Accra TZ5 & TZ6 Shaft Review

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The Accra TZ5 and TZ6 shafts are consistent, high performance shafts with low spin.  Slightly higher launch in the TZ6.


In an industry that often rewards style over substance, Accra seems allergic to flash.  The names of their shafts are simple, and the graphics don’t scream for attention.  Even on social media – a platform created for self aggrandizement – they appear humble.  But the growing Tour popularity of the new TZ5 and TZ6 shafts proves that you don’t need to be loud if you make a killer product.


At first glance, the TZ5 and TZ6 look like plain black shafts.  A closer look reveals that Accra added subtle touches to give them some visual pop.  As you see above, the black is flecked with a dark sparkle that looks great in the sun.  What makes it work is that you can’t see it until you get up close.  Similarly, the bands around the branding have a prism-like quality that gives the staid graphics some pep.


In reading over the descriptions of the TZ5 and TZ6 shafts, I formed the expectation that the TZ5 would be the stiffer shaft and the TZ6 would be more active.  While this is largely true – the TZ6 has a more active tip section – the difference in torque balances the feel equation.

The TZ5 is your modern low launch, low spin shaft.  It has a high enough torque rating that it doesn’t feel harsh, but there’s barely any kick to it.  The TZ6, with a lower torque rating, has more action but isn’t as smooth.

In the big picture, both shafts are stout but not harsh and generally similar in terms of feel.  Players that like a controlled feel in their shaft could easily play either model.


Accra’s main claim with both the TZ5 and TZ6 is that they deliver low spin, and that’s absolutely true.  Both shafts kept my spin very low and very consistent.

More important for me is that the dispersion with both shafts was predictable.  The TZ5 is exactly what I want: a stout profile that doesn’t feel harsh.  As such, I felt most confident with it and got better dispersion.  The TZ6 was very good also, and I could easily game it, but my preference is for a less active profile.

As you can see above, the launch monitor data for these two shafts was nearly identical.  The one area of separation was launch angle, with the TZ6 creating a slightly higher trajectory.  This could make it an ideal choice in a fairway wood or for someone who needs more carry distance.

Accra eschews the standard flex designations, instead using M3, M4, and M5.  The TZ5 is available in 55 and 65 grams in all three flexes, 75 grams in M4 and M5, and 85 grams for big hitters only at M5.  The TZ6 has those same options and adds a 45 gram version in M3 and M4.


If you need a shaft with a massive marketing budget, the Accra TZ5 and TZ6 are not for you.  However, if you want to cut some spin and tighten up your dispersion, set up a time with your fitter to test these out.  For the player that likes a strong shaft that doesn’t feel harsh, these are a great fit.

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  1. so happy to see this review!! the TZ6 has been getting all the love on most youtube reviews and other forums while not much interest on the TZ5. the TZ5 sounds like the profile I would prefer also. Everyone that has reviewed these have definitely seen lower spin

    Great content!

  2. What weight and flex did you test on both?

  3. I think both shafts would work for me, but I’m 99% sure I’m going to give the TZ6 a go. Unfortunately, no one here has them where I can test them out so I’m buying sight unseen. Seems like most of the tour guys are going for the TZ6 and from talking to a couple custom club builders it seems they are having the most luck with fitting people in the TZ6. I know they both aren’t supposed to be “boardy” but I generally gravitate toward a shaft that has a little more feel and I think (or hope) the softer tip on the TZ6 will give me that feel I like along with keeping dispersion tight and spin down. I’m using the PING TOUR 65 X right now and when I hit them well, my spin is around 2500 but on less than stellar swings, the spin gets up to 3000-3200 which is no bueno! if the TZ6 can keep my spin down around that 2500 range even when it’s not a perfect strike, I’ll be okay.

  4. Have been gaming the TZ6 55 M4 in a TEE head for about a month and agree with everything about it in this review. I need a little extra launch help so that is why I went with the 6.

  5. Chad Hershberger

    I played my first round this weekend with the TZ5 in my driver and I am really impressed. It was so stable on mishits but it feels awesome. It doesn’t feel stout like some shafts in this category do. I had one of my best driving days I’ve ever had with this shaft. Looks like my Club Champion fitting is paying off.

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