion for my fitting on my 5 and 3 woods. 66 years old and I need to gain some distance back.

  40. 6x please

  41. I’d like to win the Ventus 6S!

  42. Myron Bish

    This is the most exciting review I’ve yet read about any shaft, and I’d love to have one. I’d like a 65 g shaft with a stiff flex. Just bought a Callaway Rogue driver last year and can’t wait to see what this shaft could do for such a wonderful head.

  43. guy crawford

    Man the tighter dispersion mean less time in the trees and more time in the happy grass. A 5S would be a blast to swing in my driver.

  44. X-stiff @ 60g

    Great review by the way, as always!

  45. Héctor Fernández

    Very nice review, thank you. I currently use the Pro 2.0 and I can’t wait to try this one.

  46. Matt, I’ll have to try this in 60g Stiff if I get chosen, thanks. Always interested in dropping spin and launching low.

    I am really happy with my TENSEI Orange CK Pro in my TS3 3w. I added that (15.5°) and it’s great, but I wonder about the 60 in my driver, I have to really concentrate to keep the spin down with that. I may need to change heads, too, although my dispersion is good with the TS3.

    How do you compare this FUJI shaft to that CK Orange Pro?

    Thanks and Thanks

  47. Great write up. Wonder how its stacks up to my Evo IV or Evo V?
    Regular Flex @ 60g.

    Thank you for the contest!

  48. Frank Budd

    I always appreciate your reviews. Also nice that some of the reviewers have slower swing speeds so we can see what average player distances, dispersion etc. would be for these new shafts. I am playing a Fujikura Pro 2.0 but would love to see if a Ventus would help even more with my dispersion. I would like a Ventus 50 in Reg if I win.

  49. Brian Kinread

    Waiting to get fit in June. R60

  50. I’d love to try the 50g – S in my Rogue.

  51. Richard Leberman

    75g and 6.5 Flex

  52. james j wenzel

    Currently have the 661 in my E Sub 0, sounds like this would really make me happy.
    Stiff, 60 gram
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  53. Bernard Schoof

    Great Review, sounds like a 50 gram R flex would fit this senior golfer perfect.

  54. CHARLES W Hagen

    Intriguing info given. Regardless flex 60gr

  55. Roger Tisdale

    Would need a light shaft. 55 or 60 in regular. have always ordered fujikura shafts when getting new clubs!

  56. Awesome review. Looking to downgrade from a stiff shaft but still have strength in the tip. What is cost of shaft?
    Regular –65 grams. Thanks P.I.G

  57. stiff @ 60g
    Lower spin with lower launch? That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    • Hello Matt, thanks so much for the review and sorry for the super late question! I know you really liked the Diamana BF from last year. That’s the shaft I play and to be honest I love it. Any noticeable difference between the two? Seems like your numbers will be a bit better with the Ventus but just curious on your thoughts if you have time. Thanks again for all you are doing!!!

      • Matt Saternus


        Thanks for the question.
        Both are great shafts, but the Ventus Blue is a bit stiffer in the tip (the Ventus Black is much stiffer) and that’s what I need to keep my drives on the planet.



  58. Joe Schulcz

    I am a loyal Fujikura guy with Speeders being my “Go to” shaft for a number of years. Would love a shot at this one in a 60gm. stiff! Willing to give head to head feedback on the Speeder vs. Ventus from a lowly amateur point of view..

  59. John Grajek

    Great review. Speaks highly of a tour player that has been loyal switched. 70 X would be ideal for my driver. Thanks!

  60. John Coppock

    Would love to win the 50 gram reg flex !! Now playing evenflo 50 reg epic flash SZ 10.5

  61. Bill Brott

    Great Review on what sounds to be an amazing shaft.
    I sure would like a shot at winning this in a 50 Gram Weight R2 Flex.

  62. I think the 50 gram in a Stiff Flex

  63. I would like to try this shaft in a 60 gram regular flex.

  64. Gerry Lapalme

    good article. 60 gram regular flex. tks.

  65. Nick Lorusso

    Dude if Dustin switched it must be badass
    60 Gram Xflex baby. Thanks for the info.

  66. I would like a 50-A, i can see it sending the ball far down the fairway as i type this together

  67. pineneedlespro

    Fujikure has been making quality golf shafts for all golfers swings. The Speeder was first introduced in 1995. Who doesn’t want faster ball speeds and down the middle of the fairway. Ventus has a mid-low launch with low spin. I would like the 50 weight in a Reg. flex.

