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The Titleist TSR1 driver is designed for golfers with moderate swing speed.  This lightweight driver delivers strong ball speeds and impressive consistency.  Wonderful sound and looks.


When Titleist released their new TSR drivers last fall, the TSR1 wasn’t included.  Reading Matt’s review of the TSR2 [you can find it HERE], I was very intrigued with the new technology.  As he covered the more tour-centric TSR3 [LINK] and then the low spin TSR4 [LINK], I kept up hope that Titleist had one more up its sleeve.  And sure enough, the New Year ushered in the Titleist TSR1 driver.

Since the launch of the original TS – Titleist Speed – collection, the “1” version has been intended for golfers with moderate swing speeds.  Often nebulous, Titleist defines “moderate” as less than 90 mph.  And if you, like me, fall into that category, know we’re not alone – it encompasses a third of all golfers.

titleist tsr1 driver address


Stunningly simple.  And I mean that 100% positively.  A high golf IQ friend next to me on the range actually thought I had a blacked-out prototype.  Branding is limited to a small script Titleist on the toe and modest TSR1 at the heel.

At address the TSR1 driver has a wonderful round shape with the slightest of toe-centricity.  The gloss black crown’s only accent is a simple “TSR” that serves as the sweet spot alignment aid.  The flat edge where the face meets the crown is super helpful in squaring up my stance.

The face of the Titleist TSR1 driver is nearly identical to the previous version TSi1 – sans the “ATI”.  The micro-diamond patterned contact zone is inviting, stretching the full height of the face.  The stretched diamonds and horizontal lines of the heel and toe sectors add to the visual interest.

In the bag, the sole of the TSR1 is as sleek and clean as any driver in my memory bank.  A matte black segment punctuated by a silver sliver offers a bit of artistry to the subtle contours of the sole.  It would be easy to miss the weight port Titleist located in the trailing edge if it wasn’t for the color pop of the red circle.

titleist tsr1 driver face

Sound & Feel

I remember the first time I heard the TSR2 driver in person and being amazed at how quiet it was.  The Titleist TSR1 driver shares that attribute.  The muted “thwap” is mid-tone with mid-resonance.  The sound is very consistent.  With his back to me, that friend I mentioned earlier thought I was puring every drive, even while I was toying with tee height.

Feedback to my hands was limited to fairly significant mishits.  Contact anywhere in the middle section of the face felt solid and stable.  For me, the positive feel – even when impact position isn’t perfect – is good for maintaining confidence on the tee box throughout a round.

Get longer from the fairway with the Titleist TSR1 hybrid HERE


The first thing I noticed with the Titleist TSR1 driver was how light it felt.  Not only in a static hovering position but throughout the swing.  Overall, the club is around 40 grams lighter than the stock TSR2.  That weight reduction is achieved via every component: head, shaft, and grip.  The lightweight design is a primary feature of the TSR1, and one that certainly resonated with me.

As I began testing, my swing speed was actually lower than typical by a couple MPH, which was puzzling.  Realizing I was swinging tentatively, I switched to an aggressive mindset and saw the true potential of the driver.  Instantly I was up a few MPH with good carry and strong rollout.  The only data point that wasn’t optimal was spin, which was a bit low.

To be clear, when I say aggressive, I’m not talking about trying to murder the ball, but merely cranking up swing speed.  I attribute much of that crankability to the stock MMT Speedmesh shaft.   MMT, Metal Mesh Technology, enhances stability in the tip section – a much needed element for ultra-lightweight shafts.  To boost another factor of the speed equation, Titleist designers also improved aerodynamics from the TSi1 driver [full review HERE].

To efficiently transform swing speed into ball speed, Titleist utilized a new “multi-plateau” aerospace grade titanium face.   Starting with the strike plane of the face, layers are strategically added inward creating a “variable face thickness” that optimizes ball speed across the face.  What that equates to for golfers is forgiveness – easily seen in my launch monitor data.

