Fujikura Ventus TR Red Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Ventus TR Red shaft has a smoother, more active feel than the other Ventus TR shafts, but it still has plenty of strength.  Killer looks.  Likely to be a surprise favorite for many players.


The Fujikura Ventus TR Blue [review HERE] was an immediate success because it gave a little extra strength to the original Ventus Blue.  Fujikura is using a similar formula with the new Ventus TR Red.  This will be perfect for the player that likes Ventus Red but needs something a little more stout.


People may argue about which Ventus shaft performs the best.  No one will argue that the Ventus TR Red isn’t the best looking.  The fade from black to dark cherry to cinnamon red is stunning.  It’s made even more eye-popping by the subtle sparkle underneath.

In terms of the branding and graphics, the TR Red falls in line with the other Ventus shafts.  There are silver graphics below the grip followed by the futuristic Ventus branding.  The VeloCore marking near the tip lets you know you’ve got the “real deal.”


Having only passing experience with the original Ventus Red, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ventus TR Red.  I found the very best combination I could hope for: a smooth, active feel that can stand up to a hard swing.

I felt the kick from the Ventus TR Red from the mid section down to the tip.  This meshes with Fujikura’s description of the TR Red as being “Ultra Stiff” in the handle and “Stiff” in the mid and tip.  Though the tip is softer than the other Ventus TR shafts, it doesn’t feel weak or twisty.  I also enjoyed that the TR Red didn’t require a big effort to activate – it loaded and kicked on every swing.


Even though the Fujikura Ventus TR Red is not a fit for me on paper, the feel made me want to give it a real chance.  I’m glad I did.  The results that I saw were better – and much different – than I expected.

Fujikura bills the Ventus TR Red as “mid-high launch,” and it definitely has that kind of feel.  However, for me, it launches and spins a bit lower than the Ventus TR Black [review HERE].  The reason is easy to see on the range: the TR Red produces a consistent draw, the TR Black a straight ball or small push.  It’s another example of why fitting on paper doesn’t work and how you need to try things for yourself.

I found my best results with the Ventus TR Red when I let the shaft do the majority of the work.  When I got the “hit” out of my swing – somewhere around an 80% feel – I saw a slightly higher launch, a straighter flight, and the sensation of easy distance.  You can swing the TR Red hard – the tip is not weak – it’s just not the best use of this shaft, in my opinion.

Fujikura offers the Ventus TR Red in four weight classes – 50, 60, 70, and 80 grams.  The lightest TR Red is available in R2, Regular, and Stiff flexes.  At 60 grams, you can get regular, stiff, and X-flex.  The 70 gram model is available in stiff and X, with the 80 gram version coming on X only.


I’m going to close with a not-so-bold prediction.  Fujikura Ventus TR Red is going to win a lot of fittings in the next couple years.  Ego-driven golfers will overlook the “softest” profile in the Ventus TR family, but smart players are going to listen to their fitter, give it a try, and find fantastic results.

For more on the Fujikura Ventus TR shafts, check out Club Champion’s video breakdown HERE.

Visit Fujikura HERE

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  1. Howe much is it

    • Matt Saternus


      The Fujikura website, linked above, has it listed at $350 MSRP.


      • Steve Lupo

        Hi Matt
        I’m playing with tensai blue stiff sim 2 driver 10.50 65 grams approx
        Swing speed 100
        Ball speed 154
        Spin 3000

        At 68 I get tired a little after nine and want to ip grade to Ventus shaft
        Would you try the red stiff TR 5 or is that too light and will spin too much

        I like it a lot but but at 68 years old

        • Matt Saternus


          It sounds like you have already hit the Ventus TR Red. What were the results like? Did you see too much spin?


    • I had the Ventus red TR 5S and I felt like it was too soft of a shaft. It almost plays like a regular flex in my opinion. If you have a quick transition it’s not the shaft for you but if you have a slower tempo with a quick downswing then it could be the club for you. But if you have a quick transition and want to play a 5S I would tip it an inch or at least tip it a half inch. Overall it’s still a really good shaft. I feel like it plays a little bit like the XC tour AD shaft. In my opinion with the same stiffness.

  2. I have a Ventus Red with VeloCore, the original shaft. It developed a stress crack about an inch above the VeloCore marking The crack was not caused by misuse. I have contacted the company three times and received no response. Their customer service lack of response will keep me away from any future products.

  3. Always enjoy these reviews! Just have to avoid running out and buying the latest shaft you write about!

  4. Which weight and stiffness did you demo?

  5. Matt – did you test 6x? At what length?
    I have lost some speed after a long layoff and put away my OG 2014 661x. Tried a red 5s and it was turning over way too far. Just got a TR red 6s (and a 7s for my fw) and they are literally drying right now. I’m back up to 103-105 and have a hard release (and general violent swing …lol) – hopefully it’s the right stick. Thanks.

  6. Which has a stiffer tip, this or the AD-IZ?

  7. I had a Ventus Red s-6 done, gamer is a KBS TD Cat 2 love it for my 95mph swing, but I was disappointed in the Red but gonna hit it more but the RED TR in R-6 may just be a better option but I can’t find swing speed charts for these shafts so I can pick the correct one, not all shafts follow the speed limit… where are the swing speed charts…

  8. Obviously the answer is get fit, but what are your thoughts on this as a potential fairway shaft

    • Matt Saternus

      I think it’s a great option. The extra kick is what a lot of people need to get the ball airborne.



  9. The new 2023 Ventus Red TR doesn’t show velocity on the shaft. TM said it is velocity just no graphic. Is this true?

    • Matt Saternus


      If Fujikura removed “VeloCore” from the shaft graphics, that’s new to me. It was certainly there when they launched this shaft.



  10. I ordered and received the Red TR from Taylormadeon my stealth 2 plus custom. Do you think TM n had Fuji ours remove the graphic? Fuji web site says velocore technology on all TR shafts.
    Trying to determine if my red TR has velocore, but no graphic.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would be very surprised if Fujikura removed the VeloCore graphic from aftermarket shafts, but I can’t say for certain that that isn’t the case.



    • Check the TR stamp on it, if it’s silver then it’s the made-for stock shaft from TM, not the real deal one with Velocore.

    • Nick Richardson

      That’s the “stock” made for version, all aftermarket Ventus will have “Velocore” on the top end.

  11. Hi Matt,

    I am currently playing a hzrdus RDX red in my driver, do you think the Ventus TR red would play similar or are there any Graphite Design shafts which are similar? Do you think it would spin a little lower? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I think there are some similarities between the HZRDUS Red and the Ventus TR Red, enough that it’s worth comparing them in a fitting if the Ventus interests you.



  12. I was able to find good info frοm your blog posts.

  13. John Bowring

    i bought a 3 fairway wood with the TR6S shaft and can hit it a mile and its straight too. Would you recommend buying a shaft for my SIM2MAX Driver Head as I still struggle with finding a solution for this driver. I fitted a Hazerdous low spin shaft and get a fair result bit NOTHING like my 3 Wood

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the same shaft can work in the driver and FW, but it’s not a guarantee. Did you try the Ventus TR Red during your driver fitting?


  14. Jay Holiday

    I put an aftermarket ventus red on my PXG driver. I’m going to get a PXG fairway, is the ventus available as an up charge from PXG the same as aftermarket? It’s the price either way but more convenient . 6R regular flex

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