Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft Review

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The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ hybrid shaft is remarkably consistent.  Stable tip provides control while the smooth feel in the upper section keeps you from over swinging.


There are times on the course when you feel completely locked in.  For most of us, those times aren’t typically the tee shot on a long par 3 or a risky approach shot on a par 5.  With their Tour AD IZ hybrid shaft, Graphite Design hopes to change that and get your long game “In the Zone” more often.


The hybrid version of the Tour AD IZ is painted exactly like the wood version.  Its combination of white, black, and orange makes it an uncanny fit for my Jack Skellington hybrid cover.

Aesthetically, I’ve always liked Graphite Design’s shafts.  The branding is toned down, there are no distractions near the club head, but they often use bold colors.  With the AD IZ hybrid shaft, there’s just a splash of orange, so only those in the know will recognize what you’ve got in your bag.


My recollection of the Tour AD IZ wood shaft (review HERE) was that it provided a smooth feel without a major kick.  I found the same thing in the AD IZ hybrid shaft.  The butt and mid section are softer than the tip.  That’s where you’ll feel a controlled energy transfer from your hands down the shaft.

The tip of the AD IZ is rock solid.  Even on mishits, you won’t feel the shaft twist in your hands.  For me, that strong tip section allows me to feel confident that I’m in total control of the shot.

NOTE: There are two different profiles in the Tour AD IZ hybrid shaft.  The 85 and 95 gram versions are stiffer in the tip and softer in the mid and butt.  The 65 and 75 gram versions are stiffer in the tip and mid, softer in the butt.  My comments relate to the 85 gram version that I tested.


As soon as I got the Tour AD IZ hybrid shaft in hand, I loaded it into the new Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119.  I loved the head but the stock shaft wasn’t an ideal fit.  With the Tour AD IZ installed, the CBX 119 hybrid is making a beeline for a spot in my bag.

In my first launch monitor session with the Tour AD IZ hybrid shaft, what jumped out at me was the consistency of the spin numbers.  Despite a limited warm up and no prior testing with the shaft, the spin stayed in a 300 RPM range shot after shot.  The value of that consistency on the course is immense: no ballooning shots, no bullets that run through greens, and no wild shot shapes.

When I looked beyond the spin, I saw the same consistency in launch and distance.  With the same mid launch, mid/low spin, and high ball speed, I was seeing every shot land within a 10 yard window.  For me, that kind of repeatability with a hybrid is a game changer.  What’s more, there were no wild, unpredictable shot shapes.

The Tour AD IZ comes in four weights.  The 65 and 75 gram models are softer and promote mid/high launch with mid/low spin.  These weights are available in R2, R1, and Stiff.  The 85 and 95 gram versions are stiffer, designed for mid launch and low spin.  These weights are offered in Regular, Stiff, and X-Flex.


Because of the many different ways that people use hybrids, not to mention the wide variety of swings, there is no single perfect hybrid shaft.  That said, for me, the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ is as close to perfect as anything I’ve found.  The feel is great, and the consistency is unmatched.

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  1. Fantastic to see this. I got fitted for a drive this winter at club champion and have the AD IZ 6s in my driver so was interested to hear about the hybrid shaft. After your cbx119 review I’ve really wanted to try the 3w and hydrids with the IZ series just don’t have a great way to do it without paying for another fitting so I was happy to see you review the combo. 👍

  2. Hey Matt,

    I currently use a Tour AD XC 6X in my Driver and It works great. I also use Aerotech 115X in my irons. I swing the driver at 105. I am thinking or ordering a PXG 19 degree Gen x2 hybrid with this shaft. I am thinking a 95X shaft might be too much for me. I am wondering if you would recommend the 8X. I am also concerned it might be too light for me. I currently use a Tour AD HY shaft 95S in an 818 titleist hybrid and its good, but thinking the X would give me some more consistency.

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately there’s no way for me to credibly recommend a shaft over the internet. My best advice is to get a fitting where you can test those options.



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