  68. dang, that was one of the loudest endorsements I have read in a while. nice review, thank you! like many others I am very intrigued to match this up against my current driver shaft, MSA Tensei CK Blue. 60g X
    thx for opportunity!

  69. Tyler DeRosia

    I would like to win Stiff 65g! Thanks for the contest!

  70. Dave Clark

    It would be awesome to try out the 50 gram Regular in my Rogue! Thanks for the opportunity to win a super shaft!…..dc

  71. Michael Haley

    I would love to try to 60gram regular for a Ping g410 Lst driver.

  72. Would love to retry the Ventus in 60 stiff.

  73. Senior flex 50 grams

  74. 60g R flex
    Thank you

  75. Daniel Cowell

    Seems like a great shaft! 7-S would be a great add for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I would love to try this shaft. I can go for Stiff 60!

  77. Would love to try the 60g S

  78. Very nice review…… I’d love to give the 60 gram stiff a shot !!!

  79. Love the idea of low spin – Would like 50 Reg shaft

  80. Stiff 60 would be most appreciated! Thanks!

  81. john houston

    sounds just the ticket, there’s nothing better than a long straight drive.
    If I was lucky enough to win, I would like 60 stiff

  82. Looks like a fantastic shaft. 60 stiff for me

  83. I have a Fuji OEM shaft in a Cobra Hybrid and it plays fantastic. Never had a “custom” shaft so I can only imagine the stability and energy transfer it would produce. Looking at the tech specs, I would fit into the model 5 R-flex. perfectly. Tight dispersion, low spin…sign me up!

  84. I am thinking the 70 Stiff would be perfect for me. Great article.

  85. Philip Evdokimoff

    great review, 55 R please

  86. I would like to try the Stiff Flex 60 grams!
    Thanks for the chance.

  87. Bob Erdmann

    I love Fujikura driver shafts. I use a STIFF FLEX and I am considering going just a little heavier perhaps a 76 g shaft.

  88. Evan Murdock

    This sounds like a very interesting new offering from Fujikura. Ventus 6X in a Ping G400 Max could be a nasty combo.

  89. Scott K Giles

    It can only help me. I would try the 6R 65 gram shaft

  90. Stan Dusinski

    Love to see my drive improve.

  91. Tom Weirich

    Sounds like a great shaft. I’d love to bag the 6S! Thanks for the review, great detail!

  92. Have really liked the Speeder 565 R shaft, though I sometimes get a bit higher launch angle than I prefer, so the 50 gram R in the Ventus would be great to try.

  93. I’d love to try a 60 stiff with my Rogue. Thanks for the opportunity.

  94. Tom Duckworth

    Sounds like a great shaft
    60 grm stiff flex would be nice.


    been playing a fujikura fuel pro 65 stiff at 47 in. for years and love the shaft,but at 63 yrs old i think its time to switch.i would love the ventus 60 gram r,thanks for all the great reviews.

  96. steve rhinefrank

    60g. stiff flex. thanks

  97. Andrew Vess

    Would love to try the 50 gram regular shaft!

  98. Love to own this Ventus shaft. Probably a stiff 60, but would want to test for sure.

  99. 50 G Regular Flex Thank you.

  100. Great info on this nice looking shaft put out by Fujikura. I love my (outdated) Fujikura shaft that I currently have on my driver.

    Would love to boost my drive with the Model 5 stiff flex at 58g.

  101. Would love to mate the 60S with my M-5, and leave the loft at 10.5 degrees. Taking this driver to my club fitter, and see how it feels.

  102. Gene (genebowe@aol.com)

    I would go with the 50 gram R flex

  103. As usual thanks for the uplifting tech reviews, always helpful.

  104. Brad Sayers

    Love the look and great performance reviews.
    60 gram stiff.

  105. Chris Castro

    Thanks, I’d like the 6-S in this Ventus shaft.

  106. Steve DeMond

    Wow, what a shaft! 60 stiff for me.

  107. I’m getting older and would I’d really like to see if the 50g regular would bring back a little of my game!

  108. Noel Guillaume

    Thanks for the opportunity – 50g in a reg shaft would be fab.

  109. Steven Turner

    Sounds like a great shaft. 60 gram stiff is my preference.

