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Thanks for reading PluggedInGolf.  We value our readers and love to hear from them, but unfortunately our time to answer emails is limited.  To help us, and other readers, we ask the following:

    • Please post your questions as a comment on a review or instructional piece so that everyone can benefit from the additional information.
    • Please do not ask for advice about selecting clubs.  We are strong advocates of getting fit for your equipment, and that is what we’re going to recommend every time.
    • Please use the search function on the site, before sending questions.
    • We are not a putter refinishing shop nor do we sell anything.  If you have a defective product, warranty issue, repair inquiry, etc, please contact the manufacturer.
    • Finally, if you’re looking to chat, we are always available on Twitter or Instagram @PluggedInGolf

STOP!  Did you read what’s above, particularly the first bullet point?  Please do so before sending an email.

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