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Big Max Blade Trio Push Cart Review

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The Big Max Blade Trio push cart is a foldable, functional push cart.  Room to add accessories, easy to maneuver.


Despite the name, the Big Max Blade Trio is not an overly large push cart.  In fact, somewhat ironically, its ability to fold up and minimize its storage footprint is probably its most impressive quality.  The “Trio” part of the name is easy to understand, given its three wheels.  Find out more about this push cart and how it performs on-course in this review.

Size & Set Up

The Big Max Blade Trio push cart is designed to fold into a compact, narrow shape for easy storage and travel.  The two back wheels also can be easily removed by pressing a button.  Its size and shape when folded up makes it very easy to carry as well.

Unfolding it is a simple process that uses two plastic levers to release and unfold the cart.  Folding it back up wasn’t quite as intuitive for me but was simple to repeat once I figured it out.  Once the top portion is folded down, you need to pull up from the bottom instead of pushing down from the top.  It clicks together nicely to confirm it’s closed.

Storage & Accessories

Let’s start with what’s there. You have a mesh storage bin with a large flip-top lid.  This storage area can also be accessed from the back without needing to open the lid.  There isn’t much in the way of organization, just toss your items in.  This worked fine for me. There’s also a plastic pencil holder that came loaded with a Big Max pencil.

Other accessories can be purchased from Big Max.  This includes cup holders, GPS/smart phone holders, and umbrella holders.  Personally, I was a bit disappointed to find this to be the case, specifically with the cup holder.  It looks like these accessories have pretty good functionality with how they attach to the cart.

On-Course Performance

I’ve been able to play some winter golf in Minnesota, so the Big Max Blade Trio was my companion for a round of February golf on a course with no shortage of elevation change.  Never mind the fact that I was running late for a shotgun start and had to run 500 yards to make it to my starting tee box.  The Big Max Blade Trio performed well right out of the trunk.

Under normal walking conditions, the Big Max Blade Trio is easy to push and doesn’t list one way or another.  As with all push carts I’ve used, you do need to be cognizant of parking it on severe slopes.  Gravity is still a thing, and it will take your clubs down if you don’t pay it the respect it deserves.  I’m convinced that three wheels is the only way to go when it comes to push cart configurations.

I’ve grown used to having a handbrake on my push cart over the years so having the brake located near the back right wheel took some adjustment that I never quite warmed up to.  You also need to be aware that when you engage the brake the wheels still move forward a fraction of a revolution before locking, so your push cart won’t necessarily stop on that exact spot.

In terms of weight, the Blade Trio finds a nice balance.  Obviously you don’t want a push cart to be too heavy, but there’s also a point at which it would become too light to really be functional.  It also comes in a number of other color combinations, including white, black, pink/white, and black/red.


The Big Max Blade Trio push cart is a solid three-wheeled push cart that folds up into a compact and easily transportable shape.  It feels well-made and has a lot of options for customization, but you’ll have to buy the accessories you want separately.  If you’re in the market for a new push cart, the Big Max Blade Trio is definitely worthy of consideration.

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