  110. Jim Dolliver

    I like the look and your review piques my interest. I love to try a 50 gram regular flex in my driver. I build my clubs so swapping out a shaft is no biggie.

  111. John Moore

    If DJ switched from the Speeder, I probably should too….70G, stiff is what the golf gods would order….

  112. I would like to try this shaft in a 60 gram regular flex

  113. My two favorite shafts are evoII and atmos tour spec black, live Fujikura. 60 gram in x flex would be awesome. Paired with g400 max would be insanely accurate. Good luck to all!

  114. Laurence Bockman

    Great review Matt, sounds like every one should be using this shaft.
    I would use a 60 g with Stiff flex.

  115. Michael Payne

    The one time I wouldn’t mind getting the shaft! 70 g stiff for me.

  116. Dylan Payne

    I’ve heard great things about these shafts. 60 g with regular flex would work great for me.

  117. Todd McKinnon

    With a shaft from Fujikura it has to be good! I play the Speeder 661 in my driver and fairway woods – they are the best! I have tested a lot of other premium shafts in the market-place but none compare to Fujikura. I have a feeling that VENTUS will be a new standard in the shaft industry. I would love to try a mid-60 gram shaft, stiff flex. Thank you.

  118. Dave Sanguinetti

    Have been a loyal Fujikura man since the Fit-on SIX! Would probably go R2 50 gram, as EI profile seems best for this old timer.

  119. I’d like to win the model 60 (65 grams) shaft in the R Flex.

  120. Have liked a lot of Fuji shafts in the past. This puppy getting some great reviews
    60g Stiff would be very nice thank you.

  121. Dale Wedan

    I would love to try a 60-R and see if it vaults me up to the Champions tour…thanks!

  122. The shaft sounds really interesting. I’d like to try it in a 60 – Regular flex. Thanks for the nice review and chance to win the shaft.

  123. Wayne Smith

    Sounds like a great shaft to put in my new Epic Flash. Have used Speeder in the past. Would love to try a 50g , Reg flex.

  124. Wayne Smith

    Would like to try a 50g, Reg flex in my new Epic Flash driver. Thanks.

  125. Michael Trautman

    Your review of the Ventus gives me another shaft to pursue on my endless search for “THE SHAFT” given that my quest is just as quixotic as the Don’s, I shall nevertheless fight the good fight. The Ventus 60 stiff shall provide another lance in my battle against windmills.

  126. Kyle Knutson

    I am very interested in this shaft. The idea of accuracy, low spin, and feel how could you not want to try that?! : )

    With this tip stiffness could you go down a flex for more feel with out loosing control?
    I average 108ss and would be interested to see if I could get away with a stiff. But I would love to test a 6X

    Thanks Matt & P.I.G.

  127. Cool article. I would like to try 65 gram stiff.

  128. Good article! I’d love to try a 60gram stiff.

  129. Warren Vince

    This shaft sounds all the goods, please make mine a 6.0 regular flex. For a new epic flash driver.
    Canberra Australia

  130. Malcolm Fong

    Great information. Very interested in trying this shaft in 60 R. Looking for the ultimate shaft.

  131. Very interested after reading your reviews. Sounds like a definite winner and what I look for in a shaft.
    Would like 60X for my Ping G400 Max

  132. Jay Vincent

    Tweaking shafts is one of the best parts of this game.

    Yes, hook me up with a 60 Stiff and let’s see if it flies longer than my current toys.

    Oh, while you’re at it can you slip on one of those new Epic Flash driver heads too?

  133. michael t renio

    I’m currently using project x black 6.0 , 75 gram with 2.9 torque on my ping g400 max….I like being able to control the ball flight and with this shaft I can hit high or low depending playing conditions(windy, wet,etc.) wondering how the 70x would play on my ping head !

  134. John Tokarsky

    Great review! Would love to try the shaft in 60 S to keep my spin down.

