Takomo 301 CB and 301 MB Irons Review

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The Takomo 301 CB and 301 MB irons aim to prove that direct-to-consumer clubs don’t have to be the game improvement variety.  These blades and muscle back irons are some of the softest-feeling on the market, intended for the best golfers and don’t require a massive investment.


Previous models of Takomo irons have seemingly appeared out of nowhere with their value, performance, and feel.  They’ve also made a splash by being direct-to-consumer.  Their irons have become gamers for YouTubers, influencers, and average joes.  The 101T’s even found a spot in my bag (review HERE).

The two newest sets of Takomo irons to come out look to continue that trend but are intended for top-level players.  The Takomo 301 CB (cavity back) and the Takomo 301 MB (muscle back) can be played separately or as a combo set.  This review will take a lot at the combo set, which features the CBs from 4-7 iron and the MBs from 8-PW.


Muscle-back golf clubs are often compared to knives because they are thin, but these MB “blades” really do look like chef’s knives, especially at address.  They are the thinnest toplines Takomo has ever produced on an iron.  In your golf bag, they appear extremely modern and utilitarian, oozing a simple suaveness.  

The MBs look like they belong alongside stainless steel appliances in a Michelin-starred kitchen as much as they belong on a golf course.  The smooth backside of the club is decorated onlyby thin horizontal lines that make these blades look sharp, literally and metaphorically.  The CB model, to continue the foodie metaphors, is just a bit beefier.

The CBs are very similar in their playing position.  Although they have a slightly thicker topline, the main difference visually is the extra space and mass on the back of the club.  In this model, there is a distinct cavity that is adorned with thin horizontal lines.  Despite the larger profile, the overall design is exactly what fans of Takomo’s irons have come to expect.  It’s so similar, that extreme combo sets could include all three of the lines (101, 201, and 301) and none of them would look out of place. 

Sound & Feel

The feel and sound of the Takmo 301 irons are as great as Takomo has ever produced.  Utilizing soft S20C steel and a one-piece design forging, they have created some of the softest feeling irons I’ve struck.  Some people say that soft forged irons feel like butter when well-struck.  But these clubs?  They feel like hot, melted butter.  When hit in the center, the similarities to Miura or Srixon irons are remarkable. 

Another part of what added to the fantastic feel was how the soles of these clubs were designed.  On the sole, there was relief on the front that led to a better feel through improved turf interaction.

The sound these irons produced was also extremely pleasing.  It did vary subtly from the muscle back to the cavity back model.  While the MBs sounded deep and crisp, the CBs were a bit airier.


Performance is punishing on these irons, but that’s what you should expect utilizing muscle back and cavity back irons.  Compared to the 201s (review HERE), these were higher spinning, higher launching, harder to control, and cost me distance.  But that’s not the point.  These are clubs made for the best ball strikers.  For those who need height and spin, these could be a huge help.

I will say that these clubs help to instill an “aim small miss small” mentality.  While they are challenging to hit, they’re not impossible.  They made me more aware of exactly how precise, or imprecise, my strikes were and where I was missing them on the face.

As I got more and more used to these irons, I found the performance became more consistent.  Shaping shots was a breeze, sometimes too easy, as some shots that I intended to draw, could hook.  Especially when it came to the MBs.

While I am a single-digit handicapper, I consistently scored better using a full set of the Takomo 301 CB or the even more forgiving models.  Ultimately this set of clubs is not targeted at me, but those even better, making them an extremely niche product fit for few.  However, golf is a game that’s meant for enjoyment.  If using bladed irons gives you more enjoyment, then these should be a set you consider.


Takomo has again established itself as a baseline for what a great club can offer from a value perspective, but this time, it’s for the absolute best players.  More importantly than that, Takomo produced an iron set that rivals some of the best feeling irons in the world.  While these golf clubs didn’t make golf easier for me, they were an immense joy to use, and those moments of joy are why we all play the game of golf.

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Takomo 301 CB & Takomo 301 MB Irons Specs

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  1. Drew,

    How serendipitous…….I was just looking at the CB for a possible Sunday half set. Sadly after contacting Takomo they aren’t offering anything but full sets at this time. I enjoyed the review and will keep an eye on their webpage to see if they will offer partials. It looks like you hit the 201s in the past too…..how much forgiveness are you giving up in the 301cb vs the 201 would you guess?

    • Well, you could buy a full set and still save money compared to the cost of other brand clubs for a half set? 😊

    • Serendipitous indeed Seth! (great word choice by the way haha)

      I think that you are giving up a bit of forgiveness, but nothing too drastic as far as I can tell. I have noticed the 101T’s are noticeably more forgiving and hotter off the face though. Making a combo set of any of these clubs could be very interesting to be sure. Keep us updated if you go that route!

      Good luck & hit em’ straight!


  2. Great review! I’m writing to see if you could help me find a way to hit the clubs before purchase as with other companies. It just doesn’t make sense to purchase without hitting them first. I appreciate your knowledge and look forward to a response.

    • Hey Scott!

      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, there’s not really a way to try these before purchasing that I know of. Occasionally when Swag golf has held events I’ve seen Takomo irons there to try… but other than that I’m not sure. I’ll comment again if I hear of any other opportunities!



  3. I’m waiting for the head only option for a set of lefty MB’s. I want to compare them to my Haywood MB’s that are absolutely fantastic. These look amazing.

  4. These smaller OEMs need some sort of DEMO program such as those offered by New Level and Sub 70 since there is no real fitting process. Despite a lower MSRP than the large companies, the smaller guys trying to compete are really asking the golfer to “trust them” or trust ourselves when it comes to a club selection – minus the fitting. Not sure how sustainable that is even in spite of the glowing reviews on this site.

    • Steve,

      That’s very true. A good fitting is honestly the best way to make sure your clubs are going to perform for you. In journalism school, we always had a saying: “trust, but verify.” I would love it if these DTC customers had a fitting process they could implement, and see the clubs work for individuals and be tweaked to your best settings. However, that would cost money… and then those extra expenses undoubtedly would be passed along to the consumer.



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