Mitsubishi Tensei White Shaft Review


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The Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei White shaft is a great choice for players seeking stability, consistency, and accuracy.


When Tiger Woods returned to professional golf at the Hero World Challenge, he had a lot of new clubs in the bag.  He also had new shafts in his woods: the Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei White.  There’s no doubt that a major part of the appeal to the GOAT was the Tensei White’s boron-enhanced, uber-stable tip section.  I put one through our review process to see how that technology performs for a regular golfer.



The new Tensei White is indistinguishable from the Tensei Blue with the exception of the white band near the butt of the shaft.  Both versions display their carbon/kevlar weave near the grip, and the graphics are minimal and futuristic.



Players seeking stability in their driver shaft will love the Tensei White.  This shaft has minimal “action” in it: there’s just a bit of load and release in the butt section to keep the overall feel from being harsh.

The strength of the boron tip will be immediately noticeable when you mishit a shot.  My first swing with the Tensei White was a shot off the heel, but I didn’t feel the head twisting like I normally do from that shot.



I’ve played and tested a number of Mitsubishi’s white shafts in the past, so I entered this review process with clear expectations for the Tensei White.  It met and exceeded each one of them.

The most important thing that players want from the Tensei White is stability, and it delivers in spades with a Boron tip.  Even with flailing winter swings, this shaft produced controlled draws not screaming hooks.  The stable tip also keeps the spin numbers low.

For me, the Tensei White stands out from other tip-stiff shafts because of the feel.  It’s easy to make a hyper stiff shaft, but I still hook them because I feel like they need to swing out of my shoes.  With the Tensei White I feel like I can swing in rhythm and still get a stable club head delivery.

The Mitsubishi Tensei White is available in 60, 70, and 80 grams.  The flexes available are regular (60), stiff (60 and 70), and Tour X (60, 70, and 80).



The MRC Tensei White seems to be performing well for Tiger Woods, and I think it can deliver for those of us without 14 majors, too.  If you’re an aggressive swinger looking for a shaft that will keep your drives in the fairway, visit your local MRC fitter for a test drive.

Matt Saternus


  1. Hi Matt, great reviews. Were you hitting with a 70, Stiff Shaft?

  2. hi matt,

    any idea how much jason day or the other pros that are swinging around his ss are tip cutting? ]

  3. Thoughts on how this shaft would perform in a 3 wood? Thanks.

  4. hi matt

    how would u compare this shaft to the atmos black or blue

  5. Hello-
    I play the Green Monster Aldila 75 S in my M2, and have had other Aldila Stiff(55) in other Drivers- I really like this shaft!
    What are your thoughts in comparing the Tensei White Shaft to the Aldila as I’m looking to upgrade my Driver to the M3 which has the Tensei White Shaft-

    Thank you so much-


    • Matt Saternus


      The green Aldila shafts tend to be tip stiff, which is similar to the white MCA shafts. I generally find MCA shafts to be smoother feeling, but feel is always personal.



  6. Hi Matt,
    I currently play Hzrdus T1100 65g 6.5 in my G400 Max, have the opportunity to pick up a Tensei Pro White 60TX for a good price.. how would you compare these two? My miss is a hook left, as I have a compact swing with a very aggressive transition. Which do you feel is the more “anti-left” shaft? Really enjoy the reviews and appreciate any help.

  7. Hi
    I have a M3 with the Tensei Blue at the moment, and love the feel of the shaft, except the ball flight seems to be too high.

    Would the White be provide the same feel, but with a lower launch?

    • Matt Saternus


      The feel of the White will be substantially different, but the launch should be lower. The standing caveat there is that everyone is different and no shaft does the same thing for everyone.



  8. Bill Vostinak

    At a TM demo day (and Trackman backed it up as a very good shaft for me) I hit the white and really loved hitting it. In a word, wow. Did you hit the Pro White as well and how do you compare Pro Orange, Pro White and White (Not Pro) shafts as to the fine points? As an aside, I did NOT feel I needed to try as hard (as you noted) with the “stock” White and increased my swing speed 5 mph over my current choice of OBAN Devotion 6.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Orange feels softer to me, probably because of the counter balancing. Sounds like you found a winner in the White.



  9. Matt,

    Would this shaft suit someone with a smooth swing and good transition? My SS is around 98-101

    Thanks Ryan.

  10. Is this review for pro model? Thanks

  11. Afiq Hakim

    How would you compare the CK Pro White with the Kuro Kage XT in terms of feel, stiffness and launch?

  12. Jeff Howard

    Matt, been on a whiteboard 80x with my 3 wood. How do you think the tensei white 70x would be?

    • Matt Saternus


      10 grams lighter? :)
      They’re similar profiles. Best to work with a fitter to see if the small differences add up to anything for you.



  13. Casey Crooks

    This review sounds somewhat similar to your review of the OBAN Kiyoshi White. How would you compare these two shafts?


  14. Connor Gregory Cantrell

    Hi Matt – thanks for all the helpful tips. I know not all golfers / swings are the same, but wanted to see if you could help with this one. I have an M3 fairway wood and hit it really well (Blue Tensei 65g shaft). I also bought the M3 driver, but it has the White Tensei 60g shaft and I hit it pretty inconsistent. I know I should go get fit for the different shafts, but I just can’t swing it over the next several weeks. Wanted to gain some insight into whether getting the Blue Tensei 60g shaft for the M3 driver would provide a more similar feel / potentially help with my inconsistencies?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m generally a fan of matching shafts/profiles in the driver and other woods. I think it gives a more similar feel and tends to promote more consistency.



  15. I’m an ex tour professional and I’m echoing Connors comments from the last post . Same clubs same shaft specs ( stiff ) . I find that I hit the 3 wood long but quite high and although I’m pretty straight with the driver I feel I’m a bit limited distance wise . I feel that I dont have the right balance of shaft loft weights ratio . I’m 63 but still have about 105 club speed but think something is out of whack ? the feeling that I have is that the ball feels very hard and dull coming off the m3 driver and if I really put a bad a swing on it then i get a relative stinker . That has to be the shaft surely ?

  16. Scott Weber

    How does it compare to the Diamana White shaft?

  17. was that data from ck series or ck pro series shaft?

  18. Afternoon Matt,

    How did your numbers compare 60g blue to 60g white? Or did you only review 70g blue and 60g white?

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  21. Hi Matt,
    Current set up for Driver and 3 wood are
    Diamana D+ 72 and 82 g respectively
    17 and 21 hybrid were Diamana D+ 92 g
    Purchased new hybrids Cobra Speedbacks with Atmos shafts at 75 g which didn’t suit my swing

    Looking into shafts for the heads, currently looking at
    Tensei CK White Pro 90 g
    PX HZRDUS Black Smoke 90 g

    Do you have any recommendations on which shaft? Please and thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      All I can recommend is to get a fitting or stick with what’s worked in the past. Both shafts are good, quality options, but the feel difference is going to drive the performance difference, and that’s going to vary from player to player.



      • I was fitted with the Diamana D+ 92 g
        Unfortunately with our current state w the pandemic I can’t go try out those shafts.
        Was just seeking your professional knowledge out of those 2 shafts which one would be similar to what I had.


  22. Hi, I have the Ck white 60 S. how would this compare I hit my drives too high and spinny.

  23. I am looking for a lower launch/spin shaft, but I top out at 105 and have very deliberate move. From reading your review, this Tensei white seems like it’d be too much shaft for me – do you agree?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get fit. That said, I think the TENSEI could be fine in the right flex and weight.



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