Takomo 101T Irons Review

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The Takomo 101T irons are a refinement of a set that swings above its weight class.  The 101s offered fantastic value, solid feel, and great performance, but the 101Ts are sleeker, smaller, and offered in an even more attractive package.  


If the 101Ts sound familiar, it’s because they are.  These new irons are an offshoot of the Takomo 101s (review HERE), with some noticeable changes.  Interestingly, those changes are directly tied to the critiques I had written about.  Takomo has honed in on what was most successful in those initial golf clubs.  More than that though, they have also made subtle, impactful changes to improve them.  What Takomo hasn’t changed though, is a serious focus on value.  Offering premium grips and shafts these clubs cost less than $600 for a full set from 4-PW. 


The shiny chrome heads can be mistaken for blades in the bag and feel distinctly modern.  As I hinted above, the looks of the 101Ts have been refined compared to the 101s.  The T features a thinner topline, less offset, a narrower sole, and a shorter blade length (75mm compared to 79.5mm).  It’s very similar to the difference between TaylorMade’s P790 and the P770 models.  

These irons should suit the eye of better players.  The minimized offset allows the player to feel they have more control.  While the slightly boxy topline may not be a universal favorite, I enjoy how it frames the ball.

Sound & Feel

The 101T may be similar in construction to the 101, but I was immediately struck by how much better they sound.  While they still have a distinct noise off each strike, it’s noticeably less high-pitched than the original irons.  Dropping in pitch, the resulting sound is much more of a “clack” with less negative ringing feedback in the hands as well. 

Compared to other clubs in the player’s distance category, I would say they feel less firm than the Titleist T200s but firmer than Cobra’s Forged Tec.  That comfortably puts these irons in a nice goldilocks zone. They are neither too firm nor too soft in feel. 


The 101Ts are different not just in looks but in performance too.  After all, they are weaker lofted and have noticeably less offset.  Those differences make these irons more spinny, higher launching, and less draw-biased.  

With those altered lofts, not only is the performance improved in terms of height, spin, and landing angle, but there’s also improved gapping in the bag.  With the PW at 46 degrees of loft, it flows better with the Skyforger wedges (review HERE) Takomo offers at 52, 56, and 60 degrees.  

The Takomo 301 CB & 301 MB are designed for the skilled player.  Check them out HERE

While these irons certainly are not the end-all, be-all of ball speed, they allowed me to perform as well as I ever have.  In my very first round with these irons, I shot under par for the first time in my life.  I was able to shape shots, get the ball to stop on a dime, and still be confident that off-center strikes wouldn’t be severely punished.

Of course, the shaft has a huge say in how any iron performs, so I’m happy to report there are several shaft options.  That means the gearheads can dial in their clubs to their specs, for a bit more than the stock options of KBS Tour Lite and Tour.  The customized options include other KBS models including the MAX, C-Taper, and the Fujikura graphite model Atmos Red. 

Find a great long iron alternative in the Takomo 101U utility iron HERE


Golf, at its core, is about bettering yourself.  We all work to do more and to do better.  Takomo, as a company, continues to do the same.  They are not only bettering themselves by offering more options in their irons, but also by listening to the critiques of fans and making changes when need be.  The 101T irons distill what’s good about the 101 irons while editing out what kept them from being great.  For the value, they are worth your attention. For the performance, they may be worth a spot in your bag. 

Visit Takomo Golf HERE

Takomo 101T Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Michael Constantine

    What shafts were you gaming ?

  2. How was the feel and distance of the 101T compared to the 201?

    • Hey Alex,

      Good question. Feel has to go to the 201. The 201 utilizes forged S20C steel and for those who prefer the softest feels, I think it’s tremendous. That being said, the 101T feels better than the 101, but both are noticeably firmer feeling than 201.

      Distance is another story. That easily goes to 101T by a few yards consistently.


  3. Congrats on that first round under par! That was a goal for me this summer but I didn’t reach it yet.

    • Hey John!

      Thanks so much, I was pretty stoked about it myself haha. — I’ll be pulling for you to hit your goal soon, whether it’s this season or the next. Thanks for reading!


  4. Patrick Kaack

    Hi Drew,

    Great review! What was the performance on thin strikes, assuming you had any? That’s my main iron miss. Thanks for any info.

