PING i210 Irons Review

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The PING i210 irons blend the look of the iBlade with the forgiveness of the i200.  PING continues to impress with the amount of forgiveness they can pack into a compact iron.


For the player that wants a classic looking iron but still wants or needs some forgiveness, no OEM has been as consistently good as PING over the last several years.  With the i210 irons, PING continues to raise the bar for the amount of forgiveness they can cram into a traditional looking club.  To make it even better, the i210 offers improved feel.

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In past models, there was a clear difference between PING’s “Tour” iron – the S56, iBlade, etc – and their i Series iron.  With the i210, that gap is virtually non-existent.  When I had the i210 next to the iBlade, I was able to pick out some small differences, but on their own they could easily be mistaken for one another.

The PING i210 has a compact blade length, thin top line, and very modest offset.  All these traits will have give it great appeal to the good and aspiring player.

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As I discussed in my review of the PING i500 irons, the i210 and i500 look very similar at address and can be easily paired in a combo set.  Above, you see the i500 on the left and the i210 on the right.

Sound & Feel

The i210 is the best feeling PING iron I can recall.  The feel of impact is everything they claim: soft, buttery, and extremely satisfying.  Even with a range ball, impact is very quiet, nothing more than a soft thud.

Because the i210 is so quiet, there’s very little auditory feedback on mishits.  Your hands, however, will get a good sense of whether you’ve achieved a pure strike.


Having gamed numerous PING irons over the last few years, I had a good idea about what to expect from the i210.  The forgiveness is there.  You can miss the sweet spot by a fair margin and still hit greens in reg.  Additionally, these irons are consistent.  Given a repeatable swing, you’re going to see the same shot shape and distance time after time.

What surprised me about the i210 is the distance.  These are longer than I expected, especially in the mid and long irons.  For the quality ball striker, these might be as long as some distance irons.

With the i210 irons being released alongside the i500, an obvious question is, “What separates these two?”  First are the specs: the i210 has weaker lofts (2.5 degrees in the 6I and 7I) and slightly shorter shafts in the 3-6 irons.  The i210 is also slightly less forgiving and does not create as much ball speed as the i500.  While the i500 is a bit longer than the i210, I found the bigger gap to be in forgiveness.

For players looking for guidance in their buying decision, I would ask, “How much does feel matter versus forgiveness?”  I think many players are going to be happy to give up a little forgiveness to get the feel of the i210.  A best-of-both-worlds combo set could transition to the i500 at the iron that you don’t consistently hit flush.


If you haven’t tried a PING i-series iron in a while, now is the time.  The i210 succeeds on every level: it looks great, feels great, and has as much forgiveness as you can reasonably expect from a player’s iron.

PING i210 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. 2018/19 might be the best year of iron releases in a long time. Every OEM seems to be now offering extremely solid options in all categories. Can’t wait for my fitting this fall.

  2. I agree with everything you said Matt. Great irons. However, the price of irons is just kind of getting out of hand for the average muni out enjoying a round of golf but they will sell alot of sets no doubt. Personally, I don’t know how the OEM’s justify the cost. Sorry for the rant, I know that it’s not a review on the irons.

    • Frank Tyning

      Has anyone hit the i210 with recoil es smac wrap 780 shafts?

      • I’m a 10 handicapper who plays a low draw and needs more height w mid and long irons. Just got fitted w new irons to replace old G10’s. Wasn’t trying to choose Ping, but ended up loving the i210’s. Bought PW thru 6 w UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap graphite regular shafts. Great feel; more spin; higher ball flight; +5 yards per club even though lofts are same as G10’s. but… 12 week wait for delivery.

        • Patrick Wheeler

          Went to club champion with an open mind ended up with the same heads, 6 through U. My original clubs, 6 was launching ~42 ft in the air, with the i210’s I was getting close to 12 ft higher on the 6. I went with the regular flex Nippon 850’s, not a fan of graphite, but that’s just my preference.

        • Did you ever get your irons?
          Im curious as to how the Smacwrap shafts have worked out for you. Im considering the exact setup you have and would like to hear any experiences you can share.

  3. Demoed the i210 v. i500 in the same shaft several times on Trackman – i500 had 12 more yrds of carry on a consistent basis. If one did the power specs in the i210, you’d close the gap. Was impressed by the feel – soft … very soft.

  4. Brad Shepard

    How would these combo into the iBlade? Say i210 from 4 to either 6 or 7, and iBlade down through PW. And issues with gapping? Are the iBlades set to be replaced in the spring?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think these could be a fine combo with the iBlade. The look is very similar. I don’t expect there would be a big gapping issues. I don’t know if it will be a direct replacement, but there are pictures of a PING blade floating around the internet. I would expect that to be part of their next release.



  5. David Muchewicz

    Matt, I have been playing the Ping G25 irons since they came out, and I must admit that I love my irons (use 6-UW). I am partial to Ping irons, and I have used them for almost 30 years. I typically shoot in the mid-upper 80’s, with occasional rounds in the low 90’s. Two questions, 1) is the technology in the newer irons something that I am missing out on – compared to the G25’s? 2) is the i210 an iron I should be considering?

