Titleist TSi2 Driver Review

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Incredibly consistent, the Titleist TSi2 driver offers strong performance even without precise contact.  Great visual and auditory appeal.


With a two year product cycle, Titleist knows how to build anticipation, and for most golfers, woods are the pinnacle of desire.  The occasional photos from field sleuths in the months ahead of release piques our interest.  A glimpse on TV of a Tour player using the new driver provides golfers hope that the reveal will be soon.  Then the official press release ignites a social media firestorm and golfers breathe a sigh of relief that they can soon get their hands on one.  So without further ado, the Titleist TSi2 driver.

Check out the new Titleist TSR2 driver HERE


The TSi2 driver retains the elongated round shape of its predecessor, the TS2 [review HERE].  The gloss black crown’s only accent is a simple “TSi” that serves as the alignment aid.  The club sets up wonderfully square at address.  To my eye, the matte finish Mitsubishi Kura Kage shaft adds to the really sharp looking club.

The face of the TSi2 driver is unique and intriguing.  Sure the stretched diamonds on the heel and toe sections give continuity from the previous generation, but that’s where the similarities end.  The fascinating aspect of the face is the texture of the center section.  Rubbing my finger nail across it left a mark, but it wiped right off with my thumb.  I fully expected to be able to see an imprint of each ball strike, but that wasn’t the case.

The sole of the TSi2 has a clean, contemporary look, with a well blended mix of colors and finishes.  A simple weight port centered at the rear foreshadows easy launch.  And as always, I’m a big fan of the classic script Titleist on the toe.

Sound & Feel

Titleist states that the TSi2 is “tuned to feel fast in your hands” and with just a few air swings I had to concur.  The deep swoosh at the bottom of my swing made the club head feel like it had muscle car acceleration.

When I added a ball into the equation, the TSi2 driver produced a staccato, somewhat metallic pop that was mid-level in both tone and pitch.  Powerful and satisfying, the sound is consistent with contact anywhere in the middle section of the face.  The sound is duller on the toe or heel sections, which matched the feedback in my hands.  Overall, the club head felt stable regardless of swing path or contact point variations.


Before any perceptive PIG regulars take pause regarding the posted swing speed in the TSi2, a friendly reminder not to compare numbers with other reviews.  Like most golfers, on frequent occasion, I’m working through some swing issues and the TSi2 is in no way the culprit.  In fact, the numbers bear witness to the power and forgiveness of the TSi2.  The combination of a 1.49 average smash factor and center of the fairway accuracy make the TSi2 driver a strong choice for most golfers looking to improve their scoring.

Most of the credit for the horsepower lies in the ATI 425 titanium face.  The unique alloy, mainly utilized in military and aerospace applications, is made solely at a specialized foundry in Pittsburg, PA.  Impact tape revealed that the strong ball speeds logged during my testing at Club Champion were achieved at varied contact points in the center section of the face.


If I had to sum up the Titleist TSi2 driver in one word it would be “consistent.”  Left or right from the alignment mark, up or down on the face, the driver delivered strong ball speeds, consistent spin, and fairway finding accuracy.  Performance ticked up with every swing as I grew more accustomed to the TSi2 driver.

With Titleist’s SureFit Hosel, featuring 16 loft and lie settings, I’m confident that with the help of a certified fitter I can get performance dialed in ever tighter.  Add in the visual appeal and satisfying sound, and the Titleist TSi2 driver is a must-try for golfers seeking forgiveness with uncompromised distance.

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Titleist TSi2 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Brian Zimmerman

    Matt, the stock length of the Titleist TSi2/3 drivers is 45 1/2”. Liked your review.

  2. Lot of resemblance to the Taylormade SIM.

    • ?
      They look absolutely nothing like eachother. I guess they are both drivers that’s all they have in common. The taylormade has a weird weight sticking out the back, , all kinds of patterns and colors on the top. The Titleist has a simple black top with zero added anything. Couldn’t be more apart.

  3. I loved the TSI2 driver the moment I demoed it. I always thought Titleist drivers were for higher swing speed players but my fitting proved me wrong. I am 76 years old with an 84 mph driver swing speed. I found the Titleist to be about 10 yards longer than my 2 year old driver. Trajectory and spin were perfect with a 9 degree driver fitted at 9.75 degrees. The stock Kuro Kage shaft was ideal even though I tried several aftermarket shafts.

  4. Nice review. Which shaft and flex did you use?

  5. Significantly better than TS2?

    • Kyle,

      Matt Saternus tested the TS2 and I didn’t spend any time with that model. “Significant” is always subjective, but the TSi2 is a great driver worthy of a try. If you have the TS2 and get to hit the TSi2, let us know what you think.

      – Meeks

  6. Bill Gardner

    Have the TSi2 3 wood and love it, much tighter dispersion than previous clubs. Is that the case with the driver? #SecretGiveaway2021

  7. Michael Reed

    Excellent review. I’ll put it on the list Of drivers I would like to try some day. #SecretGiveaway2021

  8. james jaworski

    Nice review. I do like the addition of the titanium face on this driver and hope to demo one soon.

  9. Peter McLean

    I purchased one two months ago longer and a lot more consistent would recommend for any mid handicap player.

  10. #SecretGiveaway2021
    Very appealing to the eye !!

  11. Matt, I always appreciate your reviews. Your swing speed and numbers are fairly close to mine so it’s very useful to me to get your feedback. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

  12. I just demoed the TSI2 at a titleist fitting. I was really quite taken by just how tight the dispersion and forgiveness. I’m really curious now to see if this is as forgiving as the Ping 425 MAX. We went through about 4 different shafts before settling on the Graphite Design Tour AD-DI which for me, spun less than the XC. which I really thought would be perfect for me. A good fitter can really take the guess work out of picking the right combination of head and shaft.

  13. Quality review as always. Would be interested in seeing the entire TSi1 line reviewed since it is marketed toward players in Matt M’s swing speed range.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for the comment Joe. We encourage readers to bring their ‘wants’ to social media to let companies know where you source buying information.

      – Meeks

  14. I currently have the Titleist TS 1 driver and like it but yesterday I tried a friends TSi 2 driver on the range. After hitting about a dozen balls I liked the sound and control of the TSi 2 driver better. Now i have to look for a new driver again.

  15. I had my first outing with my tsi2 driver yesterday. To say I was pleased with it would be an understatement. I cannot wait for the summer, I’m carrying my drives at least ten yards further in winter conditions. And I’m sure having the shaft tailored to suit my swing by the club pro has had an impact on this. I never hit one tee shot out of the toe or heel of the club.

  16. Andrew Rudzinski

    For a high handicapper, shoot around 100, is the regular flex or stiff flex better. Athletic 57 year old. Hits it far Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no one answer for everyone. Each golfer needs to get fit to find the specific shaft, flex, and weight that works for them.


  17. I bought the TSi 2 in November of 2021. I really liked it but felt I was missing something. I just changed to a Graphite Design AD-IZ shaft and now I can’t hit it often enough. The difference is amazing. Now, if only I could putt with it.

  18. Yes Or no wheel

    I’m a big fan of Titleist drivers. I’ve tried a few different brands, but I always come back to Titleist. I’m not sure what it is about their drivers, but they just seem to hit the ball really well

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