Big Max IQ Plus Push Cart Review

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The Big Max IQ+ push cart is a sturdy and compact three wheel cart that makes walking the course easy.  Plenty of accessory options.

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There seems to be an ongoing race to see who make the most compact, sturdy, functional, lightest, and most accessorized push cart in the golf industry.  Push cart brand Big Max is certainly making a strong go at the title with their IQ+ push trolley.  Our review will tell you whether or not you should consider the Big Max IQ+ for your next push cart upgrade.

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Size & Setup

True to its claim, the Big Max IQ+ is a compact size when folded up.  It’s also fairly compact when unfolded, making it easy to handle as you walk along the course.  When folded up, the IQ+ is small enough to fit comfortably into a standard trunk with a set of golf clubs and you may even be able to fit it into your locker depending on the size of your club’s lockers.

Setup wasn’t all that bad.  Matt and I unboxed the IQ+ at the course, and some assembly was definitely required, but we had the whole cart assembled in all of five minutes.  I would rate the instructions that came with the cart as average.  The only place where we really needed to consult the book was folding the cart back up.  Though a simple procedure, it’s not all that intuitive to fold the IQ+.  All you have to do is push the green button in the middle of the cart and push the handle in.  This easily collapses the entire cart into its nice and compact shape.

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Storage & Accessories

The storage on the Big Max IQ+ is fairly generous.  It’s nice because it’s a soft mesh bag with a little bit of give to it so it can stretch and shape a bit depending on your required contents.  I was able to comfortably fit anything I needed in the storage compartment from a couple of sleeves of balls, a drink, phone, range finder, small child, golf tees, etc…  The console has the standard scorecard clip that works fine and the IQ+ comes stock with an umbrella holder that can be attached to one of two Quickfix connectors.  There are also two Quick Lock connectors on the side for additional accessories which can found on Big Max’s website.

(No children were harmed during this storage testing.)

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On-Course Performance

The Big Max IQ+ push cart does a good of supporting the golf bag with it dual strap system and moving support arms that allow the cart to fit a wider range of bag sizes.  Controlling the IQ+ was easy across all different terrain and it never felt like I was fighting it up hills or through the woods…I mean, first cut of rough.  The parking brake does its job and is easy to engage to make sure your precious clubs don’t go for the dreaded “ghost ride.”  All in all, the IQ+ performs well on the course and does its job of making an 18 hole walk easier on your body.

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I am the furthest thing from a push cart snob.  In fact, I rarely use them at all.  The Big Max IQ+ push cart was actually convincing enough for me to think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I used this cart more often, and that maybe I should walk my rounds a little more often as well.  The IQ+ is lightweight, and easy to setup and collapse so there is virtually no hassle which makes half my battle of whether or not to use a push cart disappear immediately.  While there are plenty of adequate push carts options out there in this day and age, I think the Big Max IQ+ has a solid blend of all the desired characteristics in cart and should definitely be in the conversation for you next purchase.

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  1. john d recchiuti

    My golf bag keeps slipping below the top adjustable bag bracket and the bag’s stand legs flip open. How can I lower the top adjustable Bag Brackets so that my Golf bag stays up in the bracket so that the bag stand legs don’t fly open when the olf bag is on the push cart.?

    John R

    • Matt Meeker

      Sorry John, I haven’t used that cart for quite a while – opted to carrying a half set when Covid broke. Hopefully someone else might read your question and be able to assist. I will say that every stand bag I have owned has a strap of some sort that secures the legs in the closed position.

      – Meeks

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