Fujikura Speeder Evolution V Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Speeder Evolution V is the highest-launching shaft in Fujikura’s premier series.  Smooth kick that’s extremely consistent.


If you use Twitter, you’re familiar with the mindless scroll.  Most of the accounts you follow post predictably, and you breeze through it without much thought.

I was enjoying such a scroll the week of the PGA Championship when I saw the new Fujikura Speeder Evolution V.  Startled, I wondered, “Where did this come from?”  There was no pre-release hype, no shadow-y pictures leading up to the announcement.  I immediately got off Twitter to learn more, and my gamer, the Speeder Evolution IV, started worrying.


The Speeder Evolution V brings a totally new color combination to the Speeder family.  Its full-length gradient blue ranges from powdery shades to stronger royal blues.

What will be familiar to Fujikura fans are the graphics.  On one side, you see a white “Speeder” logo, covered in smaller, multi-colored logos.  The other side features the primary branding in gold.


As the highest-launching member of the Speeder Evolution family, you might guess that the Evo V would feel the most lively.  You would be correct.  The Speeder Evolution V has a smooth, active release in the downswing.  It feels like all your energy is being poured into the ball, making it a joy to swing.

What separates the Speeder Evolution V from other shafts is consistency.  I have often found that the more active the shaft, the more unpredictable it is.  With the Evo V, I felt the same release time after time.


Fujikura’s new Speeder Evolution V replaces the original Speeder Evolution as the highest launching member of the family.  The feel has changed noticeably – the tip feels much firmer – but it still delivers a higher ball flight with consistency.

Of late, my swing has needed a tip stiff shaft to fight a pull.  When I have tested some softer shafts, it’s been like wrestling a snake.  I feel like I’m making a variety of different compensations to keep the ball on a reasonable line.  With the Speeder Evolution V, even though it wasn’t a perfect fit for my swing, I was able to find a rhythm with it because of the consistent feel and kick.  Once I found a swing that worked with it, the Evo V launched high, flat shots with a smooth draw.

The Speeder Evolution V is available in four different models/weights: the 474, 569, 661, and 757.  The numbers correspond to weights of approximately 40, 50, 60, and 70 grams.  Across the four models, you can get any flex from Senior to Tour X.


Whether you need more hang time on your drives or just prefer a more active feel, the Fujikura Speeder Evolution V will be a welcome addition to the line up.  Unlike many active shafts, it gives you consistency from swing to swing that you can rely on.

Matt Saternus


  1. Just went to a driver fitting at club champion and this and the project x evenflow blue were the two best for my swing. Would like to hit them both again before I make a decision.

  2. I’ve noticed that, like Graphite Design shaft company, this Fujikura shaft comes in a SR flex. I don’t mean a “senior” flex, which they are now calling R2, but rather a “stiff-regular” flex. I really like this idea. I’ve long been between the R and S flex on most shafts. Graphite Design even lists recommended swing speeds of R flex 86-95, and then
    SR flex 92-98, and S flex 96-105 MPH. It just makes sense to have a flex between the two.
    I wish we could find this in drivers in golf shops other than the high upcharge aftermarket shafts.

  3. Matt, how does the V differ from your IV? I’ve seen all the material and different launch angles among the different models but want to hear why the IV fits you better.

  4. I hit it slice with evo-v 569R with 917d2 compares to Blacktie MFS4 50x which goes straight. Don’t know why. I expect a slightdraw with 569R

  5. Jason Norris

    Matt, Could you do a test against the Evolution 1 at the same time to see the differences since this is a similar profile?

    • Matt Saternus


      Without wishing to be rude, no, we do not have the time to go back and run comparative tests at reader’s requests.



  6. Seems like a perfect 3-wood shaft. Added to the list.

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