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Fujikura ATMOS Shaft Review

Fujikura ATMOS_0030

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The Fujikura ATMOS shafts allow you to choose your ball flight – high, medium, or low – while retaining similar smooth feel.


A flighted series of shafts is nothing new – virtually every manufacturer offers high, medium, and low launching options.  Where Fujikura has innovated with the ATMOS is in keeping the handle of each shaft the same to maintain a consistent feel throughout the line.  I tested each of the new ATMOS shafts to see if this is the key to selecting your perfect launch conditions.

Fujikura ATMOS_0039


For the ATMOS series, Fujikura brought back their “Tour Spec white” as the base color of the shaft.  The color of the shaft – red, blue, or black – is displayed in the amoeba-esque graphics near the grip and on the branding.  Overall, ATMOS looks sharp without trying too hard or being distracting.

Fujikura ATMOS_0057


Fujikura delivered on the promise of a consistent feel across the ATMOS line.  While there is a slight difference in the way the tip flexes across the three models, the torque is nearly the same and the butt of each shaft feels similar.  Each of the three shafts produces a solid kick that reminds me a bit of the Fujikura Pro.



If you want the quick and dirty version, here it is: each of the ATMOS shafts does the job they’re designed for.  The Black launches the lowest, the Red launches the highest, and the Blue is in the middle.  If you want to get into the weeds of exactly how each performed for me, here we go.

My expectation heading into this testing was that the ATMOS Blue would be the best for me.  While we all want to think we’re outliers, most of us live in the middle of the bell curve, and I’m no exception.  In most lines of shafts, mid-launch is my jam.  The ATMOS Blue did not disappoint: good swings got great results and mediocre swings weren’t punished too badly.  It didn’t invite me to swing out of my shoes, but it held up well to a hard swing without going wide left.


The ATMOS Red was the shaft that most intrigued me based on the specs.  I was curious to see if Fujikura could deliver a shaft that launched high without feeling noodle-y.  By and large, they did.  Though the ATMOS Red is the softest in the tip section, it’s miles from your typical whippy rain-bringer.  You can see in the data that the launch and spin were higher for me, but not wildly so.  This shows that the ATMOS line is ideal for good players who want to really dial in their numbers.


Despite my expectations, the ATMOS Black ended up being my favorite.  The numbers are very similar to the Blue with spin and launch being slightly lower.  What was more important to me was that it kept my wild swings a little straighter.  Again, I love that the differences between these shafts are small and allow you to get exactly what you want.

The Fujikura ATMOS shafts are available in 60, 70, and 80 gram weights in stiff and X flex.  The ATMOS Black is also available in Tour Stiff and Tour X in the 80 gram version.

Fujikura ATMOS_0027


For the good player seeking to dial in the exact launch conditions and feel that they want, the Fujikura ATMOS shafts are perfect.  The differences in feel are subtle, allowing the golfer to optimize their numbers and get every bit of distance off the tee.  If that sounds appealing to you, book an appointment with your local Fujikura fitter.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Matt what driver loft was used in your test?

  2. What flex were you using?

  3. Matt, thanks for the review. My driver swing speed is 102. I was just fitted by PXG for a new driver and my best results were with the Hazrdus Black in stiff on their prototype 9 degree driver. I purchased a Epic 3 wood today after hitting one for a couple of rounds……loved it……and want to try an Atmos shaft in it. Noticed you liked the X with 105 speed…..should I go for X or do the Stiff?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend a fitting to get a definitive answer. 105 is a little slow for me, and I prefer a little too stiff to a little too soft, so that’s why I went X.



  4. Matt,

    Enjoy your reviews very much, can you compare Atmos to Evo3? Also out of both shafts which produced the better numbers?


    • Matt Saternus


      The ATMOS has a more conventional feel, the EVO3 has a “whip crack” feel like I described in that review. I haven’t tested them head to head, so I can’t say which produces better numbers for me.


  5. Allan Cambell Hogg

    Nice Review!
    How did you find the blue vs hzrdus black and yellow?

