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Takomo 201 irons may be one of the best-kept secrets in golf.  They have quietly appeared on the scene and are offering tremendous feel and value in a player’s cavity back iron. 


For Takomo, value is central to their whole identity.  There isn’t much on their “About” page, but what is there is all about value.  It reads, “Our sole mission at Takomo Golf Company is to offer the highest quality golf products at an affordable price…No, we don’t run any expensive TV and magazine ads.  Yes, that cost-saving goes directly to our consumers’ pocket.”  Customers will notice this too because the price for a set of clubs from 4-PW is just $589.

Check out the Takomo Skyforger wedge HERE

Check out the player-preferred Takomo 101T irons HERE


Our Editor-In-Chief Matt Saternus has told me a number of times that clubs are “tools, not jewels.”  But man, these are pretty golf clubs.  They are simple, without many frills.  One frill that does stick out though is the CNC milling on both the face and backside of the club. 

In the bag, the defining features are a simple black Takomo logo, the text “201 Irons,” and a cut-out cavity in the muscle design.  I’d prefer to see the text removed, but that’s just personal taste.  For those of you who remember the PING i210 irons [review HERE], these clubs look similar but more modern: thinner, sleeker, sexier.

At address, I would expect a thinner top line and a bit less offset for a player’s iron.  The top line feels very squared off and boxy.  While some may find that comforting and confidence-inspiring, I think many that play these sort of irons will think it looks a bit too thick.  The blade length is spot on, however.

Sound & Feel

The word “Takomo” means “forge” in Finnish, and for golfers, forged means soft.  That was absolutely the case when I tried out these irons.  The 201s feel incredibly soft and smooth.  They utilize precision-forged S20C steel — the same material Miura Golf uses for their own irons.  I wouldn’t say these feel as lovely and smooth as Miura irons, however, I was very easily able to feel the locations of every strike I had.  I also found the slight camber on the leading edge of the sole of the irons felt quite pleasant when it came to turf interaction. 

The sensation of each kind of strike, whether that be towards the toe, heel, bottom, or top of the clubface felt wholly unique.  That sense of certainty you feel when hitting each iron boosted confidence even when it wasn’t struck perfectly because you knew where the miss was and could address it during the next swing.  That soft feeling was strengthened by the lovely sound of the crispy, deep, “clip” these irons provided off the turf. 


Forged cavity-back clubs of this type are traditionally for low to mid-handicap golfers, and, as someone who finds themselves in that category, they worked for me.  My numbers with the clubs were pretty much as I would expect.  There were a couple of yards of additional carry and more spin than my current gamers, but that could be attributed to the KBS C-Taper Lite shafts I was using (I game the KBS $-Tapers).

The Takomo 301 CB & 301 MB are designed for the skilled player.  Check them out HERE

I also am happy to report that these irons were very workable.  I was able to open up the face of the pitching wedge and hit nippy, checking chips.  I was also able to pull out the 4-iron to keep shots low under trees and fade or draw each of the irons when I needed to. 

There are a number of customization options that golfers can choose to fine-tune their clubs, as well.  They can make the irons up to three degrees flat or upright or can add or subtract nearly two inches in length.  While they don’t currently offer the clubs in a left-hand variant, you can customize pretty much every other aspect of the golf clubs.  Takomo offers the Fujikura Atmos Red, as well as the KBS Tour, C-Taper, and C-Taper Lite (all in Regular, Stiff, and X) as stock options. 

Need something more forgiving?  Check out the Takomo 101 irons HERE


Sometimes when discussing the price of a product, people can think cheap means poor quality.  That’s simply not the case with Takomo.  Not only are the club heads premium soft carbon steel, but you’re also getting your choice of several KBS shafts (or Fujikura if you prefer graphite) and Lamkin Crossline grips.  These irons would be perfect for hobbyist club builders, golfers working with limited budgets, and those who just want a great feeling iron.

Visit Takomo Golf HERE

Takomo 201 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Christopher Shively

    This is one of the reasons I love Plugged in golf and visit the site daily: reviews of equipment I wouldn’t otherwise know about. I appreciate that there are still golf companies out there making high quality products at reasonable prices. Great review as usual, Drew. Any plan by Takomo to have their irons available to fitters or are they DTC only?

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Christopher! To my knowledge, Takomo is sticking to a direct-to-consumer model. I’ll update this article in the future if that changes.

  2. How’s the forgiveness overall? TXG seemed to imply a mid handicap could game these irons.

    • The forgiveness was solid. It’s a bit more forgiving than I was expecting actually… compared to similar cavity back irons. It’s hard to tell exactly what irons would fit for what handicap because a mid-handicap could be an awesome putter, driver, and wedge player and not be great with irons, or be an amazing iron player and be struggling elsewhere. On average though, I think that a mid handicap would be able to game these unless their ball-striking was the weakest part of their game.

