Project X HZRDUS Black GEN 4 Shaft Review

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The Project X HZRDUS Black GEN 4 shaft continues to deliver the consistent, low launch, low spin performance we’ve come to expect.  Friendlier feel than previous models.


While the golf industry races ahead, constantly churning out new products, there are some things that you can rely on.  The Project X HZRDUS Black has become one of those standbys.  Now in its fourth iteration, this shaft has become a staple on Tour and in the bags of everyday golfers who want low launch, low spin, and supreme ball control.  I tested this latest version to see what Dual Torsional Design can do to enhance its performance.


The fourth generation HZRDUS Black gets an updated font and an overall cleaner look.  The signature hazmat placard with the shaft’s specs remains, but a lot has been removed.  We don’t even have the Project X branding beyond the HZRDUS logo that we had in the first generation [review HERE].  Similarly, there’s no “Smoke” or “Smoke RDX”.  The only markings beyond the placard and HZRDUS logo is the “Dual Torsional Design” near the tip.

Installed logo down, you get a clean, gloss black look at address.  I’ve always thought the HZRDUS shafts did a good job with their aesthetics, but, in contrast to this simplified look, the third generation version seems quite busy [review HERE].


Having tested every generation of the Project X HZRDUS Black, I had a pretty clear expectation for what this shaft would feel like.  Still, the GEN 4 managed to surprise me.  What I wasn’t expecting was the incredibly clean impact feel.  Hitting this shaft vs. many others was like using a graphite putter shaft vs. steel.  There were no excess vibrations, just a clear sense of ball meeting club face.

The Project X HZRDUS Black GEN 4 has the same stiff butt and tip sections with an ultra-stiff mid as its predecessors.  This is a shaft that is going to stay rock solid no matter how hard you swing it.  It’s built to resist high swing speeds and aggressive transitions, and it does that job marvelously.

All that said, this is the friendliest HZRDUS Black that I’ve swung.  It’s never going to kick or “activate,” but it doesn’t laugh at your efforts either.  Previous versions seemed to dare you to swing harder.  GEN 4 handles whatever you throw at it without demanding that you swing all-out.


The engine behind the fourth generation of HZRDUS Black is Dual Torsional Design.  In short, Project X makes the shaft with smaller “flags” to maintain a more consistent angle and create lower torque.  If you want the full explanation with visuals, check out the video HERE.

Practically speaking, the Project X HZRDUS Black GEN 4 delivers the same performance we’ve come to expect.  The stiff tip section keeps drives on a low, penetrating trajectory with low spin.  For players that struggle with high spin or those that play in a lot of wind, this shaft can add distance and control.

In terms of accuracy, the HZRDUS Black GEN 4 is the kind of shaft that makes you fully responsible for your results.  I’ve never swung a HZRDUS Black and thought, “That bomb/hook/slice/push/pull wasn’t what I was expecting.”  Good swings produce laser-straight shots, bad swings tend to get what they deserve.  That said, the low spin does reduce curve a bit, which helps to keep some poor shots in play.

Going back to the feel, the biggest change I noticed in GEN 4 is that I don’t need to give every swing 110%.  The gentler feel allowed me to swing at 90% and enjoy the control this shaft offers without bringing in the high variance of all-out swings.

The Project X HZRDUS Black GEN 4 is available at 60, 70, and 80 grams.  In both 60 and 70 grams, you can get 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, and TX flexes.  The 80 gram version drops the 5.5 flex.


The Project X HZRDUS Black GEN 4 is a smart, iterative upgrade on a shaft that’s approaching classic status.  Its new Dual Torsional Design allows for lower torque and more consistency without creating a harsh feel.  If you want a shaft to cut spin and put you in full control, visit your fitter to check this out.

Visit Project X HERE

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  1. Matt,

    Great review! I have the Hzrdus 4G in my TSR 3 and 5 woods and my findings have been similar. I feel like I can rip at the ball when necessary or be smooth when the occasion calls for it without much variance in results. I love this version compared to the RDX smoke black version of the shaft. I’d consider also installing this shaft into my driver if the Tensei 1K black wasn’t so good as well. Appreciate all your testing and reviews.