  135. Michael Woods

    I would choose the Ventus 8, Extra Stiff Thanks

  136. Ivelisse Woods

    My choice would be Ventus 7 (Stiff)

  137. Jason Warren

    Great review. I’m a mid handicapper that’s been playing for a couple years now. I just got a good education on the importance the shaft really plays in the driver. I would truely love to play this shaft in my Taylormade M4. Stiff flex 50 gram. I been getting the emails and the reviews and information is much help. Thanks Jason Warren. Paducah, KY. Calvert City Country Club

  138. Love Fujikura shafts. Can’t wait to try the Ventura in 60 gram still.

    Great review as always

  139. Ken Perrone

    Hey Matt:

    Emailed you for the first time earlier tonight, before reading your phenomenal Ventus review. Asked a bunch of questions regarding a few shafts which I was considering. I’d love to put the Ventus into my driver, a 6S or 7S. Man, I could spend a week hitting balls & trying to figure out my ideal shaft & driver head combo. Have always played an 8.5-9.5 driver. I wonder if I could combine the Ventus with a 10.5 driver…and possibly get better results…? Am 56 now, with 100-103 swing speed.

    Thanks again for your reviews. I’m definitely learning a ton.


    • Matt Saternus


      For me, the Ventus is definitely requiring some lofting up because the spin is SO LOW. As always, your results may vary, but it’s nice to be able to play more loft, hit it a bit straighter, and still have the distance.



    • Hey Ken
      This comment may be a little late . I recently purchased the Ventus 6x ,65gram shaft and put it into Ping G 400 LST. I had it cut to 43.75 in. (All Butt Cut) and added weight to get it back to D2. I also have a SP of 98-101mph (Am 50 years old and 8HC). I have it at 10* loft and had no problem at all . I suffered from a bad hook and have not had a problem hooking since I got this shaft. If I go left it is slight left and still in the first cut and not the woods. It did take some getting used to when I first hit it on the range but eventually it clicked and I love this shaft. I did find out through my club fitter that the X shaft is actually a step above stiff . (262 CPM) / I am now looking for a new driver head that matches this shaft.

  140. Rob Yeakel

    Matt, I’m interested in how you would compare the Ventus to the Speeder Evo II? The Evo II is truly my unicorn shaft and I’ve yet to find anything that could top it in my driver (HZRDUS Black, Rogue Silver 110, Tensi CK White, and recently the HZRDUS Smoke Green). Also, at 104 club head speed, do you tend to favor X-flexes untipped or Stiff flexes tipped? Thanks and love the reviews. Trying to find a used Ventus 6S or 6X has been tough with all of the glowing reviews!

    • Matt Saternus


      In my recollection, the Evo II is a little more active.

      I play an untipped X flex.




  142. Andrew Helgeson

    Hi Matt,

    How does this compare to the Graphite Design AD-DI? It seems like you loved both (although the reviews are a couple years apart).

    • Matt Saternus


      The AD-DI has a much more pronounced kick, in my opinion.



      • Thank you Matt! Does that kick affect ball flight or just feel for you? It seems like it could bring left into play possibly on an overcooked shot. I was fit for the Ventus 6R and loved the results but never got to hit the AD DI.

        Also, do you think the Ventus is a good option for FW woods too or would the low spin make it hard to hold greens? Thanks again.

        • Matt Saternus


          To me, the kick affects both feel and ball flight.

          I do think the Ventus is a fine FW option, if it’s fit for the player.


  143. Doug Franzen

    Hi Matt

    Would you have any suggestions between the Ventus Blue 5 or 6 Reg. Flex and the Ventus Red 5 or 6 for a swing speed of 90 mph and 8 HC in a Callaway Epic Sub Zero 10.5 deg. loft. Living in Seattle area offers no way to get tested with Ventus shafts that I am aware of.

    Thanks, Doug

  144. Really searching for a solid shaft to improve my game. I would really appreciate the 60S. Thank You!

  145. How would you compare this to the HZRDUS Smoke black ?

  146. Thanks. and is this the one with Velocore ? I noticed on TaylorMade’s website they offer a regular Ventus stock but though custom you can get the one with Velocore.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I reviewed the aftermarket Ventus with Velocore. The stock shaft in the TM drivers does not have Velocore.



      • Matt, Can you comment on the non velocore Ventus at all? I can’t really find any info about it on the web.
        I have tried the Ventus with velocore and its very smooth and I really like the profile. Looking for a new 3 wood and many manufacturers are offering the non velocore with no uncharge wondering what it would be like or if I should look for something else. I prefer something more stiff in the tip with a smooth profile.

        • Matt Saternus


          I haven’t hit the non-VeloCore Ventus, so I can’t say anything remotely educated about it.
          My general stance with issues like this is, if you like Shaft A, get Shaft A. Trying to save some money by going with what seems like a close second choice can work sometimes, but it can also end up being more expensive as you enter the cycle of buy-try-sell.



