Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Shaft Review

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The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ shaft produces high launch and low spin with a unique feel.

Check out the low launch, low spin Tour AD VF HERE


Graphite Design is a no-nonsense company.  Every year, they release one or two new shafts with relatively modest fanfare (we reviewed the excellent Tour AD TP earlier this year).  If you need giant social media campaigns, there are shaft companies that give you that.  If you just want solid performance, check out GD.


Appropriate for this time of year, the Graphite Design AD IZ sports an orange and matte black color scheme.  This look is the inverse of one of their most successful models, the Tour AD DI.

Graphically, Graphite Design always plays it straight: simple branding below the handle with a shift in the base color.  This is an all-business look for the serious player, and it’s immediately recognizable as Graphite Design.


On paper, the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ is similar to the Tour AD DI.  The company’s website describes the AD IZ as being Firm+ in the tip, Medium in the middle, and Firm in the butt.  The AD DI has the same Medium mid section, but the tip is Stiff (half a notch firmer than the AD IZ) and the butt is Medium (a whole notch softer).

That similarity transfers over to the real world.  The tip is extremely stable in both shafts.

What’s different is that the AD IZ doesn’t kick the way the AD DI does; it feels like the energy flows from the handle to the club head.  This is slightly unusual – it’s more common for a shaft to have that distinct bend point – but it’s a great feel once you get used to it.


What struck me during my testing of the Tour AD IZ was the consistency.  In my first few swings, I struggled with the feel simply because it’s different than what I’ve been gaming.  However, that smooth, whip-crack feel was the same swing after swing, so I was able to get locked in with it quickly.

Once I was dialed in, I saw exactly the ball flight that Graphite Design describes: high launch and low spin.  With the stable tip, I was able to swing hard without a fear of “losing” the shaft.  On the other hand, the feel was so smooth that I could swing easily and still feel it working.  Whether swinging hard or soft, I was able to control the ball flight and maintain near-optimal distance.

The Tour AD IZ is available in a wide range of weights and flexes.  The lightest is 40 grams, available in Lite/Senior and Regular flex.  It’s also important to note that the 40 gram version has a very different profile – a soft tip with medium mid and butt sections.  Every flex from Senior to X is available at 50 grams, with the 50-X being a first for Graphite Design.  The 60 gram model has Regular, Stiff, and X versions.  Only big swingers – Stiff and X – need apply for the 70 or 80 gram models.


The Tour AD IZ enhances the Graphite Design line-up by adding a unique feel that still has the consistency that players of all levels want.  If you’re looking to get your drives “Into the Zone” of high launch and low spin, the AD IZ is definitely worth a look.

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  1. I had a GD Purple Ice in a driver and felt it was the best shaft I’ve ever used. Great kick at the correct point and consistent ball flight. Tried a GD YS 6 afterward and it was not satisfying. This sounds similar in feel, so I’d be game to try it.

    • Just got the iz 6x , I have played a Mitsubishi blue board 62 stiff in my last 5 drivers. Never really believed a shaft could add a noticeable amount of distance. This one is an easy 10 to 15 yards farther and accurate. I did not get fitted but I borrowed 5 different shafts and just liked the feel of this one. It’s still the player and the swing, but when I swing easy, man it goes. Tp 7 handicap

  2. Tour AD IZ vs DI for Driver and 3 wood? Swing speed is close to yours.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re asking which I would play, I’d choose the DI. If you’re asking for a recommendation for yourself, I would say to go work with a fitter.



  3. What is the loft of your driver you tested with Tour AD IZ?

  4. Hi Matt,
    Why would you choose the DI over the IZ? Feel or just better performance?


    • Matt Saternus


      The two are connected. The feel of the DI is more comfortable for me, so it performs a bit more consistently. Or perhaps more accurately, I perform more consistently with it.



  5. I’m in the process of researching shafts to put into my new 3 wood. How would compare the IZ to the Atmos Red Tour Spec in terms of feel and performance?

  6. James Swantko

    Did you tip the shaft at all? In the past I have been an DI 7x, and 8x tipped more. I’m looking for a little more stability with less work. Would the IZ be a perfect in-between going in the 6tx and 7tx

  7. John Kendall

    I’m playing the AD IZ5 X at 46″ in a Mizuno driver and think it’s the best shaft I’ve hit in a long time. It is very accurate, consistent, long, and great feeling. A real winner!

  8. Im getting fitted for a new driver next week. His previous recommendation for my previous driver was the Tour AD MJ but I will try out the DI this time out. Unfortunately they do not the new IZ available for testing. If the DI is recommended how do I go about choosing between the DI and the IZ as they both have similar characteristics?



    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not trying to be funny or rude, but if the DI is recommended by your fitter, get the DI. Don’t overthink it.



  9. Matt, does this feel and launch similar to the PX Evenflow black? Thanks…Ed

    • Matt Saternus


      In my opinion, the EvenFlow Black has a feel that’s substantially different than the AD IZ. Launch will depend on how the individual mixes with each shaft.



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  11. Any plan on testing Tour AD VR?

  12. Hey Matt, which driver head did you use for this test?

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  15. How did the AD IZ shaft perform in the Ping G400 max

  16. How would you say this compares to the VR? Thanks Matt.

  17. Which of the two shafts you would choose to play in a 2 sim dhy iron (more pentrating flight and low spin) and 4 sim dhy iron (higher flight and more mid spin?)

    • Matt Saternus


      What two shafts am I choosing between?


      • sorry the text was incomplete. I am not able to have a fitting in the country i live and i would like suggestion which shaft you would reccomend between AD DI and AD IZ to play with the SIM DHY #2 and #4 irons. I currently play AD DI 65 grams Stiff regular in the driver and TGI 80 stiff in the irons. Thank you!

  18. Hi Matt,
    I have a tendency to over draw the driver. I’m currently using the GD Tour AD DI 7 Stiff in my Driver.
    Do you think the GD Tour AD IZ 7 Stiff would help straighten out the drives?
    Or would you have a recommendation to try?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s possible, but not a guarantee. I always recommend getting a fitting rather than buy-and-try because you’ll get to see the results before you spend the money.



  19. Landy Rodriguez

    Hello is this the closest to the YS in the Tour AD range? Thank you and stay safe

  20. Hi Matt, looking to pair up a woods shaft to my irons modus 120s – would the IZ be a good match in terms of feel? Cheers

    • Matt Saternus


      That combo might work for you, but I wouldn’t say those two shafts are similar in feel to me.


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