    • Hey There Patrick,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’d say that these performed how one would expect thin strikes on other major manufacturers’ irons. I found there was a 4-6 yard loss in distance, but was reliably on target, with noticeably more spin. Nothing really unusual to report.


  5. Brian Lepold


    Are the 101’s comparable to the P790’s? I ask because they have similar lofts, but the 101’s seem to be classified as game improvement irons but the P790’s are labeled as players distance. The 101T’s are Takomo’s players distance but the lofts are weaker then the P790’s. Trying to decide between the Takomo’s.

  6. Have you reviewed the Bridgestone e6 golf ball?

  7. I own the Takomo 201s and Titliest 2021 T200s. Both 4-P. How does the 101T compare to both? Thanks

    • Hello,
      I know this is an old post but, I was wondering if you ever hit the 101t’s? I currently have the t200’s but am looking at both the 101t and the 201. Would love your feedback if possible.

  8. Jay Vincent

    Would anybody buy them instead of a name brand club at about the same price when u add
    Everything up?

  9. I’m trying to decide on a shaft. Which shaft did you swing? Opinion on that shaft?

  10. I am waiting for the lh 101t’s they tell me they will be coming in the new year .

    • I ordered 8/24/22 and they are supposed to be delivered tomorrow 10/28/22. I had mine .75″ and 3° upright though.

  11. Hi Drew. Terrific review. Do you know if the 201’s or the 101t can be bent to strengthen their lofts?

  12. Delivery time 101T standaard shaft KBS stift and 3 wedges 52 56 60

  13. Josef Popluhar

    Hi, great review. Much appreciated. One question. I am 29HCP player. What do you mean? 101 or 101T?

  14. Hi, you ok?
    Please can I ask an equipment question, as I have no mates who like golf to ask an opinion 🤣

    I have been fitted for a iron shaft also

    Basically I got fitted for my woods and it became apparent I was well within the stiff flex bracket so got fitted for that.

    My irons are regular flex so I’m looking to change them I have the cobra forged tec irons 2021

    I’m not sure what to do on new irons though
    It’s either get the same cobra ones but in this new stiff shaft I was fitted for or the takomo 101t’s or mizuno jpx hot metal 921

    Leaning towards the takomo 101t’s
    I play off 13

    Any opinion would be amazing

    Love your reviews keep it up

    • Matt Saternus


      As a regular reader, you know my first instinct is going to be to say, “Have you gotten fit/can you get fit?” but I know that’s not possible with the Takomo heads.
      If you want to try something new, the Takomo irons allow you to do that without breaking the bank. And if you don’t like them, you can have a club builder swap your Cobra heads onto the new stiff shafts. I think that’s the route I’d go.



  15. I recently got fitted for the P790s with KBS tour lite shafts. With -0.5″ and -1 lie angle (However I cannot come close to affording those at $1,400) How does that compare to the Takomo 101Ts? It seems like the Takomo 101Ts already have weaker lie angles. I’m about 98% sold on buying them but I want to make sure I’m not wasting my money.

  16. I am currently gaming Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metals with Recoil ESX 460 F3 shafts. My 7 iron is 29° and I carry it on average around 145 yards. Do you have an idea of the carry distance I might expect with the hollow body 101T 32° 7 iron? I can’t decide between the 101 and the 101T.

    • Matt Saternus


      We would need more data to make an educated guess about that. The Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal is a pretty fast iron, so I would assume that by going to weaker lofts, you would lose some distance.



  17. Thanks for the review! I’m currently at a 15 handicap. Fairly consistent ball striker with the irons. Been playing the Ping I20’s. I’m leaning towards the 101t ‘s, but I’m also thinking about the 201’s. Are the forged 201’s the way to go? I know this is very subjective. Thanks again!

  18. Brian Parkinson

    So are these Drew’s gamers now? I’m also fighting the dilemma between 101t and 201. All the reviews look good, but it feels like some of the multi material tech found in other clubs is missing (tungsten, polymer to fill the hollow body, etc.) Wondering if Drew figured all those extras don’t matter vs. the performance, or if he just had a good day with them and the clubs were the lucky beneficiary.

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