    • Matt Saternus


      Irons are always making incremental improvements. If you jump into the G410, you’re looking at coming forward 4 generations, so you might see a noticeable difference. As always, test them, get fit, and see what the data says.

      With regard to the i210, I’d say the same: try it out. As an upper 80’s player, you may be in the higher end of the range for that club, but it’s certainly worth a swing.



  6. Jason smith

    Hey Matt I have the S 55 players irons for a ping I was wondering if I should consider upgrading to the ping 210 irons Is there a noticeable difference?

  7. Hi matt, thanks again for another great review. I’ve hit this iron vs I500’s and mine g400. Do u thinkpower spec willclose the distance as the i210 was considerably shorter. I have g400 and looking to changing to more “sleek”look. I hit them all consistently but the g400 does shine on the off days lol

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, for most people the PowerSpec will bring the i210 more in line with the distance of the i500 and G400.



      • Frankly, I think I210 and powerspec in the same sentence is an oxymoron.
        If you need powerspec in these Irons, you are getting the wrong irons IMO.

        • Matt Saternus


          • Brooks Henderson has power spec i210s, seem to work great for her. I ordered 4 through gap with power specs in March, they are scheduled to arrive next Thursday. Nine week wait, but I know they’ll be worth the wait.

  8. Michael F

    Matt I shoot mid to low 80’s I was debating between the ping i210’s or the Taylor made m4’s. I currently hit ping g5’s that I’ve had for years. Was just looking for an upgrade. Just wanted your honest opinion on what you would recommend.

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, it’s not even close. I would bag the PINGs. I’ve gamed i-Series PING’s in the past – enjoy the feel, great look, and way more forgiveness than you’d expect.



  9. Hey Matt, I’m upgrading my irons from the i15 to either the i210 or iblade with power specs. I’m a 12 handicapper by the way. I was wondering if the better combo with the i210 and iblade or i500?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m a bit unclear on the question: are you asking if you should combo either the i500 or the iBlade with the i210? If that’s the question, my response is: how confident are you in your long irons? In the short irons, I think a 12 handicap can easily handle either the i210 or the iBlade. It comes down to whether you want the extra help in the long irons.



  10. David K. White

    Yes. I play hybrids clubs in place of long irons. The longest iron I will be playing is the 6 iron. My question was whether or not I should combo the i210 with the iblade or i500. Which one would be a better fit for a 12 handicapper in your opinion …

    • Matt Saternus


      I think at a 12 is really depends on which 12 handicapper it is. Some are going to really value the smaller look in the scoring irons, others are going to get more confidence from knowing they have more forgiveness. I’d suggest hitting all three in a fitting and putting together the set that performs best.


  11. Hi Matt – this is a helpful review. I am a hi-handicapper usually shooting around 100. I hit the i210s on a simulator and liked the feel, but am wondering if I should not even consider a players cub due to my high handicap.

    • Matt Saternus


      The i210 has more forgiveness than it seems! If you hit them well, play them.



  12. David White

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try all three scoring clubs and make an informed decision…..Be Blessed..

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  14. Matt,
    is there a certain swing speed that you would recommend to get into “power spec” on the i210? been playing apex 16 w/xp95 reg. shafts but want to transition to graphite shafted irons. don’t know if I will give up too much distance due to weaker lofts with pings.

    • Matt Saternus


      Stronger lofts are going to make you longer regardless of swing speed, but you may hit the point of diminishing returns faster with lower speed. There’s also your swing – how you launch and spin it – that needs to be considered.
      The bigger point is that the number on the sole really shouldn’t matter. You clearly know that the PING’s have weaker standard lofts, so it’s not as if you’re going to “lose distance” by playing them, you’re just going to be calling a 7I a 7I instead of an 8I.



  15. Melvyn Walker

    Hello Mat
    I am a 12 handicapper senior golfer (65) with a consistent smooth swing low . I currently use the G410 6,5 and 3 hybrids with BB 2016 irons. I am thinking of i210 irons 7 to U wedge, tried them out at the range with the graphite shaft and was really impressed, would edge towards power spec. Not keen on the 410 irons what you think.

  16. Hi Matt, thanks for the review, I have a simple question here, how does i210 compare to x forged in your personal opinion? In terms of forgiveness and feel that is, I hv used x-forged for nearly 2 yrs now and just wondering if i210 is slightly better in those areas, tks a lot! Am used to the CB clubs but i210 seems a little chunky than x- forged?

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  18. Graeme Macdonald

    Hi Matt I’m a 6 handicap 61 year old playing Ping Driver 5/9 wood, G700 6 to 9 with glide wedges. Fallen out of love with G700’s Enjoyed the power of hollow irons but loosing feel and control around greens when doing chip and run with these hollow irons. I’m thinking of a combo set 5/6 i500 then 7-9 i210. I need help with long iron and wondered if it’s easier to hit the i500 compared to the i210 in the 5/6 iron range ? I would like your opinion on the matter.
    Thanks Gmac

    • Matt Saternus

      The i500 is definitely going to go farther on mishits, probably a bit better on thin shots, but I don’t think the difference is going to be night and day.


