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The Takomo 101 irons are a set that beginners and improving players should be interested in.  Distance and forgiveness meet in a hollow-bodied design that won’t break the bank. 


I have already written articles about Takomo’s endeavors for better players.  Their Skyforger wedges (review HERE) and their 201 irons (review HERE) offer great value, are extremely soft-feeling, and perform well to boot.  The 101 irons though, as the name implies, are a freshman class of sorts.  These clubs represent an intro to the golfing world.  While not a fit for me, I’m happy to report that they are fantastic for a wide swathe of golfers, including the price-conscious, as this set of clubs is only $459 for a set from 4-PW. 

Check out the player-preferred Takomo 101T irons HERE


Aesthetically, the clubs look very modern.  The chromed-out look with a rather understated logo looks quite handsome.  I’m not a huge fan of the “Iron 101” on the back of the club, because I think it takes away from the minimalism and clean aesthetic.  The clubs also feature a small, circular port on the toe of each club that’s common to many other hollow-bodied designs like the Taylormade P790s (review HERE). 

Although a bit bulky in the bag, the clubs don’t look too bulky behind the golf ball.  For beginner players or those looking to improve their game, the thicker sole and top line should instill a sense of confidence.  Those who need slim, sleek profiles need to look elsewhere. 

Sound & Feel

While the feel is alright, it’s much firmer compared to the forged S20C steel of the 201 irons and Skyforger wedges that Takomo also produces.  For someone who loves the extremely soft feel of those other clubs, that feeling will be lacking here.  While certainly not bad, those sensitive to cast clubs or firmer feeling clubs may prefer the 201s. 

As for sound, that firmer feel translates to a “click” off the clubface.  While certainly not the worst sounding iron, there are other irons that Takomo produces that sound much better.  


Billed to be forgiving and go far, the 101 irons do just that.  Compared to 201, they are higher launching and farther flying.  They’re more forgiving on mishits but are also lower spin and of course, stronger lofted.  When I say more forgiving, I mean directionally, they stay closer to that centerline.  While straighter, mishits were noticeably lower, with less carry, but total distances remained similar to well-struck shots. 

The Takomo 301 CB & 301 MB are designed for the skilled player.  Check them out HERE

Other important details include a rather substantial amount of offset on most of the iron set.  That feature was not ideal for me, because I have a tendency to over-draw the ball.  However, for those who struggle with a slice or a general miss to the right, this feature will absolutely help correct that miss.  These 101s straddle the line between player’s distance and game improvement irons, with a strong lean towards the latter.

That’s not to say low-handicappers won’t appreciate certain aspects of these clubs.  In fact, with how well the 4-iron played for me, it made me wish that Takomo sold an even lower-lofted driving iron to put in my own bag. 

Find a great long iron alternative in the Takomo 101U utility iron HERE


While the Takomo 101 irons are being marketed to intro golfers, they’ll work for a lot more golfers than that.  The forgiving, hollow-bodied designs are great for young or aging golfers looking for more distance, and for those who need more forgiveness than a standard set.  Takomo, as a company, always offers tremendous value. The 101 irons absolutely continue that tradition – this set comes in hundreds of dollars less than many other sets.  While not as soft-feeling as the other clubs in Takomo’s lineup, these are clubs that won’t disappoint their intended audience. 

Visit Takomo Golf HERE

Takomo 101 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. It sounds like you’re not as high on the clubs as James Robinson and TXG youtube reviews (they tended to be higher on the 201s, but it is hard to complain about a decent budget iron). Would you take this over a box set (Dick’s Tommy Amour 845 or Insets)? Would you prefer a Haywood, New Level, or Sub 70?

    I thought about pulling the trigger on a set, but I have no use for a 4 (and probably don’t need a 5) iron, and they don’t discount if you only need 5 clubs. .

  2. I would note that as a precaution, their customer service is not good at all! I had to make a return and it was the most difficult thing for them to figure out. It took close to a month just to get an answer on where to send the clubs. Apparently there was no address in the US to send back the irons (they came from Hong Kong, I believe).
    People see a low price and somehow forget that customer service should be an important aspect of your purchase. I would not recommend buying these irons until the customer service is up to normal standards. There are other DTC companies that are better.