  147. How would you compare this to the Tensei Pro White 60S?

  148. How do you tell the difference in a factory Ventus and one made for a OEM, by apperance?

  149. Phil Risley

    My swing speed is in the mid 80’s . I tried a ex’s 220 dr with the ventus 4 t and hit it well. Should I consider the air speeder. Both reg flex. Thoughts??
    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no reason not to try both. My expectation is that the Air Speeder will be much more lively than the Ventus.



  150. Matthew Howard

    Great review Matt! What are your thoughts on this shaft compared to the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow?

    • Matt Saternus


      Given that you’ve read both reviews, I don’t think there’s much for me to add.


  151. Great review Matt as always you deliver .
    Could I pick your brain and experience for a moment. I play a graphite design Gt7x with a callaway epic 9 deg head and was thinking of going Ventus red 7x with Titleist tsi4 head which is 439 cc and 10 deg to get the smash and launch .Tried the tensei white and smash factor was low in my epic 9 deg head.
    I am a buy and sell if it don’t work as I don’t live within a 300 miles of a good club fitter.
    I see you played the ventus blue and how would it compare to the red ?
    Thanks for any thing you may offer. I will be buying something so don’t be scared to say something .
    Just don’t say go to a club fitter

    • Matt Saternus


      You’ve got my interested piqued – where do you live that you’re 300 miles from a fitter?

      Unfortunately I can’t help you much here because the Red is the one Ventus I haven’t tested.



  152. Australia half way between Sydney and Melbourne and lockdown with Covid has just made it worse
    Cheers Matt. Looks like I take the punt on 7x red I like the idea of that stiff tip and butt.

  153. Hi Matt

    Im currently using ping tour 75s shaft for fairway wood PING G410 LST, im looking for more distance with swing speed around 98. if i switch to ventus blue velocore 7x and cut it down to 43 inch.. will it be stiffer and heavier compare to my ping tour shaft



    • Matt Saternus


      Hard to say. The Ventus Blue in equal flex to the Ping Tour is probably a little softer feeling, so going up a flex might make them very close. Weight should be within a couple grams.



  154. Court Thompson

    I have a replacement TM SIM max 2 at 10.5* coming in, but it will be arriving with a Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue in regular flex. I have the opportunity to keep it or the shaft off of my original driver, Fujikura Ventus 6R. Can you tell me if the Tensei would be an upgrade or down grade over the Ventus? Or could you please describe the differences? I can hit them both when it comes in, but won’t have a lot of time to make the decision on which one to keep.

    • Matt Saternus


      If it’s the stock Ventus, the shaft you have is not the same as the one reviewed here, and it’s not one I have much experience with. As far as “upgrade or downgrade,” there’s very little objective “better” in shafts, it’s just a matter of what works well with your swing. I’d suggest taking both shafts to a launch monitor and see which one performs better.



  155. David Moser

    Which do you prefer Fujikura Ventus Red 60g stiff or Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX 60g stiff? Purchasing the Tour Edge C721 and trying to decide between the two. I currently have the Ping TFC 419 stiff in my Ping G30, which I was fitted for. Club head speed was at 112-114mph. I noted you have reviewed both, but it seems you had better results with the Projext X Blue RDX 60g.

  156. David Moser

    Ah, my bad! I had so many pages open on my iPad I must have got confused. Leaning toward the Project X. I swing much more freely on the golf simulator vs. the actual golf course , so I’m thinking my speed drops to 108-110mph. Thanks for replying back!

  157. I’m looking into getting a strong 3 wood or mini driver and the Taylormade I’m considering has this shaft in it. (That’s why I’m a couple years late with my comment.) But 1 question, How can a shaft help center contact? I’m certainly not doubting this, I was just wondering how it works? Had I not read this in a review, from a trusted site and reviewer, I would’ve written it off as nonsense. But now I’m intrigued by it. Thanks! And as always, excellent review!

    • Matt Saternus


      I believe that claim is related to the strength and consistency of the tip section. The materials they use are excellent. I hate to appeal to authority, but there’s a reason Ventus is winning almost every week on Tour.



  158. Matt: I have seen a Venus TR5 blue shaft for Callaway on a Paridym driver. Do you know if the for Callaway version shaft is with or without Velocore.

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