2021 Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball Review

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The 2021 Bridgestone e6 golf ball is a strong performer off the tee.  Low spin will help many golfers hit straighter, longer tee shots.

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There are certain golf balls that have cult followings, and the Bridgestone e6 is one such ball.  It is, perhaps, the most-mentioned ball in our comments section and with good reason.  For the recreational player, e6 stands for distance, good feel, and solid value.  I tested the newest version to see if those characteristics live on.


Around the green, the Bridgestone e6 has that low compression, marshmallow feel.  It’s not as pillow-y as the Wilson DUO [review HERE] but it has that same sensation of the ball compressing against the face, even at low speeds.

On the green, the e6 is very soft but not lifeless.  On a longer putt, you get a little of the low compression feel, but the ball doesn’t feel dead off the face.  This is complemented by a sound that’s just a touch too firm to be a “thud.”

Short Game

The biggest knock on two-piece affordable golf balls is their performance around the greens.  In my testing, I saw a 15% difference in spin between the e6 and the top selling Tour ball.  While this is a measurable and noticeable difference, it’s not as big a gap as some might expect.  For the mid or high handicap player, the strengths of the e6 will more than compensate for this weakness.

In comparing the e6 to the e12 Contact [full review HERE], the e12 has significantly more short game spin.  If you like the e6 but need more spin around the greens, check out the e12.

Long Game

In addition the great value it provides, the biggest reason for the e6’s popularity is its performance off the tee.  For the recreational golfer, it provides excellent ball speed and very low spin.  For many (perhaps most) golfers, lower spin is going to translate to longer tee shots.  For all golfers, lower spin will mean straighter tee shots.

That lower spin is also seen in the iron game.  Again, for many players, lower spin is going to lead to longer shots, at least in the short and mid irons.  It will also mean your iron shots fly straighter.  There may be a tradeoff when it comes to holding greens, so be sure to test the e6 before you put it in play in a big money game.


For $22/dozen, the Bridgestone e6 is hard to beat for the recreational golfer.  While it’s not a high spinning ball around the green, its long, straight performance off the tee will more than make up for that.  The 2021 version of the Bridgestone e6 is offered in both standard white and Optic Yellow.

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Matt Saternus


  1. The e6 most definitely has a cult following. How does the new 2021 ball compare to the others, specifically the Bridgestone e6 Speed and e6 Soft you reviewed in 2017 (if you can remember that far back)?

  2. Thomas e sweeney

    I have had no problem stopping the E6 on greens. I tend to hit high iron shots so that may be on of the reasons. As far as spin goes off the tee I am able to work the ball both ways no problem.

  3. Matt, I played the Bridgestone B330 RXS for a long time and when these were out of production (?), I went to the Tour B RXS. This was a great ball that I’ve now played about 2 years now but the new version has changed covers and I hate the ball. It feels harder and lacks spin around the greens. I have a swing speed of about 95 but like a soft feel, of course with distance and feel around the greens. I’m extreamely picky about the golf balls I ball. What do you suggest, I hit a ton of balls and spent a fortune finding my ball and now its not availiable. What ball would you suggest?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m surprised to hear that you find the Tour B RXS hard and lacking spin. The new cover generates more spin than the previous version. That aside, you might consider the Callaway Chrome Soft. I don’t think there’s a softer feeling Tour ball.


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