  3. Joseph Greenberg

    I have been using the 101’s for a month. As an aged (71) golfer who had noticed a loss of distance from his japanese cavity backed blades, these Takomo irons were a revelation. All distance losses were regained, misses were just as straight. As one used to forged blades with little offset and thin top lines, i was surprised how good these irons look behind the ball. I disagree with Drew on the sound and feel: the sound is a dense, solid thunk (far softer than cast clubs), and the feel nearly as soft as my forged irons. It is true that the offset produces more draw, but nothing extreme and it does help to keep the heel strike slices more like a fade. As good as anything and 1/2 to 1/3 the price.

  4. José Belo

    Bought a set six month ago and use them occasionally cause i have them in my beach apartment in Algarve. Changing from my MP 20 feels wrong but playing always one iron less somehow makes feel good! They are long and yes, they are forgivable. Good value for money…

  5. I’ve bought a set from the UK and the service was was excellent. The quality of the clubs is as good as others at double of the price. I’m a 14 HC. and have used most golf irons for mid to high handicaps and these, in my opinion performance and cosmetics are at least as good.

  6. I’ve ordered a set of 101s to the UK. Does anyone know how long the waiting time is for them to be delivered ?

    • PeterJackson

      Ordered mine end of October and delivered early January. Once produced, the delivery was amazing by Fed Ex

    • I ordered the 101’s on Feb 12, 2022 and I received them 4/15/2022. I live in southeastern Virginia USA. Takomo kept me informed as to the progress of my order. I had specific shaft lengths and lie angle so it took a bit longer. There was also a COVID spike that delayed my order . Takomo did a great job on the customer service end.

  7. Ronnie McCurry

    How about the 101 and the only option I had was the KBs tour regular shaft. I am 80 years old and found it a bit heavy for me. Rather than go through the process of return I just pulled all the heads off and ordered some graphite senior Flex shafts. They have not arrived so I don’t know what the difference is going to be.

    • Jim Polando

      I read your review of the Takomo 101 irons with interest as I am older (75) and looking to regain some lost distance and noticed your caution that the clubs were heavy with the steel shafts. Just wondering your opinion with the graphite shafts?

  8. Hi,
    They seem to have quite a range of shaft options. Does anyone know how best to match these options to my current shafts?

  9. Pierre Laflamme

    Je viens d’essayer mes fers Takomo 101 reçu depuis deux jours avec une livraison ultra rapide. Je joue au golf depuis 44 ans et je n’ai jamais eu de fers aussi facile a frapper et aussi longs en distance car j’ajoute facilement un 20 verges de plus que tous les autres batons que j’ai eu. Ces fers tant qu’a moi sont extraordinaire et en plus beaucoup moins dispendieux que n’inporte quels autres batons. À mon age (72 ans) ça me redonne le gout de jouer au golf d’avantages. C’est sans aucun doute le meilleur achat golf que j’ai fait depuis très longtemps.

  10. I purchased a set of irons with the standard KBS tour shafts… Left-handed irons- they look and feel as good as my Wilson Staff D7,s, with the same or a little longer distance… They sound good and hit straight… I like them a lot, and they were a great value. I did put all new grips on them, the grips they came with work fine, but I like the little bit thicker grips on my irons 🏌️‍♂️

    • Hi Doug, I currently game the Wilson D7s and am looking at changing over to the 101s. Would you say they have improved your game at all and are worth the upgrade? I am a 22 hc trending down. Cheers

  11. Colin Kendrick

    The customer service is absolutely awful. I ordered a set of the combo irons with standard shafts but larger grips. When I inquired when they were going to ship they indicated 6-10 weeks. That’s half of a golf season. Awful. I wanted to cancel the order but they have archaic policies so I cannot. Absolutely the worst buying experience I have ever had with golf equipment.

  12. I’m early 60s 20plus handicapper should I just get the 101 or 101t ?

  13. I am a 70 year old golfer. Purchased the Takoma 101’s with the Obsidian 75 R graphite shafts. Received the clubs
    12 weeks after ordering in June of 2023. Quite possibly the nicest set of irons I have played and I have played a number of expensive name brand clubs in my 55 years. The shafts which have little info on are outstanding and a good value if you want to sample graphite irons out like I did.

  14. I had Takomo 101 irons for about 70-80 rounds. Changed the irons to Taylormade because my lower irons 7-P faces bent. Product was good until that. But what can you expect with such a low price. My 7 iron swing speed is somewhere between 85 to 90 mph so it’s not that fast that you could think that face bends like that.

    The looks and performance for 101s were good for a while. But after faces started to bend I lost my hope for the whole brand. I was thinking to change my irons for 201s but after I noticed that faces were bent I decided to get fitted Taylormade.

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