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Project X LZ Shaft Review

Project X LZ Shaft (7)

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The Project X LZ shaft has a huge kick, great consistency, and excellent ball speed.  These shafts are hand crafted in the USA.


When you think of hand made golf products, you might think of head covers or putters; shafts would be pretty far down the list.  But why?  If a craftsman’s attention to detail can make a putter beautiful and functional, why shouldn’t the same apply to a shaft?

That’s the question that Project X raises with their new LZ Hand Crafted shafts.  Made one at a time by five master craftsman in San Diego, California, these shafts also feature two new technologies designed to provide distance, control, and consistency.

Project X LZ Shaft (11)


The name “LZ” stands for “Loading Zone,” and one swing will let you know exactly what that means.  In the middle of the shaft (shown above), you get a strong load in transition and a big kick through impact.  The character of the kick is exactly what you’d expect from Project X: tight and strong without being sloppy or twisty.

What makes the Project X LZ unique is that you get a big kick in the middle with great stability in both the butt and tip of the shaft.  This helps to make the shaft very accurate and also gives it a really consistent feel from swing to swing.

Project X LZ Shaft (9)


What kind of graphics go with a hand made shaft?  Hand drawn ones, obviously.  The graphics on the Project X LZ were hand drawn by their graphic designers, and they feature the shaft’s torque, weight, flex, and loading zone.  The color of the graphics relates to the weight: white for the 50 gram, blue for the 60 gram, and lime green for the 70 gram, as seen above.  Overall, I think it’s a cool, understated look that fits really well with the story of the shaft.

Project X LZ LM Data


The Project X LZ is billed as a shaft that is easy to launch while still managing to keep the spin down.  As you can see from the numbers above, it definitely delivers on that promise.

One of the most notable things about the Project X LZ is the consistency.  Most shafts that have a big kick require a lot of timing, and that can lead to big misses and ugly dispersion.  The soft middle of the LZ shaft features Project X’s proprietary FlexLok technology which keeps that kick feeling the same swing after swing.  This means less timing and tighter dispersion on the course.

In addition to my testing, I spoke with our friends at Club Champion about the Project X LZ shaft.  They told me that in their fittings they’ve seen this shaft help to boost players’ ball speed, particularly in the 50 gram version, while still managing spin effectively.

One final note: the Project X LZ is available in 3 different weight classes (50, 60, and 70 grams) and flexes from 5.5 to 7.0.  The variation goes beyond simply changing the weight and flex: Project X moves the shaft’s loading zone in each model to better fit the player who will be using that shaft: the LZ is lower in the lighter, more flexible models and higher in the heavier, stiffer versions.

Project X LZ Shaft (5)


It’s tough to find fault with the Project X LZ: it delivers great ball speed, accuracy, and excellent launch and spin conditions.  It also has a powerful kick.  On top of all that, it has that special “It” factor of being handmade in the USA in very limited quantities.

The Project X LZ shaft is available exclusively through OEM custom departments and True Temper Performance Fitting Centers like Club Champion.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Hi Matt. I understand this is the stock shaft on the new Callaway XR Driver. Can you confirm this or is it a knock off?

    • Matt Saternus

      I don’t know for a *fact* one way or the other, but I would be shocked if a $350 driver had a $300 handmade shaft in it. That comment holds true across the board for all manufacturers.

      To be fair, calling it a “knock off” isn’t really accurate. I’m sure it is made by Project X, but it’s likely a watered down version, more suitable for average golfers.



  2. Myron Burrell

    I just visited an online retailer, and what Callaway does is call the stock shaft a Project X “LZ” shaft and they have a $270.00 up charge for the Project X “Hand Crafted LZ” shaft. So yeah, its a water downed version just like the stock Adila Tour Red that I have in my Adams Hybrid. The Aftermarket version is 75g and has a 3.5 torque rating on it’s stiff shaft where as mine says 3.2 which means it probably has a softer tip section b/c the aftermarket X-stiff has a 2.9, and don’t posses nearly enough club head speed to maximize the benefits of an x-stiff shaft.

  3. Sr’s… a large part of your constituency needs a light shaft 55g or lighter… how do you address this. (P.S. also a stock holder :-) )

    • Matt Saternus


      Is that comment directed to me or to True Temper/Project X? Not quite clear what you’re asking.



  4. Jim Mullins

    Hi – I just tried out the XR Driver and I believe I’ll purchase it. I generally shoot in the mid – 70’s but am a senior golfer. I wonder if I should go with a regular flex or senior flex. My current driver is a R7 Taylormade that I like but I believe my distance will be greater with the XR.My clubhead speed is mid- 90’s. Thank you. Jim

  5. Jonathan ingram

    Hey buddy. I have the project x 7.0 in My 3wood and wanted to get one I my ping i25 driver. Is the new version project x 7.0 LZ the same shaft??

