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Big Max Autofold FF Push Cart Review

Big Max Autofold FF - 14

50 Words or Less

The Big Max Autofold FF push cart is built solid and folds up flat, making walking the course a breeze and storage simple.

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Golf Digest named the Big Max Autofold FF as the best push cart for 2016, and I find no reason to disagree.  Also known as a trolley in other parts of the world, the Big Max brand has an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation to support a strong portfolio of great push carts, as showcased previously in Bill’s Big Max IQ+ review.

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Size & Setup

Assembly of the Big Max Autofold FF couldn’t be simpler – snap on the two wheels.  That’s it.  In the folded position, the unit has a slim “flat” profile – great for taking up minimal floor space in the garage or in a closet.  Unfolding takes two steps.  First, release one hook (above left) and spread the frame which automatically flips the three wheels into position.  Second, release the blue handle (above right) and raise the handlebar section to your desired height and lock in place.

The bungie cord design for holding the bag to the cart really impressed me with the looped ends and tabs for keeping your fingers out of the pinch points.

Big Max Autofold FF - 19

Storage & Accessories

The organizer panel has a hinged plastic cover with scorecard clip that secures the contents with strong magnets when shut.  Inside is a roomy fabric compartment with mesh sides for whatever you want to keep handy.  Like the dash when using a golf cart, I ended up with my range finder, phone, and an apple in the compartment.

The Big Max Autofold FF came with an umbrella holder that attaches to either of the Quickfix ports on top, and a beverage holder that attaches to either of the Quick Lok side locations.  Also available separately for the Quick Lok are a range finder case, glove caddy, and sand tube.  It may be a pain when walking, but be responsible and courteous and fill your divots.

Big Max Autofold FF - 5

On-Course Performance

Starting from my trunk, I was ready to roll in less than two minutes.  I spent more time picking a hat and cleaning my sunglasses than it took to unfold and attach my bag.  Whether on pavement, down the fairway, or in the rough, the Big Max Autofold FF rolled smoothly with very little effort.  The cart is well balanced and tilting the front wheel off the ground for turns was easily controllable.  The entire cart feels stable, solid, and durable.  The foot brake is simple to operate, and I like that it doesn’t have the wires associated with a hand brake.  Tip:  have a towel ready to wipe off the wheels before loading back into your trunk.

Big Max Autofold FF - 15


Years ago I had a cheap pull cart that would inevitably tip over and ended up being more hassle than it was worth.  Today’s push carts make walking enjoyable and there are ample reasons why Big Max is the number one trolley company in Europe.  With its solid construction, ease of use, and folded flatness, the Autofold FF should be on the short list of anyone looking for a new push cart.

Buy the Big Max Autofold HERE

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