    • Matt Saternus


      ATMOS is entirely different from HZRDUS Black or Yellow. Totally different feel.



  6. Scott Jamieson

    I love your shaft reviews, keep up the great work.

  7. Have finally upgraded fairway woods to M4 with R shaft flex. Have been playing Burner FWoods 8+ years old in S flex, no problem. Swing speed 86/90mph. Too flexible?

    • Matt Saternus


      Are the results good? There’s no standard for what speed should swing what flex, so if the results are good, play it.



  8. Can you compare with tour ad tp-6 with atmos black?

  9. Are these the regular atmos shafts? I was looking at the atmos red ts was wondering how it compared to the project x HZRDUS red shaft?

  10. Matt,
    With your knowledge per Fuji Atmos and Graphite Design AD, I have a question for you!
    So my current set up is a Graphite Design Tour AD GP 7TX (untipped) with a Taylormade SLDR tour head at 6.75 loft
    I’m hitting it the best out of any driver set up am able to hit it high when needed. But when I raise the loft to 8 degrees, I overspin. I’m about to put an Atmos Black 6TX into play and hope that I’ll get the same performance or even better (low spin & high launch) so that I can hit a high ball at a higher head loft (8 perhaps) with lower side spin than what I’m probably getting out of the 6.75 loft with a 7TX Graphite Tour AD GP set up.
    Does the Atmos black profile play stouter than a TX mid launch low spin profile of the Tour ad GP (or even Tour AD MT series)?
    I don’t mean to put you on the spot here, but I’ve got no other leads in shafts that dramatically lower spin and perform like the Atmos.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the AD GP, but based on the specs, I would be surprised if the ATMOS Black was substantially lower spin. That said, the way that ATMOS Black works in your hands may be much lower spin than the AD GP. That’s the unpredictable human element.



  11. I currently am gaming a Aldila Rogue Black 60g shaft in a 2016 TM M2 10.5 degree head. I just finished a driver fitting hoping for a better performing combination. My fitter said my 16.5 deg launch angle was too high for my 145 mph ball speed. He had me loft down to 9.5 deg w/ a M4 head and a Tensi CK white shaft. Numbers got better. Which Atmos shaft would compare?

  12. Thomas Crosslin

    Hey matt, gonna get my 25 yr old son a set of m4 irons for xmas but not sure about which shafts to get in them, he hits 5 iron with his old rac irons between 190 and 200 yards with a high flight 7 iron between 160 and 170 so what wud you suggest the standard kuro kage shafts or upgrade to atmos. Thanks Thomas

    • Matt Saternus


      The best thing to do would be to get your son a fitting. I recommend Club Champion or True Spec. There’s no way for me to give a good recommendation without seeing him in person.



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  14. Matt, I read a review you did of the Fubuki ZT a few years ago. I have the shaft in Callaway 815, and was pleased by how well you liked the club and how well it did for you (285 yards) at the time. I hit high drives, but thank God above, have hit some of my best drives the last 2 years, playing very little, with this club. Could you remember the ZT well enough to compare it to the Atmos? Considering getting the Atmos black in a 70 weight, whereas my ZT is a 60, is there much difference in these two shafts? Both seem to be low spin, I tend to have trouble staying in the correct fairway, which is probably me more than the club. Thanks, I always enjoy reading your reviews.

    • Matt Saternus


      Honestly, no, I don’t remember the ZT well enough to give you a good comparison. My standard advice applies: get fit, compare the new to your current, and see if it’s worth a change.



  15. Thanks Matt, I would have liked to have made it to CC while they have their special, but i am not going to get there. Thanks again for the reviews, I do enjoy them.

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  17. Duane Gibbs

    Matt, How do the Tensei Orange and Tour Ad IZ Compare to the Atmos Black? I had the opportunity to test both the Orange and AD IZ, on course. The IZ played stiffer and dispersion was a little tighter which I liked, Orange was surprisingly softer than I expected… if in a launch monitor the orange might have produced a little more ball speed. Either wouldn’t have been a bad choice. X flex in the orange would have played a little more to my liking.

