Mitsubishi Kai’li White Shaft Review

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The Mitsubishi Kai’li White is the first shaft in the new Kai’li family.  Low launch, low spin performance with more explosive feel.  Very stable tip.

Check out the latest low/low Diamana, the WB, HERE


Equipment enthusiasts with some time in the game will remember Kai’li as the name of the second generation of Mitsubishi’s Diamana Blue line.  For 2021, the name represents an entire shaft family, the first new Mitsubishi shaft line in six years.  Kai’li White is the first offering in this new family, and I tested it to see how it stacks up against Mitsubishi’s established Tensei and Diamana lines.


The Kai’li White has a bolder look than most Mitsubishi shafts.  On a gloss black background are swirling white and silver graphics meant to reflect the ocean theme.  The Kai’li name blends in with the graphics, and the Mitsubishi branding is located just below that and is quite small.  As with most modern shafts, everything from the midpoint down is completely clean save for the small MR-70 icon.


I tested the Mitsubishi Kai’li White against my current gamer, the TENSEI Pro White 1K [review HERE].  Both are based in Mitsubishi’s White profile – low launch, low spin – but the TENSEI has a parallel butt design.  In contrast, the Kai’li White is the first Mitsubishi White shaft to use a taper butt design.

In terms of feel, this makes the Kai’li White feel similar to Mitsubishi’s Blue profile.  While it’s still very stable, it feels more explosive into and through impact than the TENSEI 1K.  Also the kick feels lower.  Where the TENSEI 1K bends closer to the grip, the Kai’li White loads and kicks through the middle of the shaft.

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The Mitsubishi Kai’li White is built on the low launch, low spin “White” profile, and it definitely delivers on both counts.  My drives had a boring trajectory, were unbothered by wind, and got plenty of roll out.  Since this is a profile that I’m very comfortable with, my dispersion was very tight, and I knew exactly what I would get from this shaft swing after swing.

Need more launch and spin?  Check out the Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue HERE

Despite having a more active feel, the tip of the Kai’li White is extremely stable.  Mitsubishi achieves this through the use of Super Low Resin Content (SLRC) Prepreg and their MR70 carbon fiber.  My layman’s understanding is that the MR70 is a stronger material for more stability and the SLRC Prepreg allows for a higher density of carbon fibers.

Mitsubishi unveiled the Kai’li White because they recognized that many players want “low-low” performance but have different feel preferences.  Also, having different feel options can lead to different results in fittings.  According to MCA, Kai’li White should be lower launching and lower spinning than the TENSEI 1K Pro White.

For me, the Kai’li White was a bit more anti-left than the TENSEI 1K.  This led to slightly higher launch numbers and marginally higher spin.  For a shaft to feel this smooth and still be extremely anti-hook is pretty amazing.

The Mitsubishi Kai’li White 60, 70, and 80 shafts are all offered in stiff, X-flex, and TX.  Regular flex is offered only at 60 grams.

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Kai’li is a blend of two words – kai for ocean and li for energy.  While my swing may not have all the power of a tsunami, swinging the Mitsubishi Kai’li White made me feel like it did.  What makes this shaft truly impressive is the way that it pairs that powerful feel with tremendous stability and control.  If that sounds like a tempting combination, see your Mitsubishi fitter to give it a try.

Visit Mitsubishi Shafts HERE

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  1. Stephen Gengaro

    Realizing fitting is key, how does this launch, spin and feel compare to Graphite Design Tour AD XC-7?

  2. Keith Finley

    Ah, but is it kicking the 1K out of the bag??

    • Matt Saternus

      Not at the moment. From now through the end of November, I’m playing some great golf courses but will have very limited practice time, so I’m not looking to change anything.



    • Kevin Morris

      Hi there I am a71 year old Good Pro…Still a very good player but have lost distance with my driver. My swing speed is around 90 mph.. which shaft would be better in my new Callaway paradym driver?
      Thank you
      Kevin Morris

  3. Wish these reviews would start adding the EI charts or something showing the profile of the shaft. The stiffness profile of the butt section from parallel to taper would be easy to see on an EI chart, same with kick points and such. ‘Looks’ and ‘feel’ only get someone so far and are completely subjective between golfers.

  4. Which would feel the softest overall between Kaili, AV Raw White or 1K?

  5. Landy Rodriguez

    Hello Matt. Did it play to flex or stiff to flex? Thank you and stay safe

  6. Laban Wingfield

    Is this shaft available anywhere? I’ve asked a number of places and can’t seem to find anybody that can get one.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s still fairly new, so it’s probably not fully “saturated” yet. I know Club Champion can order one for you, but it’s not in their demo matrix at this time.