  6. You say the Project X LZ is available in 3 different weight classes (50, 60, and 70 grams) and flexes from 5.5 to 7.0.
    On “Track-Man” I have been told I need 50g Stiff, Mid or Low Kick Point for a Driver.
    Can you please tell me what would be best for me as far a flex goes for Driver and fairway woods?
    Stiff – 50g – ?

  7. Please can u advise me on shaft that would suit me. I want a Great Big Bertha Driver! My present Driver is RS 11 with RYP Phenom L Flex 50 grams. I get on with it well – but want to upgrade. My speed is around 90. Drive in summer about 190/200yds.

    • Matt Saternus


      The best advice I can give is to get a fitting. No one can give you a proper recommendation without seeing you swing and seeing the launch monitor numbers.



  8. Hi,

    Great review i have a Mizuno JPX850 Driver with fujikura Motore speeder 6.3 tour spec shaft i hit it well but hit launch it too low.
    Do you know how the PX LZ 60 compares to the Speeder 6.3TS?


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know how the PX LZ will compare to the Speeder 6.3TS for you. If you’re looking to bring the launch up, I would recommend taking the driver into a good fitter to find the right shaft.



  9. Ok thanks Matt will get to a fitter soon
    Have your tried The Project X Black shaft?
    How does it compare to the PX LZ?

  10. John McCutchen

    I just re-shafted my 915D2, 915F’s with the LZ70 6.0. I wouldn’t take for them. I started with a bit off hooking, but I later straightened it out and can fade and draw at will.
    Also shafted my 714 MB’s with the 6.0 flighted and after I hit those went ahead and shafted the Bob Vokeys in the bag.
    I’ve truly built a very nice set of clubs for the above average golfer, but I fear as I get older these really still shafts will retire as well…
    Any suggestions?

  11. hi, i play a diamana kaili regular,what would be similar lz shaft

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re interested in the LZ shafts, I would suggest working with a fitter to find one that fits your swing.


  12. i bought 2 xr drivers one with lz 5.0,one with
    lz 4.5.It hits the ball too straight.I have had a real problem turning the ball over to draw.I can hit it very straight but the course i play sets up for a draw on most holes,going back to my kaili sldr,going to sell both xr drivers.I play at high altitude harder to turn the ball .When i go to california sea level much easier to draw.These shafts lz caused me to double cross,push ball high and right.I never hit the ball right my miss is overcooked draw.I can never tell if i like a club until i play it.I fit off ebay,lol.

  13. I have a Callaway XR Four wood with a Project X LZ 15 shaft reg. flex. what swing speed is it suited for. How much did the shaft cost?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure what the cost of the LZ is. Generally, regular flex is rated for 85-95 MPH, but that’s just a general guideline.



  14. Brian Blanchard

    Hi. Great review as always. I love this shaft and am wondering what a comparable profile would be in a newer shaft. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      The LZ is fairly unique. I can’t think of anything that’s very close.



    • Jeff carter

      Hi I had a handcrafted lz15 52gm 5.5 but I snapped it. I bought a HZRDUS red to replace it but felt it was playing a bit stiffer with less kick. I recently decided to get a fitting and we decided that the Fujikura air speeder 40 R was best for me. To me it feels very similar to my original handcrafted lz15. It is strong in the upper section with a good kick for high launch but with lower spin levels. Hope this helps. The other cheaper option is a Fujikura vista pro that performed similar at fitting but a little less carry. My swing speed is 82-84mph.

  15. Lawrence Court

    Hi Matt,
    How would this compare to the Project X Even Flow? If you took identical swings with the 6.0 65g versions, how would the ball speeds and spin rates compare?

  16. Gerry Casavant

    I’m looking at an LZ shaft which I assume came stock in a Callaway XR driver on my local Craigslist. From the photo provided I can only make out what looks like 6.0 and 56g. I see no torque numbers. does this sound correct or am I seeing things?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know exactly the markings on the stock LZ, but they could very well be different than the aftermarket version.



  17. Edward Soares

    Hi Matt, I am looking to buy a set of Mizuno Irons on Ebay. They show a picture of a Project X LZ 4.0/A/60g. Can you please tell me what this this is equal to.? I see no mention of these on this site.

  18. Which shaft flex was used in the launch monitor data? In the article above

  19. I have 55 g ,flex . 7.0 means Stiff ,isn’t it?
    I have club head speed for 97 mph .
    Is it suitable for me?

  20. Matt, if you could pick either this or the Tour AD DI which one would you go with and why? I have both and I am constantly changing. I keep trying to move on to the AD DI but the consistency of the handcrafted is so good.

  21. “The LZ is fairly unique. I can’t think of anything that’s very close.”

    Gerry Hogan, patent for the “Nunchuk design”, with very stiff tip and butt with
    different wrap in mid section to absorb twist and kick well before impact.(Trizonal, as it was called by Nventix)

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