Titleist TSR2 Driver Review

titleist tsr2 driver

50 Words or Less

The Titleist TSR2 driver has tremendous forgiveness.  Beautiful looks, quiet impact sound.  Don’t be intimidated by the Titleist name – this driver can be played by anyone.


Before it was officially announced to the public, the new Titleist TSR2 driver already had loads of Tour validation.  Used to great effect by Titleist’s Tour Staff, the TSR2 is the most forgiving driver in the line.  As someone who prizes forgiveness off the tee above all else, I was eager to see if the TSR2 driver could unseat my current gamer.

Find beauty and brawn in the Titleist TSR2 fairway wood HERE

titleist tsr2 driver address


It will come as a surprise to no one that Titleist crafted a beauty in the TSR2 driver.  The address look is, to my eye, more appealing than the TSi2 [review HERE].  It’s still fairly long from front to back, but it’s nearly symmetrical where its predecessor was weighted toward the heel.  The gloss black crown is totally clean save for the tiny “TSR” alignment aid.

In the bag, the TSR2 may be the sleekest driver on the planet.  Two shades of black – matte and gloss – join a sliver of silver down the middle.  The branding is on the extreme heel and toe, leaving the sole totally clean.

Finally, I’ll add that Titleist made the face of the TSR2 driver mesmerizing.  The center section of the face is made up of dozens of tiny diamonds.

titleist tsr2 driver face

Sound & Feel

The Titleist TSR2 driver combines its understated looks with one of the quietest impact sounds of any current driver.  It is slightly higher pitched, but it’s so quiet that it doesn’t really register that way.  The TSR2 had me laughing at the disconnect between this quiet sound and the way the club absolutely launches the golf ball.

Just as the TSR2 leaves a light impact on your ears, the ball feels incredibly light off the club face.  It’s distinct from drivers that feel fast off the face.  With this club, it’s almost as if the ball is tiptoeing, afraid to leave a footprint.  Despite this, there’s excellent feedback on strike location through the hands.

Need lighter weight?  Try the Titleist TSR1 driver HERE


For several generations, Titleist has been making golf clubs that offer a lot of forgiveness.  In spite of that, they’ve retained the image of being the players brand, which likely intimidates some mid and high handicap golfers.  With that in mind, I want to say immediately that the Titleist TSR2 driver is for everyone.  Titleist has done an amazing job with forgiveness and consistency, and it should be in the mix for almost every golfer.

When I went for my TSR fitting, I was already leaning toward the TSR2.  Forgiveness is my #1 priority off the tee, and the TSR2 showed that in spades.  My swing was not in great shape, but it produced good ball speed along with consistent launch and spin.  When I got my TSR2 driver in hand – and my swing in better shape – the results were stunning.  Over a series of a dozen shots, the ball speed fluctuated just one MPH.  That’s a level of consistency I haven’t seen in a long time.

Much of that ball speed consistency comes from Titleist’s new face construction.  Called “multi-plateau variable face thickness,” the design creates “nearly constant CT” across the entire face.  That translates to off-center hits getting the same ball speed as pure strikes.  Titleist uses the same face technology in the sub-460cc TSR4 driver [review HERE].

Another important change to the TSR2 driver is a new CG placement.  Per Titleist, it’s lower and more forward than previous generations which increases ball speed and improves launch conditions.  The TSR2 does not have movable weights like the TSR3, but there is a weight at the rear of the head.  Fitters like Club Champion will have access to different weights to fine tune swing weight and performance.

Finally, one thing that has not changed is the SureFit Hosel.  It hasn’t changed because there’s no reason to change it.  While the system is not intuitive, it gives players more choices – 16 – than any other hosel.  As someone who is currently fighting a pull, I love the ability to make a small change to get my ball flight back on track.

Want more adjustability?  Check out the Titleist TSR3 driver HERE

titleist tsr2 driver


It’s unusual to find a driver that’s a regular on Tour and is suited to the everyman golfer, but it’s true of the Titleist TSR2.  This is a high performance club that’s also tremendously forgiving.  If you get it dialed in with the right shaft and loft, you’ll walk to the tee with added confidence.