  7. Dyson Dechant

    Matt – great review. Would you still prefer the Diamana ZF over the Kai’li white?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s tough…without running them head to head I don’t know which I’d prefer, both are excellent.



      • Hi Matt,

        Would you say the feel and kick point is fairly similar between the ZF and the Kai’li white? On the surface, it looks like they are trying to accomplish the same thing- a blending of blueboard and whiteboard profiles.

        • Matt Saternus


          Yes, they’re similar.


          • I’m playing Kai’li 60X, I’ve found it to be quality, feel is amazing for such a low spin shaft and a ball-speed beast. I couldn’t match the ball speeds with any other shaft.

  8. Hey Matt, love the reviews. I am looking at 1K or Kaili white. I am about 122-124 club speed and can get 126-127 if I got after it. With that said, I have SIM 8* and diamana D+ limited 70TX. Couldn’t spin it. I have preordered a stealth and was curious which shaft out of the ones I mentioned would spin more. And which one you had a easier time fading.


    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t say which shaft will spin more for you.
      As I said in the review, the Kai’li was a bit more anti-left – easier to fade – than the 1K for me.


  9. Martin Ritchie

    Hi Matt what weight and flex did you demo the shaft in?

    • Matt Saternus


      • Is 60x good for 108 swing speed? Looks like your stats were averaging around that speed and my swing speed is similar too. I am on the fence between stiff and extra stiff.

        • Matt Saternus


          Swing speed is just one part of the fitting equation. You need to also consider tempo, feel preferences, and launch and spin needs, which is why you need a fitting to find the right shaft.



  10. Hey Matt!!

    Nice job! I preordered the stealth plus 8 degree. I have the sim 8 degree with hzrdus green extra stiff. I hit a high ball so this combo works for me. I get the lowest spin and extra roll out with this shaft. Can I expect the same from this shaft in x stiff or should I hold on to my hzrdus green?
    Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      Though I don’t have head to head data, I’m confident in saying that for me, the HZRDUS Green was lower spinning. As always, your results may be different.



  11. Hi Matt,

    How would you compare the kai’li flex for flex against ventus black in terms of feel and launch?


  12. Matt do you know if the Kai li white that comes as a stock option with the TM stealth is the real deal or is it a knockoff similar to the Ventus?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know for certain, but my baseline assumption is that stock shafts are very rarely the same as aftermarket.



      • MCA has been very adamant that the Taylormade offered version is real deal and that Taylormade got the first batches of S and X flex Kai’li’s for the most part which makes those hard to find. TX are still in stock and only available through an authorized MCA dealer

  13. Have you tried the X or TX flex in the 70g?

  14. David Costen

    Matt, did this shaft feel or play anything like the original Kai’ Li (2nd Generation Blueboard)? I love that shaft, it was perfect for me and I’ve had a very difficult time finding something to use in newer drivers to replace it. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      Not trying to be pedantic, but “anything like” opens the door pretty wide. There are similarities, yes, but I don’t think they’re identical.



  15. Would you say that kia’li white and Mitsubishi Diamana zf feel the same and have the same stability? Or is the ZF smoother w/more stability? Or vice versa? Thanks

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  17. Matt, thanks for the review…very helpful . Kai’li White …Game improvement shaft great for the Carribean windy conditions….

  18. How would you compare it to an Aldila Rogue White?
    Stiff flex

  19. Chris Peyton

    Can you tell us what loft you’re hitting at please

  20. Hi, nice details in the review. I game a 6.5 Smoke Blue in my driver. Looking to get a shaft fitting for my 3 wood. I’m curious about the kick point in the Kai’ li and how it is in transition compared to the RDX Blue. Would you say they are comparable in profiles having hit them both?

  21. Chris Peyton

    Launch 14.3 … what was your loft ?

  22. Thanks. Matt

  23. Weight and stiffness profile sounds similar to the Fuji Motore X F1. Would you say the feel was similar?

    • Matt Saternus


      In the big picture, yes, they’re in the same family, but I don’t think the feel is that similar.


  24. What does the 60, 70 ,80 mean for the shaft, and does it differ between the numbers. I am a golfer but have always just bought clubs without studying them e.g. flex, length etc. So these numbers are confusing to me.
    So recently I have had my irons measured to me, but driver and 3 wood are just straight iff the shelf.

  25. Similar to Gen4 Black Hzrdus?

  26. Thank you, great review. How would this compare to the Project X Evenflow Black? I tried that in the Ping G430 Max 10k and loved it to bits due to the combination of stability and feel. But it’s not available as stock option anymore.

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