Big Max Blade IP Push Cart Review

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Beyond excellent on course performance, the Big Max Blade IP push cart really shines with its folded flatness and ingenious mechanisms.

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When I reviewed the Big Max Autofold FF in 2016, I was impressed with its portability and ease of setup.  In a picture of the new Blade IP, I recognized a lot of familiar features to the Autofold FF.  Upon opening the Blade IP box, I was intrigued at how flat it was folded – and then the magic happened.

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Size & Setup

The Big Max Blade IP comes fully assembled with one shipping clip that pops off the first time the push cart is unfolded.  In a typical man move, I skipped the single instruction page and tried to manipulate the wheels and frame into position.  Quickly realizing there was probably no need to force anything, I took a glance at the simple three step diagram and had the cart ready to roll in 10 seconds.

The magic is in the amazing designs of the wheels.  As you pull out the single front wheel, it pivots automatically into position.  Separating the framework, the two big back wheels spring outward into position.  The final step is raising the handlebar section and flipping the red lever into a locked position.   Firm clicks provide audible feedback that each section is properly in place.

Folding the Blade IP for storage is also simple – just a reversal of the unfolding process.  The only trick is to make sure the frames snap together (listen for the ‘click’).

Along with the amazing engineering of the Big Max Blade IP, its size and weight are impressive.  Being less than 5” thick, it laid easily on top of my golf bag in my trunk for transporting and stood unobtrusively against the wall in my garage for storage.  The outside dimensions of the folded cart are 24” x 35” and there’s a wonderful handle for carrying the sub 15 lb. push cart with.

Storage & Accessories

Up front and center on the Blade IP is the hard shell storage compartment, with spring loaded lid.  Being fully enclosed and protected from the elements, it’s ideal for your keys, wallet and phone.  There’s a clip on the top for a scorecard, but I preferred the flap underneath.

One of my favorite features is the built-in, self-leveling beverage holder.  Also integrated into the top are two tee and ball holders, a magnetic ball marker and a pencil holder.

The Big Max Blade IP came with an umbrella holder that attaches to either of the Quick Fix ports on top.   A host of accessories is available separately for the four Quick Lok points, with the sand tube being one that is a necessity.

On-Course Performance

Attaching my golf bag was straightforward and intuitive.  Both the top and bottom brackets articulate to cradle the golf bag.  I love the large, easy to grasp Big Max tabs that make stretching the bag-securing cords a piece of cake.  And it was simple to adjust the cord lengths to accommodate either my PIG Vessel Lux Cart 2.0 bag or Ping Hoofer Lite bag.

Pushing the Blade IP around the course was a breeze.  The cart felt stable, rolled easily, and maneuvered effortlessly.  For flexibility, I liked having a foot brake at each wheel.  A toe tap sets the brake, a lift up releases it.


The Big Max Blade IP is wonderful to use out on the golf course, but it’s the folded position I’ve really come to love.  I never have an issue finding space for it in the trunk, and I marvel at the design of the folding/unfolding mechanisms.  I can see why Big Max is the number one trolley company in Europe, and the Blade IP is sure to gain a lot of users stateside.

I’ll leave you with two tips:

  1. Watch the 1 minute video on the Big Max Blade IP page.  It provides an instant understanding of the fold/unfold process
  2. Have a towel ready to wipe off the wheels before loading back into your trunk.
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  1. Dear Matt,
    I have this very trolley for 2 years. In general, I am happy with it, all what you write is true. Apparently, i am less talented than you, so it took me couple of weeks to learn as to strap my standard Titleist carry bag, so that it does not move during the round or the bag-securing cords do not open. But now I am fine.
    However there is ONE VERY ANNOYING thing about this push trolley. That hard shell storage compartment should be maybe 1/2 – 1 inch longer. Simply most scorecard from my area do not fit there and I need to bend them somehow, which makes me angry each time. Are the scorecards in USA smaller than in Europe? Also larger phones might have an issue. If you have any link to producer, tell him to make this compartment bigger in next model!!!!!
    Everything else is great about the trolley and I love the extra bag for this trolley which I recommend to everyone . It is much more neat for transporate and storage to have it in the bag.

  2. Where to purchase?

  3. Seem to tip backwards easily, is there a way to adjust or re situate the bag

    • Matt Meeker

      I never encountered any tipping problems. Other than making sure you have the cart fully open and the bag properly located at the base, I don’t have any great suggestions. I’m all for minimalism, but you do need a little weight in the bag so it’s not top heavy.

      – Meeks

  4. I’m having trouble understanding The Allen wrench that was provided to adjust the front wheel. Mine does not fold flat it just stays in the static Front position. I’ve done countless Internet searches to see what and how you’re supposed to adjust. I see where the wrench fits near the front wheel but I can’t figure out what It does. Any feedback would be much appreciated. I’m sure it’s something small and stupid that I’m overlooking but please help.

    • Matt Meeker

      The allen wrench is for adjusting wheel alignment if it’s not tracking straight. I’ve never had to adjust mine, but I don’t beleive it would have any impact on folding flat. Must be something else Andrew. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Big Max has great customer service – maybe drop them a note.

      – Meeks

  5. Tim Thomas

    I agree it’s a great trolley.
    – How does the bottom bracket work? I can’t get the tues to wrap round the bottom of the bag
    – how do you remove the Quick Lock fillers? Do they screw out? I have tried with my hands and can’t do it.
    Many thanks

    • Matt Meeker

      I’m not sure I understand your questions Tim. The hook on the tubes is adjustable for the length needed to go around the bag. What are you referring to on the “fillers”. If it’s related to the shipping clips I describe, all I can say is the instructions were simple – and it’s been 2 years since I unpacked it.

      – Meeks

  6. My son has asked for a pull golf cart. Would this work for him?

    • You don’t state how old or tall your son is Mary Ann, but as long as he’s using a ‘normal’ size bag or close to it, any pull cart should work.

      – Meeks

  7. Dirk De Wachter

    Still not clear how to adjust front wheel outlining. Mine tracks to the left.. Anyone?

  8. Does anyone know the max height of the handle when it’s unfolded???

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