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The Graphite Designs Tour AD TP shaft is a high performance shaft that’s a little more stout than the AD DI.  Great for the big hitter who still wants some feel in the shaft.


It’s often said that it’s not hard to have a hit; the hard part is backing it up with a second hit.  Graphite Designs had one of the most successful shafts of the last few years with their Tour AD DI, but none of their subsequent offerings have created the same buzz.  The Tour AD TP, which has a profile similar to the AD DI, should be the follow up smash that we’ve been waiting for.



Graphite Designs stuck to recipe of low key graphics with the Tour AD TP.  The branding, though slightly bolder than past efforts, is minimal, and the color scheme – black, white, and grey – won’t turn heads.  If you want an all-business look without any distractions, the AD TP is for you.



As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite things that Graphite Designs does is explain the feel of each of their shafts on a chart on their website.  They use a simple scale – Very Stiff to Soft – and rate the butt, mid, and tip of each shaft.

The AD TP is rated as tip stiff with a firm butt and mid.  The butt and mid are both one notch stiffer than the AD DI, and this is a perfect description of how the shaft feels.  Where the AD DI has a pronounced kick, the action in the AD TP is more subtle.



The new technology used in the AD TP is Graphite Designs’s “Fast Taper Technology” or FTT.  This design makes the shaft taper faster through the lower mid section to the tip.  Its purpose is to give the player greater club head control at impact.

For me, the AD TP was a very consistent performer, just like the AD DI.  The stiffer mid and butt sections did translate to some noticeable ball flight differences.  Where the AD DI kicked more and produced more draws, the AD TP was more solid and produced straighter shots.  I felt like I had to work a little more if I wanted to produce a draw, but I could also swing hard without fearing a hook.

The Graphite Designs AD TP is available in 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 grams and flexes ranging from R2 (senior) to X.



If you loved the AD DI but longed for something a little stiffer, your prayers have been answered.  The Graphite Designs AD TP has a similar feel, but with a little extra muscle to stand up to those aggressive swings.

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  1. I have the TP-7 X flex in my Callaway Epic Sub Zero and the TP-8 X flex in my Callaway Sub Zero 3W and they are amazing shafts. Great feel and consistency! I highly recommend them. Also the Callaway Epic line is amazing….

  2. I have the Tour AD TP-6 S Flex in my 2017 TaylorMade M1 driver. I tested a heap of shafts on the launch monitor: Fujikura Pro, Speeder Motore, Kurokage, Hzrdus – the AD TP-6 delivered the best numbers out of them all; in fact they were very similar to yours. It’s a superb shaft. I also have a Graphite Design AD DI-7 S flex in my TM 3-wood; it is similarly superb.

  3. Shehryar Khan

    Hi Matt, thank you for your review. I have been following your website for a long time now, but never got around to posting a comment.

    I am currently gaming a Tour AD DI 6X. I love the shaft, but I feel I may be losing some distance with the stiffer profile. Would you say the TP 6S would be similar to the DI & 6X considering the TP is somewhat stouter? Also, I’d really appreciate if you could do a review of the Oban Kiyoshi Gold. I’m also considering that as a replacement. I am looking for a high launch shaft, as my spin numbers tend to be low with standard drivers (non-LST versions).

    I understand that fitting would be absolutely necessary, but unfortunately, I live in a country that does not have fitting facilities. It is a handicap for us avid golfers here, but it is what it is.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think you’re on the right track in going “down” a flex with the TP vs the DI.
      I would be happy to review the Oban Kiyoshi Gold, but we have not had much success working with Oban. If you can let Oban know through social media that you value our reviews, that tends to help things move forward.



  4. Matt,

    I currently play a 90g tensei ck pro white stiff flex in my titleist 3 hybrid. I am seeking a shaft that will provide better dispersion. I have found that even in the fade setting and fade weighting that there tends to be a draw bias when I attempt to put a stronger swing on the ball. Seeking your advice in respect to a shaft that will help to accomplish this. I have been leaning towards the GD AD-IZ until i read the post about the AD-TP. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      In terms of fitting by numbers, I would suggest that you play the stiffest shaft available, particularly in the tip.
      In reality, I would suggest going to get fit to find out what combination of profile and weight helps you to stop hooking the ball.


  5. Hi Matt,
    Firstly, well done on your website / reviews / feedback, this is a good resource for avid golfers.
    I am in the process of deciding between Ventus and Tour AD shafts for D & FW. Unfortunately where I live I don’t have access to somewhere I can test all shafts but I have read a lot and have a fair idea about what might suit me.
    I currently use a UST Attas 6X driver shaft, probably about 105mph ss. I am leaning toward TourAD TP and VR. Have you had any experience with using TourAD (or Ventus red & blue) in driver and fairway? If so what factors do you consider when choosing which is more suitable for driver and fairway?


    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve tested several Tour AD shafts and the Ventus Blue in a driver. You can find all the reviews on the site.
      I’m not sure how to answer your question outside of suggesting that you get fit. Because I don’t recommend that people buy equipment they haven’t tried, I don’t have criteria for that process. I hope that doesn’t come across as rude or unhelpful, that’s not my intent, I just strongly believe in the value of fitting.



  6. I currently have the 6sDI in my tsi2 3w and love it. unbelievably good feel. I just did a round with the new UB 6s in my epic speed and it just felt a little too tip stiff. Do you find that this TP model might be closer to the feel of the DI I love, with just a shade less kick? Unfortunately I don’t have much in my area to demo so I have to work with what I can get my hands on….and that’s about it.

    • Matt Saternus

      “The AD TP is rated as tip stiff with a firm butt and mid.  The butt and mid are both one notch stiffer than the AD DI, and this is a perfect description of how the shaft feels.  Where the AD DI has a pronounced kick, the action in the AD TP is more subtle.”

  7. In your opinion, would the DI 6TX vs the TP 6X play similar given that the DI would be playing a stiffer profile?

  8. Hi, I’m having DJ 7X on my 3 wood for 10years. Wanting to move to stiff shaft 60 grams. What would you recommend?

    • Matt Saternus


      My recommendation is always to get fit. No one can make a credible recommendation over the internet.



  9. Hi Matt
    I was wondering if the AD 5S would be similar to the Di 6S in stiffness but with less weight
    Let me know what you think

    • Matt Saternus


      That might work, but it’s always a matter of fit. Dropping those 10 grams might mean that this profile doesn’t perform as well for you anymore.



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