Project X HZRDUS Black Shaft Review

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The Project X HZRDUS Black offers golfers with strong swings low spin and impressive accuracy.


Project X, one of the top names in iron shafts, scored a major victory in the graphite market last year with their handmade LZ shafts.  The LZ stands for “Loading Zone” and offers more feel, kick, and speed for players looking to boost their distance.

In 2015, Project X continued their hot streak with the release of theHZRDUS Black.  This shaft was an immediate hit on the PGA Tour because it’s designed to be the counterpoint to LZ: it provides accuracy and low spin for players who already have plenty of club head speed.

Check out the Project X HZRDUS Black GEN4 shaft HERE

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When I plugged the HZRDUS Black into my PING G30, my first thought was, “Wow, all black everything.”  The HZRDUS Black is matte black, just like many of today’s driver crowns, and there’s very little decoration.  Aside from the grey HZRDUS logo, the only graphics are the Handcrafted logo and the cleverly re-purposed hazmat placard which shows the shaft’s weight, flex, spin, and torque.  If you like to keep your driver stealthy, the HZRDUS Black is for you.

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If you ever used any of Project X’s original blue graphite shafts, the HZRDUS Black will feel very familiar to you.  Stability is at the forefront with just enough kick to keep the shaft from feeling too stiff.  This is important because when a shaft is too firm, golfer tend to over-swing and lose control.  The HZRDUS Black gives you just enough action to keep your swing smooth and let the shaft do its job.

HZRDUS Black LM Data


The Project X HZRDUS Black says “Low Spin” right on the placard, and that’s not an exaggeration.  Even as my spin numbers eke higher (swing changes in progress), I had to work to get a reading over 2000 RPM.  Interestingly, I didn’t see a big drop in my launch angle.  I was still able to keep my launch in the low teens to produce strong, medium-high drives.

Just as impressive as the low spin is the accuracy.  As I mentioned above, the shaft has just enough “life” to it that I didn’t feel like I had to swing all out.  I made normal, aggressive swings and found every shot doing exactly what I expected.  That’s not to say that every shot ended up in the middle of the fairway, but every shot ended up where it deserved to.  If I hung the face open, the ball pushed right.  When I made a good swing, the ball flew straight down the middle.  With this combination of predictable, consistent ball flight, it’s easy to understand why the HZRDUS Black has made such deep inroads on the PGA Tour.

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Even if you don’t have PGA Tour club head speed, you can still benefit from the low spin and accuracy of the Project X HZRDUS Black.  As always, the key is being fit into the right weight and flex.  When you get this shaft dialed in, fairways will seem wider and you can look forward to strong, piercing drives.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    You seem to be very versed in shaft technology so I was hoping you could come to my rescue. I am trying to find a perfect fairway wood shaft and have long struggled to find something that was, in a sense perfect I suppose. I have played golf all my life and for the longest time played a V2 86 in my 3 wood but have recently transition into a Kai li 80. I play a tour spec 7.2x in my driver that while it doesn’t feel great provides amazing dispersion. I want a fairway wood shaft that doesn’t balloon and doesn’t feel loose at impact. I recently tried an elements chrome plus but it has a little too much left in it for me it seems. I hit it a fairly long ways and probably carry my 3 wood about 255. Thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      Go get a fitting. That’s the only good answer there is. Buy and try is expensive in terms of money and time.



  2. Thank you for the review Matt, would you care to compare the HZRDUS Black to Kuro Kage XTS?
    I am most interested in the feel as I know both are pretty low spin and low launch.

  3. How does the shaft compared against the Speeder 757 EVO TS you reviewed while back?

  4. Matt

    Cobra has this shaft with no up-charge shaft offering for King ltd. What do you expect is the different from the stock option to the aftermarket version?

    • The upgrade from Cobra is the real deal/aftermarket, not a made for.



      • Skyler Street

        Has this changed? I noticed that when picking a custom club that there are two versions. There is the free upgrade Project X or the $240 “handcrafted version”. Thanks again for the info.


