Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 hybrid upgrades the already-outstanding CBX hybrid.  Impressive forgiveness from a players club.  Low spin for huge distance.


The original Tour Edge Exotics CBX hybrid has been in my bag from the moment it arrived.  That’s no mean feat: my 3W/hybrid spot had been a revolving door for a long time prior to the CBX.  When I learned that Tour Edge Exotics was bringing out a replacement, I was excited to see if they could improve on the original spin killer.  Spoiler alert: they did.


At a glance, the CBX 119 hybrid is a clone of the original CBX hybrid, and that’s a good thing.  It’s compact with a clean, gloss black crown.

Closer examination reveals that Tour Edge has made a few tweaks to the CBX 119.  First, the head is shorter from heel to toe.  It also has less offset, and the shape is more symmetrical, less pear-shaped.

Overall, this is a club that better players are going to love to look down at.

Sound & Feel

Where the original CBX has a metallic impact sound, the new CBX 119 goes for an even quieter, lower-pitched, iron-like tone.  This isn’t a sound that most would call “hot” or “explosive” which will make it all the more satisfying when your shot flies forever.  It’s stealth distance.

The feedback on impact location is very precise.  Better players will love the fact that they’re easily able to discern exactly how each shot was struck.  Interestingly, there isn’t much change in the sound except on severe mishits.


The original CBX hybrid became a favorite among Tour players and faster swingers because it’s a spin killer.  The new CBX 119 hybrid drops spin to even lower levels.  Just as with the original, I was seeing spin numbers that are more like a 3W than a normal hybrid.  That means huge distance with a strong ball flight.

Another notable upgrade with the CBX 119 is the higher CT.  TEE made the titanium face slightly taller so that it could flex more and create more ball speed.  I was seeing 1-2 MPH more ball speed on my best swings, which is impressive since the original CBX was already a ball speed monster.

The thing that really surprised me in testing the CBX 119 hybrid is the forgiveness.  The CBX 119 is, in every way, a players hybrid.  It would be understandable if TEE designed this without considering performance on mishits, but they didn’t.  Even my worst, winter-rusty swings retained strong ball speed, low spin, and excellent distance.  While this is a club designed with better payers in mind, mid-handicaps should not be scared of trying it.


Tour Edge Exotics has done something pretty remarkable with the CBX 119 hybrid: they took a great club and made it better in virtually every way.  The spin is lower, the ball speed is higher, and it’s more forgiving.  If, like me, you want a hybrid that goes forever, meet with you fitter to find the right loft and shaft and forget about looking at hybrids for a long time.

Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Matt. Thanks for the review of the CBX 119. I’d assume the improvements are similar with the fairway woods as the hybrids. I have been looking at adding the original CBX 3w to my bag seeing as they have dropped the price significantly with the introduction of the 119. I guess my question is do you think the new gains are great enough that it invalidates the older CBX or would you still say the original CBX fairway and hybrid (sounds like you gamed both) are still worthy investments? Thanks

  2. Hey Matt:
    i brought the old cbx(used) and with same thought as you with 3w/hybrid club.
    I found it to be a great club for myself in this roll.
    I will looking forward to test the new version as soon as the weather breaks in Illinois.
    Thanks for the review.

  3. Hi Matt
    Which shaft did you test the CBX 119 with? In your past review of the Evenflow Blue & Black you preferred the Black in your Driver.

    Is it the same with the CBX119?

    Just curious as I am looking at getting this hybrid and your swing numbers match up pretty close to mine.

    Great review

  4. Wish it was easier to get a hold of one of these to try. Looks great and your review is convincing. TEE website unfortunately does not have a demo program like Bridgestone and no demo days in NJ scheduled.

  5. Rick Talley

    I wonder if you’ll be reviewing the CBX 119 FW soon? Really like the Titleist TS2 3 wood, but have always gotten along well with TEE FW and hybrids (which is currently what I play). Thx!

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, we will have a review of the CBX 119, hopefully in late March or April.



      • Matt when you inevitably upgrade your CBX 3w to the 119 I’d be more then happy to take the old CBX off your hands 😜

        • Matt Saternus


          No need for a 3W when you carry a CBX hybrid! Check the WITB!



          • HAHAHA. Fair enough. I might have to get in touch with my guy at club champion and try these out myself.

          • Awesome review. Long been on the hunt for a strong lofted hybrid to replace my 3 wood and this has me intrigued. If pure distance is my main objective, Are there any other hybrids you’d suggest I test/get fitted for? Thanks!

          • Peter,

            The other one that stands out is the Callaway Super Hybrid.



  6. Matt,
    Great review as always. Did this years tour edge 119 hybrid replace the last years tour edge cbx hybrid? How much yardage did you gain if any?

    • Matt Saternus


      If I can find the right shaft, the 119 will replace the original CBX. Even without as good a shaft fit, the 119 was a few yards longer on my best swings.



  7. Dale Hillman


    Love your reviews but remember us mere mortals. I’m a pretty good player (7) but my driver swing speed is only 95-100. And when you conduct your test on the CBX-119 fairway wood, remember golfers like me. I will say that I owned an old TEE 3 wood and they are completely different than the major brands. They are hot and long. Just hit a friends EX-9 and again I was blown away. Many of us older golfers who still have game are prepared to spend money to pick up the distance that we have lost over the years….but we have to be able to launch it up in the air with less speed than you. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  8. I just got the 16* version of this to replace my unruly 3W. This thing is awesome! It is a rocket!! Great review Matt

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