Fujikura Ventus Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Ventus is extremely accurate.  Consistently high ball speed.  Among the lowest spinning shafts I’ve ever hit.


Watch this video of Fujikura’s employees explaining the benefits of Ventus, and you’ll quickly understand that they’re not holding back with the claims of what this shaft can do.  Among the benefits they list are more centered contact, faster ball speed, and tightened dispersion.  Can one shaft possibly confer all those advantages?  I eagerly put it into my driver to find out.


The Fujikura Ventus has an all-business look that lets the performance do the talking.  Its dark navy color is interrupted only by the silver branding in the upper half of the shaft and the small “VeloCore” symbol near the tip.  The Ventus logo has a crisp, futuristic look.


When I looked at the EI Profile and then swung the Ventus, I felt as if Fujikura had designed it just for me.  My feel preferences in a shaft tend toward a stable tip with a softer butt and mid.  In the Ventus, Fujikura gave me more of everything I like.

The tip of the Ventus is described as “ultra stiff” to prevent twisting.  EI Profiles show that the tip of the Ventus is slightly stiffer than the ATMOS Black.  At impact, the Ventus feels supremely stable, even on toe or heel shots.

In the butt section, the Ventus is a little softer than the ATMOS Black and Speeder Evolution IV which leads to a slightly smoother feel.  As is typical of Fujikura’s Speeder shafts, there isn’t a big kick but rather a smooth energy transfer from your hands through the shaft.


What had me most excited about the Ventus is the promise of improved dispersion.  Yes, I’d love more distance, but what I need is to play fewer shots from the trees.  Right out of the gate, the Ventus delivered.  My dispersion was much tighter than normalperhaps the best I’ve ever had for a review – and two things in particular stood out.  First, I had to really work to produce a shot that curved left.  In all my testing, I didn’t hit a single ugly hook (I really hope I didn’t just jinx myself).  Additionally, the ball didn’t want to bend much in either direction.  Even with a wonky, Bubba-cut swing, the ball gently fell to the right.

Did the Ventus also improve my ball speed and center face contact?  It did.  My swing speed is down a bit (shoulder trouble), but my smash factor was as consistently high as it’s ever been.  Translation: more ball speed and more distance.

For me, the Ventus was mid-low launching with extremely low spin.  In fact, the spin was so low I sometimes dropped below optimal.  However, the dispersion is so tight, I will probably fix the spin with a higher lofted head rather than abandon this shaft.

To close, I want to be clear that the Ventus is an awesome fit for me.  In terms of feel and profile, it’s everything I like.  This is an amazing shaft, but it’s not going to fit every player, and if it doesn’t fit you, you won’t see results like mine.  As always, work with a club fitter to find your optimal fit.

The Fujikura Ventus is available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 gram weights.  The lightest version is offered in R2, Regular, and Stiff.  Regular, Stiff, and X are the flex options at 60 grams.  The heavier options are available in only Stiff and X.


When I first saw Ventus at the PGA Show, I was excited to try it.  As I watched the rapid adoption of Ventus on the PGA Tour, my anticipation grew to levels that I was afraid couldn’t be met.  When I got it in hand, the Fujikura Ventus exceeded my highest hopes.  This shaft is the clear front runner to go in the bag this year and has given me real hope for turning driving into a strength of my game.

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  1. Adam Rodriguez

    For shafts, it would be great if you mentioned price. Specifically, the price from club champion as you do most your testings from there. Great article. Ty.

  2. Great review! I was just fitted into this for my 3 wood during my Club Champion fitting. I did have to bump the loft up (to 16.5) to combat the low spin but I loved the feel, accuracy and distance I was getting out of it. I was carrying it 17 yards further than the shaft I had in my TS3 previously with optimal spin. Can’t wait to try it on the course.

  3. Matt,

    When I go to fujikura’s website and read about the ventus they have a graph of the EI profile and it shows the tip being “softer” and the butt and mid being “stiffer.” Am I reading this wrong? From your article I was thinking this was a tip stiff shaft with a softer butt…comparable to the tensei ck pro white? Or is this something different.

  4. Matt,
    What was the weight of the shaft that you tested?

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