Titleist TS2 Driver Review

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The Titleist TS2 driver offers golfers more forgiveness and higher launch.  Puts Titleist drivers on equal footing with the best in the game.


Whether true or not, brand identities in golf are strong, and perhaps the strongest connection is that of “Titleist” and “good player.”  It’s no wonder why so many golfers, good or not, want to have Titleist in their bag.

If you’re one of those players who wants the Titleist name on their clubs but doesn’t have an A+ game, you’ll be thrilled by the amount of forgiveness in the new TS2 driver.


As you would expect from Titleist, the crown is a traditional gloss black.  There is a small, triangular alignment aid, but there are no fancy graphics or carbon fiber.

The Titleist TS2 (left) is the larger of the two TS drivers.  It’s substantially longer from front-to-back than the TS3.  What’s unique about this longer design is that it’s rounded – more oval – than other drivers, which tend toward a triangular shape.

Sound & Feel

A pure strike with the Titleist TS2 driver generates an impact sound that’s medium in volume and low in pitch.  There’s a slight metallic tone, but it’s satisfying and hot, not shrill.  When you move away from the center of the face, the sound does get thinner.

In addition to being able to hear a mishit, you’ll feel it in your hands.  Though it is forgiving, the TS2 gives you a good sense of where you struck the ball.


There are two things that mark the TS2 driver as being different than the TS3 driver: increased forgiveness and higher launch.  I noticed in testing the TS2 that the ball speed stayed slightly higher on mishits, and the launch and spin were slightly more consistent as well.  Also, the ball launched higher.  It needs to be emphasized, however, that these are small differences.  The added forgiveness of the TS2 is not going to be the difference between finding 14 fairways and driving it off the planet.

Beside the shape of the head, the biggest difference between the TS2 and TS3 drivers it the adjustability.  Where the TS3 has the SureFit CG which allows for draw or fade bias, the TS2 has a weight in the back of the head that only adjusts swing weight.  Both drivers have the SureFit hosel to modify loft, lie angle, and face angle.


The new TS woods have made Titleist competitive with Callaway, PING, and TaylorMade for the first time in several years, and the TS2 driver showcases that best.  This is a forgiving driver that will make Titleist woods an option, even for players without single digit handicaps.  As always, if you want to get the most out of this club, make sure you’re fit for the right shaft, loft, and settings for your swings.

Titleist TS2 Driver Price and Specs

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  1. Frank Wainwright

    When you test drivers do you use different types of golf balls eg high-end vs midpriced etc. And, if so, how does it effect your comments about feel, sound, performance, etc?

    • Matt Saternus


      I always do LM testing with a tour-caliber ball. I may hit some shots on a range, but I form my sound and feel judgements with a urethane covered ball.



  2. Guy Chagnon

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your great work. I really feel that you don’t have any bias with a specific company. What is very important for us, the readers. I would like to know what was the shaft, loft and the adjustment you had when you did your test on the TS2 driver.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Richard Skinner

    Hello Matt

    In your opinion what is the best driver to buy for distance + forgiveness?
    Is the TS2 better than the G400Max?

    Best R

    • Matt Saternus


      The best answer is, “the one that fits you.” There is no universal “best driver.” I’m aware that other websites and magazines would like you to believe otherwise, but it’s not true. For me, the G400 Max hasn’t been beat. However, there are plenty of golfers who are better off with the Callaway Rogue, TaylorMade M3, Titleist TS2, etc.



  4. Matt,
    I’ve been hitting some Ping g400 drivers, and am honing in on the G400 Max. In reading your review of the Max, and comparing testing data from this article on the TS2, I’m seeing a 114 club head speed with the TS2, and only 104 with the Ping g400 Max. Is this correct? Thanks.

  5. Scott Richards


    I recently purchased the TS2 and like it, however with the new M6, F9, and soon G410, would you say they have newer and better tech? I still can return the TS2. As a higher handicap, I need all the help I can get.


    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the drivers you mentioned yet, but I would be very surprised if they’re going to be worlds different than the TS2. I think the TS2 is a big jump forward for Titleist. That said, you may find that something else is a better fit.

      If you were fit for the TS2, I’d keep it. If you weren’t, I’d return it and get a fitting with all the new options available.



  6. Blake Smittkamp

    did you swing speed increase by like 10 MPH? I feel like your other reviews you were a 103-105 guy. if so how’d you make such a big jump!?!

  7. Hi,
    How would you rate the forgiveness of the ts2 over the ts3?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure I understand your question. The TS2 is more forgiving than the TS3.



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  9. Kevin LawlerAs

    As I am an older player now (62) would a stiff shaft suit me better than a regular?

    • Matt Saternus


      Generally, as players lose swing speed, they move down a flex (from stiff to regular) not up.



  10. Kevin Lawler

    My name Kevin Lawler not with the as after it sorry

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  12. Howard Saul

    Hi Matt, I’ve just changed from a Taylormade M5 with a CK Tensei 60 regular shaft, to a Nike Vapor speed with a fubuki z50 x5ct flex r. I’m getting 20 yards more distance. Just wondered if you could tell me which shaft in the Titleist TS2 is similar to the fubuki.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure anything really imitates a Fubuki that well in this lineup. I guess I’d say the T1100, but I’m not wild about that comparison. As always, my best advice is to get fit.



  13. I am 79 years old with a high handie cap (20) My swing speed is 75 – 80.
    I have been using Taylormade M2 driver since it first came out. Looking to replace it with a new driver . I just tested the Taylormade SIM max driver on the course and although I hit it fine in the Golf store , I had control problems on the course.
    I am looking at the new titleist T1 or T2 . The T1 club head and saft is supposed to be designed for slower swing speeds.
    I have always had my clubs fitted by top professional. I plane on using club champion in Orlando fl to help me select the right club / shaft. (Had bad experience with big name local golf shop fitting).
    Any suggestions on which drivers to look at for my swing speed 75 – 80 ?
    What is your option on senior shafts ?
    Thank you,
    Ocala, FL

    • Matt Saternus


      Thanks for your question. You are making a great choice going with Club Champion. If you give your fitter all that info about your preferences and needs, they’ll get you into the right club. I don’t want to be a backseat fitter, so I’ll hold off on making any recommendations of my own.



  14. Driver is nice, but the headcover…. too tight, and bad quality. I explain why: it will take a lot of time to push and place back the driver in the cover. Unless you want to spend a lot of time for this task.

  15. I’m a big fan of Titleist drivers. I’ve tried a few different brands, but I always come back to Titleist. I’m not sure what it is about their drivers, but they just seem to hit the ball really well

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