  2. This shaft performed the best for me during my TSR fitting. Paired with the TSR2 head at 9°, I was getting 260 carry on Trackman at 102mph with 2400-2500 spin. My usual drives were in the 3000’s with other drivers. It was mid to high launch for me with low spin compared to other clubs. Perfectly on target. Performed better than the Mitsubishi 1K shafts and the Graphite designs that I tried. Felt smooth the entire swing. Very happy with it.

    • Matt Saternus


      Great to hear, and a testament to what you can gain from fitting. I’m sure dropping 500+ RPM added a lot of distance and predictability.



  3. Vusi Dlamini

    It was my first stint with the Gen 4 on my TSR 3 Wood from a Tensei Orange Pro. What a shaft that allows me to point and shoot where I need it to go. No hook or draw and it’s made my niggling friendliness with a 3 wood a thing of the past.

    Vusi Dlamini (Ezulwini Golf & Country Club)

  4. Has Project X dropped all the hand crafted models? What can be expected from the stock Titleist shaft offering vs a handcrafted model? I’ve always assumed there was a minor difference.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the Hand Crafted label is gone. I believe that Project X currently states that there is not a difference between the aftermarket and stock versions.



  5. Will this shaft add swing weight points? I am someone who like to play his driver shorter so will this help with keeping the swing weight up?

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on the shaft that you’re starting with. Generally speaking, I don’t think this should add much or any swing weight.


  6. How would you compare the hzrdus black gen 4 to the tensei 1K Pro White? I currently game the original pro white and I am a huge fan but I’m moving to a stiffer flex as swing speed has gone up. I tested the gen 4 60g in Xflex and it was okay but didn’t feel as smooth as my pro white. Local golf shops don’t have tensei pro white 1K to test unfortunately. Considering just blind buying it in a TX flex. Currently swinging at 112mph. Coming from the original pro white as I really enjoy it’s smoothness, do you believe I will enjoy the 1K pro white? Also do you believe TX flex will be too stiff? Looking forward to hear your thoughts!

  7. I know this is a stretch between different spectrums of shafts but how does this compare to a ventus blue tr. I am thinking of purchasing the stealth two but I am stuck in between this shaft and the ventus… is it worth the upgrade? Are they pretty comparable?

  8. Paul Abramson

    Matt – I have a Mavrik – 2 heads (the standard 10.5 5,5 shaft, and a newly purchased subzero9 degree head – seeking lower spin). I have a Hzrdus project X shaft 5.5 flex, marked “mid spin” and T800. Can you tell me anything about how this shaft compares to other Project X Hzrdus shafts and whether ot is an old model or relatively new? I’ played a riptide 5.5 shaft with the 10.5 and it seemed very high launch.

    • Matt Saternus


      That shaft sounds like it was made for the MAVRIK, not one of the aftermarket offerings. That doesn’t make it better or worse, it’s just outside of the aftermarket HZRDUS line.



  9. Okay, so I played college baseball, power hitter. My swing speed on track man averaged 115, peak was 119. I have the evenflow t1100 shaft, 75g .5” hard tip, x stiff shaft.. looking at this as a new option? With my swing speed, how will shaft adjust numbers? Current spin rate is around 3000-3400.

    • Matt Saternus


      Anyone who says they can tell you with certainty how any shaft change will affect your numbers is lying. On paper, the HZRUDS Black is stiffer and should bring down the spin, but “on paper” does not always translate to real life.



  10. TTreilobs

    My experience with the Gen 4 shaft is not as pleasing. I found the frequency is a lot softer than its predecessor (a good 6 cycles, which is a whole 1/2 a flex softer), and my suspicions were confirmed when I demo’d it in a Srixon ZX7 9.5° Driver. Without the benefit of a Trackman, I noticed significant spin increase and drives ballooning (with hardly any wind).

  11. Had the shaft less than 2 weeks and marks up far too easily in the bag….

  12. Darren Jeffries

    100% agree with Steve. Great performance but marks up way too easily in the bag compared to others I’ve had.

  13. Do you think the shaft would be a good fit for my son, his swing speed is on average 124 mph , has high ball flight , uses a TM Stealth 2 plus ?


    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know would be to get a fitting for him. No one can make a credible shaft recommendation over the internet.



    • Anonymous

      Wow how old is your son? Carry 320 or so, that’s impressive.

  14. stephanie

    I think this is one of the most important information for me.

    Good job,

  15. Randy Siedschlag

    Would you say this felt less demanding than Ventus black?

  16. Hey very interesting blog!

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