  18. Hi Matt. Probably a dumb question but I’ll ask anyway. I just ordered a TM M4-D 9.5* with regular Atmos Red shaft. Of course, I can lower or increase the loft of the TM by 2*. So, if I find the launch angle and spin rate too high, will lowering the loft reduce spin rates? I would normally use a still flex shaft but as I’ve aged, my swing speed has slowed a bit (probably 95 +/- now). Your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    • Matt Saternus


      All else equal, yes, lowering the loft will decrease the spin. However, lowering the loft will open the face, which may affect your ability to square the face at impact which could actually cause the spin to go up.



  19. Steve Ridling

    I’m having trouble figuring out the difference between the shaft weights, what does the 40, 50, 60, or 70 numbers actually mean? Is it the stiffness of the shaft? Thanks

  20. Doug Chapman

    Matt – What is the difference between the Atmos red 5R and the Atmos red 5R2? I am a senior player currently use a Ping G400 10.5 degree, Alta CB Senior flex 55 gram shaft with very good results. Smooth swing in the 85 mph range. Thanks. Duke of the North

  21. John Basiuk

    The M6 driver and fairway woods come with the Fujikura Atmos Orange. What can this shaft in a regular flex be compared to with the rest of the Atmos line of shafts.

    Thanks John

    • Matt Saternus


      The ATMOS Orange is made just for the M6, it’s not part of the aftermarket line. I haven’t tested it, and I’m not sure where it falls in the ATMOS family.



  22. I am a high handicap golfer what shaft is best for me atmos 6 red 7 red or orange

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for anyone to accurately answer that question without working with you in person. I would strongly recommend getting a fitting.



  23. Hi, I have a swing speed around 90 and was wondering if the Atmos Orange R flex is much different to the Atmos Red R flex. The orange is my M6 driver and the red my M4 fairway wood.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thanks for your question. The ATMOS Orange was made just for TaylorMade’s M Series, and we have not tested it, so we can’t offer a comparison to the Red.



  24. Hey Matt,
    Love the review. How would say the Atmos black compares to the HZRDUS black in terms of stiffness? Would you say that a PX 5.5 is more like a stiff in Fujikura? Or are they comparable 6.0 PX = stiff in Fujikura?

    • Matt Saternus


      In terms of feel, the ATMOS Black feels half a flex softer than the HZRDUS Black, to me.



  25. Archie Parks

    I am looking to buy a used set of Cobra F9 speedback irons. I found a set for a very decent price. However, they come with the Atmos black regular flex shirts. I am a high handicapper who sometimes struggles with getting my irons in the air. I really want to buy these because the price is really good but don’t want to hurt what little game I have.

  26. Comparing atmos ts blue 6x and the 7s numbers are real close except weight 7 weights 9 grams more and has a4 point stiffer tip I swing between 100 and 105. I have the 7s in my 3 wood and like the results which do you feel would be better in a sim max

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for me to say definitively. Do you want a lighter shaft in your driver? What are you playing now?


  27. I bought a set of TM M4s with ATMOS RED 6R flex. I had to buy the 4 iron, A and SW and recovery club individually but they have a 5R flex. I’m a 60 year old 14 handicap golfer. Is the difference between the 6R and 5R material enough to justify the cost of me changing the 5Rs to 6Rs or should I just ignore the difference?

  28. daniel oconnor

    Hi Matt was playing taylormade r11 driver with Fujikura blur 60 regular shaft. Been using for 10 years and just brought a M4 driver with a ATMOS 5 r flex shaft. Is there a big difference between these shafts “? Made fade has turned into a slice . Any insight would be highly appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      Given that you changed both the head and shaft, I can’t draw a hard conclusion about the cause of the slice. You did drop some shaft weight, which may be something your swing isn’t getting along with.



  29. In my opinion, just because a certain shaft performs well in one head does not mean it will in another. The weight of the heads would have to be the same or very close.

    Is this a correct assumption?

  30. I always spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s articles everyday along
    with a mug of coffee.

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