Visit Titleist HERE

Titleist TSR2 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Looks fantastic, but $600!!! They are proving themselves out of the average Joe’s reach until used clubs are available in a year or so, in my humble opinion…

    • Agree! I buy drivers like I buy my cars. Used. A year or two old with low mileage. Let the vain person take the depreciation hit.

    • It seems every year the prices go up $50 for TaylorMade/Titleist drivers. $600 is borderline crazy. And waiting a year to grab one for $529 (or so) isn’t much more exciting. Stinks.

  2. So, did it kick the gamer out of the bag?

  3. Matt, you are a Ping driver guy. Are you considering putting this one in your bag?

  4. Hi Matt
    Does this all translate to a senior player with 130 ball speed?
    Great review!

  5. Great review!! I have never really got along with Titeist drivers, but I really want to try this one out.

  6. Lawrence Williams

    Spot on review Matt …….get the right shaft profile and loft …..off you go hitting fairways with consistency!!! I’m in 10 loft with tensei 55R blue btw

  7. Sorry to tell you but Cam Smith was testing the TSr2 on the range at The Open but he ended up gaming the TSr3 the whole tournament. So no major for this head yet.

    • Wow, Really? Carry on Hedgehog…

      • I did carry on, Matt fixed the text like a good editor does when they find out they made an error.

        It’s a easy error to make, as GolfWRX also had his WITB for the Open win wrong, proof was in the broadcast and the press images.

  8. Great review, Matt.

    So… is it in the bag?

  9. I go a bit above and below 107 as well. A friend traded me a TSi2 this year with a HZRDUS RDX black X flex (6.5) and it was a revelation. Had always used Stiff. In this TSR head, are you using the same types of shaft and stiffness? Since it’s more forgiving, did you try something with more kick?

  10. Ernie Gutierrez

    What are your thoughts as to Replacing my TSi3 for this driver. Is there a big difference in distance and forgiveness?

  11. How does the TSR2 compare to the previous TSi2? model

  12. $600 are you kidding me the golf world needs to wake up

    • Matt Saternus

      Who is “the golf world” and what do they need to “wake up” to?


    • You most have been under a rock for a couple of years.

    • Sport of kings… there is bound to be expensive kit. But you can get a whole set of clubs for $500 at Costco. So what’s the problem with clubs at the high end. I traded my sim max and got the TSR2 for $420. If I traded my second putter with it, would have been like $320. But I like having a backup putter. Golf isn’t always cheap.

  13. It had you laughing at the disconnect between quiet sound and the launch tells me a lot. That’s a great observation Matt. I like the deep face too. Deep face drivers give me confidence. I may give it a try but for the price it will have to do amazing things. Thanks for another great review.

  14. I’m going to try this at a demo day at the suggestion of my instructor (who is on Titleist staff, so I’m skeptical). Probably works great for you guys with 100+ swing speed, but my experience is with 90 and below swing speed, Titleist doesn’t get the job done. And $600 to experiment? No thanks. While the fitter may find a shaft that works, it adds even more cost and takes FOREVER to get from Titleist. Love the balls, not so much on the clubs.

  15. I believe you tested the Rogue ST Max LS, the Stealth Plus and now the TSR2 ( I assume with different shafts). Before you say they are all great clubs and a fitting is required, please take a stand and let us know which you liked best for forgiveness and distance. They are all the same price with the stock shaft so which is it?

    Thanks, enjoy your reviews.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m glad you enjoy the reviews.

      I’ve been saying that fitting is the key for over nine years because that’s the truth. It’s got nothing to do with “taking a stand.” If anything, I’m taking a stand for giving people the correct, honest answer versus writing clickbait.

      If you’re asking strictly about personal preference, I’d still have a tough time giving you a simple answer. I didn’t test them head to head, so I can’t give an accurate performance comparison. Aesthetically, I probably like the TSR2 the best but not by any great margin. If I was forced to play any of the three drivers you mention, I’d be quite happy.


    • Parski & Hutch

      Nice try though lol

  16. I recently did a deep dive in testing/fitting for this club. Its a beautiful club and your review is very good. I did find however I was getting better numbers for me with the Callaway Rogue Max ST LS. Haven’t decided yet which direction I’m headed but as mentioned very important to get fit properly and test test test Good review here.

