PING Moonlite Golf Bag Review

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With its trimmed down size and weight, the 2018 PING Moonlite golf bag is full of high quality materials and well thought out features that make it perfect for walking.


After a great event with our friends from Seamus Golf at the historic Winter Park Golf Course, I realized sometimes simpler is better.  The course is short enough that you could carry a fully loaded staff bag, but why?  This event was about a stroll with friends and a cold beverage – not having the full arsenal of clubs and accessories for scoring potential.  For these special times, the PING Moonlite is perfect.


The Moonlite is the lightest, slimmest bag PING offers.  Often referred to as a Sunday bag, the Moonlite is stripped down for ultra-lightweight efficiency.  The variety of materials and graphic lines on the side pocket give the bag a modern edge.  The red webbing and top give this navy/white/red colorway a lot of pizazz.

The 2018 Moonlite is available in three other colorways:  black, blue, and red.


For me, the coolest single feature of the Moonlite is the standup strap.  Set the bag down and the main strap is poised for you to grab it and be on the go again.  It’s adjustable so you can set the ‘up-ness’ as you desire.  While we’re on the straps, the ability to easily remove the second strap is awesome.

Another great feature is the water resistant belly.  No need to worry about wet ground.  Same goes for the valuables pocket towards the top, which is big enough for most cell phones.  And if you’re expecting rain, Ping even included umbrella loops.


I tested PING’s claim that the Moonlite can hold 14 clubs, and although it’s true, it would be challenging to play golf at that capacity.  The two-way top functions more adeptly with around seven clubs.  There is a full length divider that makes pulling clubs a breeze, but it’s not sewn to the side of the bag, so there can be some commingling amongst grips.

The dual straps were a bit challenging to use in backpack mode.  I got better with repetition, but I had to think my way through it each time.  As with every carry bag I’ve used, it sets up with the club heads being on your right side.  From there I used the honeycomb fabric edge as my guide for getting the second strap oriented on my left shoulder.  As I suspected from the start, single strap mode was just fine for me.

Both straps provided plenty of padding and were easy to adjust.  Popping off the second strap couldn’t have been easier.   Picking the bag off the ground with the standup strap feature barely required slowing down, and it transitioned to my shoulder without thought.  My sole complaint would be that the Moonlite is designed to function on the right shoulder.  Not to say you can’t put it on the left, but be aware that the valuables pocket will rest on your hip.

I found the mesh pocket on the outside of the bag perfect for a large water bottle, not only in size, but in accessibility while walking.  Tip of the hat to the designer who made the fabric longer at the bottom so that the bottle top doesn’t come in contact with the ground when you lay the bag down.

The zippered side pocket was an ample size for a light jacket and a range finder.  Plus there’s an internal mesh pocket that I found great for keeping balls and tees.  When it was time to load the Moonlite bag back into the car, the wide main handle and loop at the base made the task simple.


There are times when grabbing a few clubs just makes sense.  Maybe it’s a par 3 course or a few quick holes before dinner or that magical chance to take the kids out and show them how fun the game is.  Whatever the occasion, the ultra-lightweight 2018 PING Moonlite is not only designed to keep things simple, it’s simply well designed.

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  1. Pico Frances

    Can I use this golf bag Ping Moonlite in a golf cart?

    • Matt Meeker

      Sure. It won’t stand up by itself, but you can run the cart strap such that it would work.

      – Meeks

  2. does it have a spine inside or its soft overall ?

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