  3. William Kim

    These are the exact same irons as the New Level 902 forged irons, just with different milling. The 902 irons were also reviewed on this site and if you look at the pics they look exactly alike in shape. I own the 902 irons and they look just like mine. They must be using the same factory to produce them but with slightly different milling.

  4. Do you know the country of origin for the Takomo Irons? Also where is their USA Headquarters loocated? Also can one be fitted in the USA?

    • I believe that Takomo Golf is a Finnish company with no USA HQ. To my knowledge, they don’t offer fittings, but if you look at their website, they have a bit more information about choosing what irons may be right for you. Otherwise, you can get fitted to a similar cavity back iron and then take the info you learn before customizing your Takomo order.

  5. Great review as always. As a lefty golfer I reached out to them and they said lefty version will be available early next year!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Rick! Good job looking out for the lefties, I’m thrilled to hear they’ll have a lefty version soon.

  6. I echo Christopher…..thanks so much for doing reviews on companies like this, otherwise I probably wouldn’t know the existed!
    Do you know how they compare to their 101 model?
    Keep up the great work on PIG!

    • RJ! You’re too kind, you’re more than welcome! Just like you guys, some of my favorite reviews to do are with companies that are new on the scene. I love learning about them just as much as you guys do.

      To be honest, I haven’t personally hit the 101 model as of yet (hopefully soon). From what I can tell though, they’re a hollow-bodied distance-focused iron. The 101 seems to be more forgiving and less workable than the 201. They’re marketing that iron for a higher handicap versus a lower handicap with the 201. If and when I test the 101’s you’ll definitely see a review of them on here for comparison!

  7. Max Guajardo

    So, why isn’t there an approach or gap wedge available? The pitching wedge comes in at 44* and that would leave a huge gap between a sand wedge in the 50-something degree range etc…
    Otherwise, I think I’d be all over these…
    Great review as usual

    • Hey Max — Takomo has recently come out with their Skyforger wedges in lofts 48, 52, 56, and 60. I haven’t yet gotten a chance to hit these wedges, but when I do, you better believe there’ll be a review of them!

      PS: Thanks for the kind words bud, I appreciate you reading!

  8. top line disturbingly fat . I could never game these…

  9. John Voegtly

    I’m a high handicapper, so the 101’s would be in my class ??? appreciate any response !

    • Hey John, I can’t recommend something I’ve never actually hit myself. However, It does appear that the 101’s from Takomo are geared towards high handicappers as a general thought. *thumbs up*

  10. Hi Drew, I appreciate your quick reply. Thankyou ! Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. All you folks keep talking , over an over! The British pro vloggers show them and like them! BUT no one else , I would not jump till we hear from folks who have received??? Big question!!

  12. I had owned 50+ sets of mainly forged CB irons since 1975. Pretty much all OEMs and categories. It’s all in eye of beholder but the toplines are certainly thicker than some but no where “too thick” in relation to whole package. Regarding the offset, I happened to check the specs vs the Sub 70 699,699 Pro ,and new TM790. The 201’s offset was less and by a fairly wide margin to some of those. FWIW

  13. Hi drew, any idea when you are going to test the 101’s ? They look right up my street.


  14. I think to buy either takomo 101/201 or Ben hogan edge ex irons. What would you suggest?
    What is better feel and quality?
    What are the differences ?

  15. William O'Donnell

    Always looking for a better set of clubs. Like a #3 iron. Not a must. But good to have. Two things are most important , feel and easy look to play.

  16. Takomo 201, NL 902 PD, or NL 623 CBs? I’m a midcapper, I’d rather hit accurate than long desire power swing (150 on PW is common in most sets, even Bridgestone J40 w Project X 5.5 — which is too soft for me but it was a Play it Again steal).

    I’m inclined to go with TT Gold 105 S, or KBS C Taper S with these sets. Lighter clubs do the opposite in my hands; I slow down my backswing (good thing) and contact better. Follow through remains quick.

    Thoughts appreciated, even though I know “get fitted” is part of the equation. Which head is more forgiving, more consistent, and more workable?

  17. Braden McAlister

    I am a 12 handicapper and have been using the same and me down tommy armours I got from my dad, I’m looking at these or the 101s what would you recommend?

  18. You have the PW at 44 deg their website says 46. Do you know for sure which it is.

    • I have a set of 201’s. Early iterations of them had the PW at 44 but they are 46 now. The lofts on the website are accurate for what came in my set a few months ago!

  19. Just got a set with the KBS Tour Lite Stiff, love the feel, precision and ball flight. The 201 are soft feel for sure either with a pure strike or not so pure. Love the head size and the simplistic look of it. The slight offset is really minimal the more you play them. Extremely rewarding club when well struck and very forgiving when not the case. I find the 201 to be real easy to work the ball in any situation. In my case, the 201 instill a great amount of confidence and allow me the shave off some strokes, great product for $589.

  20. I understand the 101t is supposed to be more forgiving than the 201s. Could you tell a difference in forgiveness?

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