  17. How about talking about shafts? Which is better for different swing speeds?

  18. Had a chance to demo the TSR2 and 3 tonight. Honestly, I think Titleist has two winners here. The TSR2 shape is much improved in my opinion compared to the TSi2, and they really nailed the sound and feel. It’s super forgiving — so forgiving that I don’t think it’s a stretch to say it holds up against my G425 Max.

    The TSR3, though, is also a gorgeous shape, and I love the weight track. My most common miss is getting out on the toe and hitting one of those no-spin knuckleball hooks. Using the track to move the weight all the way out to the toe proved incredibly useful. One shot, in particular, stood out to me: I put a terrible swing on it. High toe. One of those where you cringe before you even look up at the screen. And yet, it was right down the middle — 160 ball speed (165 is basically my max right now), 270 carry, slight draw, stopped almost on the center line. On an awful strike.

    I will say, I noticed a difference in spin. I was around 1900 with the TSR3 on average vs. 2200ish with the TSR2. That’s to be expected, I think, given their designs. I was most pleasantly surprised by how the TSR2 really kept spin in check even on slightly low strikes.

    I’ll need to do a full fitting, but I’m already weighing whether I want an all-around forgiving driver that I know I’d have confidence in swinging on the first tee on a cold morning with no warm-up vs. one that’s probably less forgiving overall but can be set up in a way that really saves my most common miss, and can also probably get me a little more distance on the best strikes. Leaning TSR2, but we’ll see.

  19. Have you tried the Titleist TSr2 driver with the Fujikura Ventus TR Red shaft?

  20. Matt did you also try the TSR3? I was fit yesterday and very surprisingly that’s what he fit for me. Playing TSi2 currently. I’m not the most consistent – about a 15-16 HDCP. But because my driver swing is in-to-out and I hit up on it, he said that’s the head that matches my swing and the numbers bore that out.

    Other reviews I’ve read focus on the head choice based on level of forgiveness. The Titleist fitter stressed that it’s more about fitting the head to the swing and not the forgiveness or HDCP level of the player. I hadn’t really thought about it that way before.

  21. I just came out of a fitting for a new driver. I was all set to buy the Callaway Rogue driver, but after hitting that along with the Taylor Made Stealth driver…. I was Astonished on how big of a difference the Titelist TSR2 driver is. Looks, distance, sound and club head deep blew everything else away! I was shocked

  22. What’s your current gamer and the did the TSR2 unseat it ?

  23. Just picked the TSR2 Up before the end of the season, 10’ 55g stiff shaft.
    Got in 5-6 rounds with it and it was maybe the best driver I have hit. Sound, nice. When you hit it it feels like you didn’t hit it. Smooth! Long straight, I’m a 14 and 62 years old. This will definitely help my game next year.
    And I liked it so much I bought the 3 and hybrid…

  24. My Mizuno STZ carry distance was 240. On a TSR2 complete mis-hit I flew 253 dead centre fairway. Good strikes were flying 262 on average all landing within 5 yards of each other on the Trackman. Can’t say enough good things about the forgiveness of the TSR2.
    My swing speed was around 101MPH on the day. Best strike was 102MPH, 263 carry and 283 total.

    Tried various stock and aftermarket shafts and the Project X Black 60 4G was the most consistent for me. I’m usually a high spin player and this combo with a 9 degree head kept me in the 2000-2500 range. Mis-hits reaching 2700-2800. When I usually get above 3500 on mis-hits, even over 4k on some.

    With high ball speeds across the face, this club instills confidence. It was literally point and shoot and my strike pattern was very consistent. Worth every penny. I sold the Mizuno to offset the sticker price.

  25. Hi Matt
    What s the weight put in the back of the tsr2 driver ?

  26. I am a 6-7 handicapper. My friend let my try his tsr2 during a round. I asked to try it because he was blasting his driver 20-30 yards farther than mine. My normal driver was a Stealth. With no time on the range, on the 3 holes I used it, I gained 15-20 yards. I drove straight to the PGA store after the round and picked one up. This driver is effortless power and tremendously forgiving.

    I have no issue with the $600 because it is the best driver I’ve ever hit, and I have tried them all. It has the distance traditionally associated with Taylormade with more forgiveness than a Ping.

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