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The PING G30 driver improves on the G25 in terms of speed and forgiveness.  The best all-around driver in golf.


The hardest thing about success is following it up, hence the term “sophomore slump.”  Lucky for us, PING knows a few things about backing up success: they’ve delivered a long string of G-series drivers without a miss.  The latest in the line, the G30 driver, makes one of the most radical additions – Turbulators – along with other evolutionary improvements.  All of this adds up to a driver that inherits the title of “best all-around driver” from its predecessor.

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In most respects, the G30 driver is exactly what we’ve come to expect from a PING driver: matte black crown, big footprint, great proportions.  Though this is a large driver, it’s not so big in any one dimension that it looks unwieldy.

The one big difference is the Turbulators.  Instead of PING’s signature alignment aid, the G30 features six small ridges at the front of the crown.  At worst, they’re easily ignored, especially in an era of orange crowns and graphics that can be seen from space.  In my opinion, however, they frame the ball nicely and are a nice change of pace from the usual alignment marks.

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Sound & Feel

“Clean” may be an unusual description for the sound and feel of a driver, but it’s the word I keep coming back to when thinking about the G30.  From the very first hit, I noticed that there’s no unnecessary vibration or noise at impact, just very clear feedback about where the ball hit the face.

The sound of the G30 is a little deeper than the G25 and moderate in terms of volume.  It’s loud enough that it feels hot, but muted enough to appeal to traditionalists.

One other thing to note about the feel of this club is the extreme counter balancing.  Counter balancing is a concept that PING has been employing in their woods for the past few generations and with the G30 they have it dialed it beautifully.  It’s both the most noticeably counter balanced club that I’ve hit and the most comfortable.  This seemingly-impossible combination is something that was felt by numerous golfers who tried the G30: they immediately noticed the lighter-feeling head, but also were able to swing it well immediately.  Keep in mind that if you don’t like the counter balanced feel, there are Tour shaft options available in 60 and 80 grams that are not counter balanced.

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The Turbulators are the big story with the PING G30 driver, so we’ll start there.  While I don’t know if it was the Turbulators, the new face material, the counter weighting, or some combination of the three, I do know that my club and ball speeds with the G30 were higher than they’ve been with anything else in a long time.  I was consistently over 150 MPH in ball speed which is far from super human, but I’m much happier being above that line than below it where I’ve been for much of this year.

The G30 also features greater adjustability than any past PING driver.  Golfers now have the ability to add or subtract 1° or 0.6° of loft, which will also open or close the face angle.  This doubles the adjustability of the G25 and should help all players dial in their optimal launch conditions and preferred look.

In addition to more speed and adjustability, the G30 is also more forgiving than the G25.  Because of the new lighter face material that PING is using on the G30, they were able to create a higher MOI which means more stability.  Translation: when you miss the sweet spot, the ball will still go straight.  As someone who lives on the heel of the driver, I was easily able to put this to the test.  I was very pleased to see that when I did hit the heel, the result was not a wild slice, but just a gentle fade that fell just right of the center line.

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PING has taken a driver that was already among the best and made it faster, more forgiving, and more adjustable.  The G30, like the G25 before it, is the best all-around driver I’ve tested and a driver I would blindly recommend to any player.  When you include the Tour shaft options, there’s simply nothing negative to say about the PING G30 driver.

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  1. Great review Matt. I feel the same way about the G30. I have one on the way to me know. Are you planning to review the G30 SF Tec ? It was a hard choice for me between these two drivers. Trackman gave the slight edge to the G30. This is by far the best driver I have hit this year.

    • Matt Saternus


      We have a review of the SF Tec scheduled for late September, so stay tuned for that. It’s an awesome driver, too, and a great choice for those who fight a slice.



  2. 90 to 95 swing speed in the ping g30 stiff or reg in your opin thank art

    • Matt Saternus


      The best answer is to be fit. Failing that, I would ask what kind of transition you have in your swing. 90-95 is probably on the low end of stiff, but if you’re aggressive, that might be the way to go. A smoother swing could probably afford to stay regular.



  3. david mc dowell

    i find the ping shaft a bit long for me and didnt get on with the tour shaft can i fit a another custom shaft into the head what about length i would like it shorter what abour swing weight etc i have the 10 sf head

    • Matt Saternus

      Yes, you can put another shaft in the G30 head by using an adapter. I would recommend working with a fitter to find the right shaft, length, and swing weight.



  4. I have a g30 driver 10.5 degree. what settings open and close the face?

  5. Arthur Elizaga

    Hi Matt,

    I won in a raffle a G30, 10.5, TFC 390 SR shaft. I cannot find (even Ping website) a detailed instruction on how to adjust the loft. Can you help?

    I would also like to confirm if I adjust the loft to 11.5, will it open the clubface?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s actually the opposite: when you adjust the club from 10.5 to 11.5, the face will be more closed at address.



  6. Do not, repeat NOT purchase this club if you are a beginning or novice golfer. The misleading reports on how forgiving this club is are simply that misleading. If you are Bubba Watson, or a very good golfer looking for a tweak, then this club would possibly be forgiving. Being a 2 year golfer, I had to work through problems with my Callaway driver which I ultimately did to hit straight. I spent the money on a G30 thinking it would be a logical next step. BOY was I WRONG. This club took my worst problems and timed them by 10!

    This club is JUNK for any type of golfer that is less than professional. I am stuck with it now and will find a way to use it just because of the excessive price, but DO NOT make the same mistake with this horrible club that I did!

    • Matt Saternus


      With all due respect, this is a ridiculous comment. The G30, in whatever configuration you tried/bought it, may not have worked for you, but it is, by the numbers, one of the most forgiving, easiest-to-hit drivers on the market. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t have been the top-selling driver for approximately a year and a half. More to the point, the best club fitters in the country have been (and still are) telling us that the G30 driver makes up as much as 40% of their driver sales. If the club didn’t perform, the best fitters would not be putting it in the hands of their customers.

      It sounds to me like the shaft you have in the G30 did not fit. This is not an indictment of the G30 but rather more evidence of what we’re constantly telling golfers: buying off the rack makes no sense. You need to be fit.



  7. Phil Merlie

    What is the adjustment for on the bottom of the Ping G30 driver? I know how to adjust the loft, but not what the other adjustment is on the bottom towards the trailing end of the club.


    • Matt Saternus


      It’s a non-adjustable weight.


      • Mark Fishwick

        What is the weight of the stock weight? And why would someone switch it for heavier or lighter?

        • Matt Saternus


          Are you referring to the weight in the back of the head? I’m not sure what the “stock” weight is. I imagine there are different versions to alter swing weight, which is the primary reason why someone would want to change it.



  8. Lawrence Addie

    I have been a Ping man for 40 years !
    G30 (9degree stiff) is the best ever
    So I had a brain freeze traded it
    For G series thinking I was moving forward
    Big mistake don’t like it lost distance & hit it too high
    Any advice
    Thinking of going back to G30
    Or would u recommend the new G400 ?

    • Matt Saternus


      My review of the G400 will be up tomorrow. It’s outstanding! Definitely worth a try.



  9. 9/21 and still using my G30. Only mod I made was adding to 48″ play length when I hit 75 age and the length helped my back issues. Losing yardage this season (78) so time for a refitting and see what the 425 SFT might do…. It’s been a good run with the 30.

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