    • I’m a 9 handicap. I play 5-p in i210 power specs. I also have a i500 5 and 6 iron, one deg weak in both. The i500 goes about 5 yards longer than the i210. Again, this compares a one deg weak i500 to a power spec i210. i210 feels so much better. I don’t believe i500 is any more forgiving. I500 is more clicky.

  19. Graeme Macdonald


  20. Luke DeSantis

    Hey Matt, I am a 14 year old junior golfer that shoots in the mid to upper 70s from the men’s tees. Should I go with the i210s or g410s?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest trying both and being fit. If forced to make a blind recommendation I would say i210.


  21. I’m a ~2 handicap and have played the Ping S55s since 2015 and love them with the KBS C Taper shafts. They’ve become worn, however, and I am looking to replace them. I don’t want a pure blade, so the Blueprint is not a fit, but the i210s look a bit clunky at first glance. Am I going to sacrifice much workability with the i210? Some additional forgiveness would be nice, especially in the 5-7 irons. I like to play a draw sometimes, especially into the wind – as long as I can still do that reliably with these irons, and they don’t play bulky, I think they might be a good fit.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s nothing objectively less workable about the i210, but a bigger look can make a club feel unwieldy to some players. My advice is that if you’re trying to talk yourself into a certain club, find a different club.



  22. I’m a 66 year old 6 handicap currently playing Ping S55 irons which need replacing. Since I am getting older, was wondering if I should purchase the i210 or the iBlade irons. I still hit my S55’s good, but was wondering which of the Ping irons would be the best replacements for me.

    • Matt Saternus


      The best advice I can give you is to get fit. The iBlade will be less forgiving than the S55, the i210 is much more forgiving.


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  24. 30 yo golfer occasionally breaking 90 most of the time low 90s. Currently play i5 and love the look at address etc. looking at i210 vs g700. Any suggestions?

    • Matt Saternus


      I always suggest getting a fitting. Either of the irons you mention are great. I would favor the G700 if distance is a top priority.


  25. Hi Matt,

    Seems like the price is right for the I210’s now. Almost guessing that Ping will be coming out with a replacement in Spring / Summer of 2021 for the I210. Still a solid iron offering in your mind after a couple years after their introduction?

  26. Understanding that feel is subjective, in your opinion would you say these are comparable to the PXG gen 3 P in feel and forgiveness, or are the PXG ahead in both criteria


    • Matt Saternus

      Those two irons feel different, but one isn’t better than the other. In terms of forgiveness, they’re pretty close.



    How do the i210 irons compare to the Taylormade P770’s irons ? Thanks

  28. How would these compare to 718 ap2 in head size
    And forgiveness ? Thanks

  29. Mike Connely

    Any industry insight if a replacement of these is on the horizon?

  30. Hi Matt,

    I’m looking to upgrade from my I25 irons. I’m a 9 handicap and am looking at the i210 and a blended set of the new Srixon 5’s/7’s. I tried a few hollow bodied irons and didn’t like them. I’m wondering how the 210 compares to the newer irons in play now given that it’s been around for a few seasons? How would you rate it against the Srixon’s? Shaft I play is the Modus 105 regular flex.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the i210 is as good as any players iron out there, particularly if you value forgiveness.


  31. Homi Matt – Is there a large difference in forgiveness between i210 and iblade? I’m stuck between these two

  32. Corinne Dufault

    Lots of great questions and answers, thanks Matt! I’m a female golfer, 11 hcp. I have a set of i210 irons on order and should be here soon. I was out golfing yesterday and tried my friends g425 7 iron into a green from the fairway. My first strike with the club and I hit it pin high for a 15 foot birdie putt which I just missed. From what I remember the i210 had even nicer feel. I was fitted for them mainly because of the dispersion, it was excellent for me. Soft regular Alta CB graphite at standard ladies length. They’ll have the Arccos grips which I’ve never used before and hope to like them. I’ll try to leave an update when I get to finally play them.

  33. Hey Matt,

    In your humble opinion. Between the i210 and the latest iteration P770 which is the superior head for a forgiving players iron?


  34. I’m glad I found this blog post. I have been looking for a Ping i210 iron for a while now. I’m glad I found this blog post.

  35. Hi Matt believe it or not I’m still using ping I-3’s mainly as I don’t play as much as I did when I bought them believing now I should change as I feel I’m missing some distance would a set of these 210’s be a good choice ? I’m typically now mid 80’s only playing once/twice a month looking at a 2nd hand set be good to get your insight , thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      The i210 is going to be quite different in terms of added forgiveness and distance. If those sound like things you want, the i210s would be a set worth trying in a fitting.


  36. I am a mid 9 to low 10 handicap., Do you think they I 210 will work for me?

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