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If walking is your primary mode of transportation on the golf course, the PING Hoofer Lite makes the journey as comfortable and simple as possible.  4-way top, 7 large pockets and numerous special features.


The Hoofer Lite completes the PIG review of PING’s 2018 walking golf bags.  In the Hoofer family, Matt gave you his take on the standard Hoofer as well as the Hoofer 14.  And for ultra-lightweight efficiency, it doesn’t get any better than the Moonlite.  As you may have surmised from the name, the PING Hoofer Lite is a trimmed down version of the standard Hoofer – let’s take a look at what makes it so.


PING did a nice job at keeping this group of walking bags looking like a family, while giving each a bit of individuality.  The color combinations offer style without a lot of flash.  The graphic lines on the side pocket give the Hoofer Lite a modern edge.  Branding is a reasonable size, but there isn’t any doubt that it’s a PING bag.  What Matt stated is true – “While the overall look is extremely clean, PING didn’t pass up the opportunity to throw in stylish details like the “Hoofer” branding on the legs.”

The 2018 Hoofer Lite is available in six colorways:  black, graphite/black/canyon copper, white/red/black, blue/black (shown here), navy/graphite/white and navy/silver/mint.


The PING Hoofer Lite is designed for the true carry enthusiast who needs just the essential gear.  Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or on many of the great features of the standard Hoofer.  There’s no cart strap pass thru or integrated rain hood, but the seven pockets are ample.  In fact, going from 12 to 7 pockets only reduces the total capacity from 22 liters to 20.

One of Matt’s favorite features of the Hoofer is still in play with the Lite model.  “The…standout feature is the way that the straps are connected to the bag.  There are two clips  that allow you to carry the bag in a variety of different ways.  If you’ve ever carried a bag with backpack straps, you know that trying to use only one strap can be awkward.  With the new Hoofer, just pop one of the clips and the bag balances naturally for a single-shoulder carry.”

A couple of smaller features deserve a shout out:  the key hook, the long integrated umbrella sleeve, and the gription material on the marker slot.  All brilliant – great attention to details.


Features are great selling points, but a good walking bag has to have two things: comfortable straps and solid functioning legs.  The PING Hoofer Lite is outstanding on both points.  The straps have ample padding and the ergonomic design makes the bag easy to slip on and off.

As for the legs, again I share Matt’s sentiments:  “One of my favorite things about using the Hoofer on the course is the base.  Rather than having a little plastic foot that activates the legs, the entire base shifts.  There are two big things to like about this.  First, you don’t have to worry about it breaking (a fate which has rendered many stand bags useless).  Additionally, it creates a more solid position, so it won’t tip over when the wind (or a rampaging child) hits it.”

One of the other places the Hoofer Lite sheds some weight (it’s about a pound less than the standard Hoofer) is in the 4-way top, but the PING designers once again made sure functionality wasn’t compromised.  What I really came to appreciate was that the two middle sections were full length, completely separated compartments.  14 clubs were no issue, both in terms of loading and during normal play.  Sure, there’s the occasional moment of frustration when the hybrid doesn’t seem to want to play nicely with the irons, but that’s absolutely normal in any bag that doesn’t have a 14-way top.


The PING Hoofer Lite is a well executed carry bag that’s comfortable to carry and super functional.  With three great options in the 2018 Hoofer series, the key is to evaluate your actual needs.  If minimizing weight for walking is your target, the Hoofer Lite will be hard to beat.

Matt Meeker


  1. Thanks for the review. The Hoofer Lite is one of the best buys I’ve made this year. Love the bag for three of the reasons you mentioned, comfort, stand function, and the full length compartments.
    Great bag! #SecretGiveaway

  2. I think the review overstates any issue with the Sun Mountain stand bags (although SM is not mentioned by name) – I’ve had several SM bags over 15 yrs – changed when I wanted, the bag kept on going although frayed or sun faded. Only one time did a stand lose a screw and SM sent the piece.

    Odd that no one, not even Ping, mentions the total weight of the bag as SM does – what’s to hide?

    Club Sticking – I’ve owned a Hoofer – the collapsisble bottom does stick and not having a full divider? The legs did not always splay out as precisely as other bags – both are Inexcusable.

    I’ve heard the new Hoofer line, though, is very comfortable for carry with great straps – but I guess it’s choose your poison – sticking clubs or a stand that’s more inconvenient on a cart. Nevertheless, the bag is worth the effort to hit the store, fill it with clubs and see the good and not so good. Wish someone would make the perfect bag.

  3. I have owned nothing but ping bags in my lifetime. Every time I need to bite the bullet and replace an old bag I explore all the new offerings. EVERY single time I come back to a ping bag. Specifically Hoofers. They have gotten every aspect covered and somehow still come out with pretty drastic improvements. Simply the best, you will not be disappointed.

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