        • Hmmm, good question. Actually, you’re right, it has changed. I noticed that picking up a fairway wood in the past year.

          Here’s what I’ll say though. Having hit both the handcrafted and “non-handcrafted” I would say the difference between the two is nowhere near as great as made for shafts usually are. It’s still a good free upgrade.

  5. Curious how this compares to the Rogue Silver 110MSi in regards to launch, spin and feel. I read that review as well and was fitted into the Rogue Silver 70x in an M2. I wish I could have compared to the HZRDUS but none were available to try.

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I have no idea how they will compare for you in terms of launch and spin. I understand the frustration of not being able to try something, but there’s really no such thing as a perfect fitting. At some point, I think it’s best to accept what you have (assuming it’s good and working well) and play golf.



  6. Is the HZRDUS Black that Taylormade offers for the M2 the real deal aftermarket shaft?

  7. Daniel Hertz

    I have a m2 driver with a regular flex fujikura shaft. My swing speed is right smack in the middle of regular and stiff flex. I know my accuracy will improve with the slightly stiffer 5.5 or firm flex. How different will the ball flight be with the hzrdus black shaft?

  8. Hi

    I have been looking at the review of the tour ad tp ….ive noticed that the your swing speeds are different between the hzrduz black and tour ad … confused n I don’t know how to compare the 2 based on the different club head speed

    • Matt Saternus


      The launch monitor data from one review should not be viewed as usable for apples-to-apples comparisons from another review. Lots of things change over time, so you’re much better off reading the reviews rather than focusing on the numbers.

      With regard to the HZRDUS Black and the Tour AD TP, they are significantly different in terms of feel. Not comparable at all, in my opinion.



  9. Timothy DeFrances

    I have currently purchased the project X Hzrdus yellow x-stiff shaft with the 2017 M1 440 Driver head. I swung the club three times and the shaft exploded at the head. My head speed is anywhere from 114-120. I contacted Project X to get an explanation because I was In the process of replacing the shaft with an identical one. They did not want pictures or information. They simply said it’s not their responsibility the seller of their shaft is to be responsible. They completely blew me off. My experience with these shafts are if you are an average golfing that wants a good shaft with technical support and who cares about who their products actually are being used by. DO NOT BUY A PROJECT X. Stick to other name brands that are willing to listen and receive feedback.

  10. What loft driver were you using Matt?

  11. Hi,

    I had my Srixon 785 fitted, and at that stage the Yellow 6.0 / 62g worked best, but couple of games later just went all over the show. I went back and after some swing analysis I saw that I wasn’t loading the shaft. My swing speeds vary from 108-115mph. I got fitted to the BLACK now, 6.0 / 62g (tipped) and the loading on flight scope showed more consistent load. I swing hard at the ball (not smooth tempo) could this be the case why the Yellow didn’t load and I could only on some swings get it to perform. Spin rate on both are below 2500rpm

    I haven”t gamed the Black on the course yet, but shaft feels better in hand. Do you think I will actually get more out of it?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have no way to know. I would suggest comparing the shafts head to head on a launch monitor or on an open hole when the course is empty.



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  13. Dan St. Germain

    I have a question that I was getting mixed answers on as I felt like the black was rather comparable to the Tour 65 give or take.

    I have asked the supplier to make the shaft 44.5” long compared to the 44.25” stock shaft length.

    Was curious if the stock driver length of the G30 was 46” and I have it amended to 44.5” how will that affect the driver shaft as far as kick point and stiffness? Naturally this was something I thought of after I gave my CC info in eBay.



    • Matt Saternus


      If you only cut the shaft from 46″ to 44.5″, you might feel that it’s a little bit stiffer. It will also be significantly lighter in terms of swing weight. If you add head weight to get the swing weight back up, the shaft may feel softer than it did originally.



  14. Would this shaft work with a ricketballz 2 head?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re asking if it will fit, yes, it will fit as long as you have the right adapter.



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