Fujikura Ventus Black Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Ventus Black takes everything that was good about the original but dials up the stability.  Less active feel and lower launch than the Ventus Blue.


After building a world of hype at the 2019 PGA Show, the Fujikura Ventus (review HERE) delivered on the buzz and has been the undeniable shaft of the year.  Now, Fujikura is filling out the Ventus family with the Ventus Black and Red.  I tested the Ventus Black to see if it could dethrone the Ventus Blue which has been in my bag since it arrived.


Outside of the base color, nothing has changed from the Ventus Blue to the Ventus Black.  The graphics and logo are clean and futuristic and limit themselves to the upper half of the shaft.  Near the tip, you’ll notice the “VeloCore” symbol, but it’s too small to be distracting at address.


If you like a shaft with a stable feel, the Ventus Black will be right up your alley.  Where the Ventus Blue has a more active mid section, the Black dials that down.  Ventus Black still feels smooth, but there’s no pronounced kick.

What the Ventus Black and Blue have in common is a rock solid tip section.  Even on toe or heel shots, there’s no twisty, torque-y feeling.


The reason Ventus has been such a success is that it delivers on its bold promises: better dispersion and more centered contact.  With the Ventus Blue, I’ve been seeing strong driving accuracy (not usually a strength for me) and better consistency in terms of contact.  Both of these trends continued when I plugged in Ventus Black.

Ventus Black is billed as being the lower launching, lower spinning compliment to Ventus Blue.  In my testing, I saw the Ventus Black launch about a degree lower than Blue with slightly lower spin.  As always, your results may vary.  I expect that higher spin players will see a larger spin gap between Black and Blue.

For the way my swing is trending right now, the Ventus Black is going in the bag.  My swing speed has been ticking up slightly, and the less active feel gives me the confidence to swing away.  As good as the Ventus Blue has been at eliminating my hooks, the Ventus Black has an even stronger anti-left bias which is exactly what I’m looking for at the moment.

The Fujikura Ventus Black will be available in 60, 70, and 80 gram weight classes.  In 60 and 70 grams, there will be a stiff and X flex.  At 80 grams, the Ventus Black will only be available in X flex.


Whether you want the stable, low launch performance of the Black or the slightly more active feel of the Blue, it’s hard to go wrong with Ventus.  Both options deliver when it comes to accuracy, consistency, and low spin.  Visit your local Fujikura fitter to find the best one for your swing.

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Matt Saternus

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Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters.

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  1. Your total distance is up 4 yards from one of your last posts that included a driver. Nice

  2. Hey Matt

    I know you gamed/got fit in to the LA Golf Ozik Black Tie b/c True Spec fit me in to that also, but how does the Ventus Black compare to the ozik black?? I’m in the same boat generally needing a low launch/ low spin shaft.



    • Matt Saternus


      They’re certainly very similar. To me, the Ventus feels a little smoother, but it’s really splitting hairs. Dispersion from the Ventus is a bit better, but again it’s close.



  3. Daniel Herring

    How was the Ventus Black in feel and launch vs the awesome Fuji Evo IV

  4. Matt, I have looked through your shaft reviews and I am curious why you like the Fujikura Ventus line over the Tour AD TP? The TP gave you high launch, low spin, good ballspeed, and low dispersion. It also carried 11 yards further than the Ventus Black. At the same time the Ventus line spins less for you and had slightly better dispersion. I currently have the AD TP, and am wondering if you feel like the Ventus is line is an upgrade for you?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you go back and look through the reviews, there are many shafts that produce good numbers. For me, picking a driver shaft is primarily about feel and I’ve been very confident in the feel of the Ventus Black. That said, if you told me I had to game the AD TP, I wouldn’t have any complaints.



  5. Per-Erik Olsson

    Hi Matt!
    Your ss has been around 104-109 mph, does the shaft gives you good numbers even when your speed is a little down, near 104 mph?

    Regards PEO

  6. Matt,

    I currently game the Callaway Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond 9º at 105-110 clubhead speed with 70-gram range shafts. I’ve played the PX T1100 6.5 60 gram, which I found extremely “boardy” even for a Low/Low shaft. The 6.0 did help some and I do like to feel the shaft “work” a tiny bit but the T1100 was just too stiff throughout for my liking.

    I’m looking forward to the Low/Low characteristics of the Ventus Black 7 (maybe 6 with weighting adjustments) in a higher loft 10.5º Mavrik but not sure how “true to flex” these play. I’d guess they may be stiffer on average but I have nowhere remotely close to test them in my area. If they tend to be very stiff I may consider an S, although I generally play X.

    I know you don’t like to guess recommendations and always advise to get fit but can you provide any comparison insight here? Thanks in advance.

    • Matt Saternus


      In terms of feel, which is subjective, I think the Ventus plays true to flex. In the same flex, it will feel smoother than the T1100.



  7. Per-Erik Olsson

    I bought a Ventus Black 6x from a Spanish tourplayer from ebay, with a TS3 8.5 head. The shaft was tipped 2/3 of an inch and it is the best combo I have had so far. Less dispertion. Gives me spin 2000-2600 depending on strike. Good swing =250-260 meters. SS 105-109.
    Play well
    PEO from Sweden!

  8. Interested in this shaft as well as HZRDUS smoke green. In your opinion what are differences in feel, and why did you choose to put Ventus in the bag.

  9. Hi Matt,
    Love reading your reviews. I’ve had a Speeder Evo II 661 X in the bag for quite some time that I’ve been in love with. Tested the IV after it came out and got slightly better numbers but was more prone to lose one or two left so I stuck with the II because it just flat out worked, and I already owned it. Unfortunately, my II snapped on me yesterday. I recall that you went from the II to the IV to Ventus Blue and now Black. I could easily pull the trigger on another II, but am genuinely curious about the hype of Velocore and Ventus Black. I noticed Fuji lists very similar tip and butt stiffness numbers from the II 661 X to Black 6x. Understanding you had a huge gap between these two shafts, and having read both your reviews, what’s your knee jerk response when trying to compare what you can remember of the II to the Black?
    Thank you,

    • Matt Saternus


      Gut reaction, the II is more active in that signature Speeder way. The Ventus Black isn’t harsh, but it’s just solid, not really powering through the ball.



  10. Hi Matt! What is your opinion on Ventus Black versus Diamana DF? Ventus Blue versus Diamana BF?
    Then after your comments, from your fittings, which do you think would work best for someone with a SS of 98 to 103 and a quick transition and aggressive swing and who has a high ball flight? I tend to come over the top and my miss is towards the toe.
    Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t offer an educated opinion based on a couple numbers. If you want to get a shaft that performs better for you, you need to get a fitting.


  11. Matt,
    What differences do you find between Diamana DF and BF versus Ventus Black and Blue?
    Thanks again!

    • Matt Saternus


      It appears that you’ve read my reviews of each of those shafts. There’s not much I can offer beyond that except to advise you to get fit.



  12. Which shaft did you like better the ventus black or tour ad xc?

  13. Would the Ventus 6 blue X stiff be comparable to black stiff?

  14. Hi Matt,

    I’m curious why you went with the 6X vs. the 7? If you tried both did you see a large change in numbers/dispersion? My current gamer is your backup (G400 Max with the black tie also fit at True Spec) and our numbers are relatively similar. Thanks for all the great information!

  15. Thanks for the reply. My initial concern going from the Ozik was the weight difference 78 grams in the Ozik vs. 65 in the Ventus.

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