Takomo 101U Utility Iron Review

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The Takomo 101U utility iron is a balanced club that can work for most above average ball strikers.  Good ball speed and distance.  Strong ball flight.


“Take your old, crusty hybrid out of the bag, feed it a nice meal, walk it out back, and shoot it.” – Takomo

What should you be bagging instead?  They’re glad you asked.  Meet the Takomo 101U utility iron.  As iron tech has made long irons more forgiving, more players are turning back to driving irons and utility irons.  At about half the price of the big brand’s utility irons, is the 101U really worth ditching your hybrid for?


When I unboxed the Takomo 101U utility iron, I immediately noticed the width of the sole.  I thought this would be the standout feature when I put the club in a playing position, but I found that this wasn’t the case.  Something about the combination of finishes makes an afterthought of the “extra” that sticks out beyond the medium-thick top line.  The blade length of the 101U is average for this style of club, and I found the offset to be well-shaped.

In the bag, the Takomo 101U has a very clean look.  It’s in line with all of the other Takomo irons we’ve reviewed, such as the 101 [review HERE]. The Takomo logo sits on the toe opposite “Iron 101U” on the heel.  The paint is all black, giving this club a classic, understated style.

Sound & Feel

Striking a Tour-quality ball on the center of the face puts a firm, snappy sensation through your hands.  The Takomo 101U gives players a substantial reward for finding the sweet spot as mishits lose the snap, only feeling firm.  This club never crosses into “hard” or “harsh” territory, but it will definitely let you know when you’re straying too far from center.

The sound of impact is a bit more forgiving.  Regardless of strike location, it’s medium in volume.  Pure strikes are a bit more harmonious than misses, but they all fall under the “snap” umbrella.


Despite the talk of this club taking your hybrid out behind the barn, utility irons are really meant for players with good swing speed and above average ball striking.  For that player, the Takomo 101U checks just about every box you could want.

Per Takomo, the 101U is “designed for distance,” and it does have strong top end ball speed.  This club uses the same hollow body/thin face design as the major OEMs and their own 101T irons [review HERE], and, unsurprisingly, it yields similar results.  On center, the ball goes a long way.  If you’re struggling to get enough ball speed out of traditional long irons like the Takomo 301 [review HERE], this could be a solution.

The 101U is also fairly forgiving.  You will see ball speed start to dip as soon as you leave the center of the face, but you don’t lose a significant amount until your strike is far on the toe or heel.  Players who use the entire face will likely fare better with a hybrid or fairway wood, but you don’t need to be a scratch player to wield the Takomo 101U.

In their notes, Takomo states that the 101U has a low CG but also that it has “low spin” and a “cutting ball flight.”  Those don’t quite mesh, and I found the reality to be somewhere in the middle.  For me, the 101U launched the ball consistently at a level that is higher than I expect from an 18 degree club.  That said, it’s far from a towering ball flight.  I’d rate the spin about average for this type of club, which worked well to protect carry distance without coming anywhere near a soft or ballooning ball flight.

Overall, I found the Takomo 101U to be a balanced utility iron that a fairly wide range of players can use.  Compared to its peers, it has good ball speed and forgiveness while still retaining a strong ball flight and workability.


This is my first experience with Takomo golf clubs, and I’ve come away impressed.  In a time of increasing prices for golf clubs, Takomo allows golfers to take a chance on different styles of clubs without tremendous financial risk.  If you’ve thought about putting a utility iron in the bag in place of a hybrid or long iron, the Takomo 101U is definitely worth a try.

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