The TSR1 driver incorporates Titleist’s highly regarded SureFit Hosel which features 16 loft and lie settings.  Additional performance tuning is available via the weight port at the rear of the head.  The stock 9 gram weight has been strategically positioned, deep and face centered, to promote a high launch.

titleist tsr1 driver


Overall, the TSR1 driver has a clean, contemporary look with very appealing shaping.  The lightweight design seems perfectly aligned with the target golfer, and the substantial forgiveness is an attribute all golfers can appreciate.  The TSR1 may have joined the family a bit late, but it certainly completes the outstanding portfolio of Titleist drivers.

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Titleist TSR1 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Dave Sampson

    Congrats on the 500th newsletter of Plugged In Golf! Appreciate your reviews! Nice six yards you picked up with TSR1 compared to TSi1.

  2. Tee Lassar

    I was fitted for and preordered a TSR1 driver a month ago and have been using it for 2 weeks–no question this club has delivered ! Added 4 mph to my original 84 mph clubbed speed, 5-7 yards, 14-16 degree launch with 2200- 2400 spin, improved dispersion, great sound and looks. Similar terrific results with the more “wood-like” shape and lighter weight of the TSR 1 hybrids. Thanks Titleist !!!

  3. Spencer Lauer

    Great review. Just curious:
    1. What shaft flex did you test?
    2. What loft did you test?

  4. I have the Titleist TSi1 driver just about 2 years old from purchasing it new, are there any noticeable improvements on results with the new TSR1 vs TSi1? I also recently purchased TaylorMade Stealth HD and it seems to have worked to help limit fade/slices.
    Your input and opinion is greatly appreciated.
    Congratulations on #500 newsletter! WOW!

    • Matt Meeker

      Generally speaking, across brands, performance improvements are nominal between consecutive models. The TSR will be a bit more forgiving, but it likely won’t give you a “wow” moment. Sounds like the TM was notable – enjoy!

      – Meeks

  5. Thanks for the review Matt! I’m hitting the Stealth 2 HD and it feels a bit “dead” off the tee.
    Any thoughts/comparisons between the TSR1 and Stealth 2? I’m feeling ready for a change after hitting the Sim2 and the Stealth2 .
    Swing speed is 90 give or take.

    • Matt Meeker

      I haven’t hit the Stealth 2 HD, but really like the feel of the standard model. My advice would be to hit anything you are considering to make sure performance and feel are best for you. TSR and Stealth 2 lines are solid choices.

      – Meeks

      • Would the TSRI be a better fit for a 79year old with a slower swing speed than the ping G425MAX that I presently have?

        • Matt Meeker

          “Better” is subjective, and there’s no way to determine which will perform better for you except by trying them both head to head.

          – Meeks

  6. Hi, does the head feel heavy on this one? I’ve tried a few drivers with reg shafts and found the head to feel really heavy which i dont like. Thanks

    • Matt Meeker

      Anytime you have a lightweight shaft like the TSR1 driver has, the head is going to feel a little heavy. That said, I didn’t find it that noticeable. Titleist did a nice job of balancing the feel of the club. Find one and report back on how it feels to you Paul.

      – Meeks


    I have a 74 yrs old friend who bought a TSI senior flex (R2) high kick used driver three weeks back and he as gained in excess of 10/15 yds. I am considering a similar (new) purchase and would like your opinion on which way to go in shafts (R3 -R 2 or regular. I’m currently a 12 handicap with a swing speed of approx 85 MPH. TKS ahead of time.

    • Matt Meeker

      Only way to know which shaft is best for you is to hit them John. Anyone who tells you otherwise without seeing you swing is just taking a guess. And at the price of a new driver, guessing doesn’t seem prudent.

      – Meeks

  8. Hi Matt,
    I am getting fitted for a new driver soon. TSR2 is high on the list but also very interested in TSR1 since my swing speed is 85-90. Did you find the TSR1 just as forgiving as the TSR2? 18 hcp. Also, have you tried the Paradym STAR?


    • Matt Saternus conducted the TSR2 review. I have taken a few hits with a TSR2 and found it almost as forgiving as the TSR1. I have not tried the STAR. Regardless of our results, go with the data from your fitting.


      – Meeks

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