Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII shaft has classic Speeder feel.  Feels like the most stable Speeder to date.


Whether you’re judging by Tour play, consumer sales, or online buzz, Fujikura’s Ventus shafts [reviews HERE] are among the biggest equipment stories of the last couple years.  But don’t think Fujikura has ignored their longstanding golden child, the Speeder.  New for 2020, they have the Speeder Evolution VII, a mid-launch shaft that takes advantage of multi-material construction to add stability to Speeder’s legendary feel and distance.


The Speeder Evolution VII has the same graphics as most other recent Speeder Evolution shafts but on a slightly different base color.  Where the VI mixed off white with dark greys, the new VII is entirely off white.  The primary branding looks great in gold, and the Speeder wordmark wraps around the shaft below the grip.


Through seven different variations, there has always been a consistent feel in the Fujikura Speeder Evolution shafts.  I’ve always described that feel as a whip crack – the energy moving smoothly down the length of the shaft like a wave until it explodes into the ball.  That feel is still present in the Speeder Evolution VII, and it makes swinging it a joy.

For players who have used other recent Speeder Evolution shafts, Fujikura provides a comparison chart on their website.  Relative to the Evolution V [review HERE], the VII has a stiffer butt section.  Compared to the VI, the VII has a stiffer mid section.


The latest iteration of the Speeder is unsurprisingly excellent.  It feels very consistent from swing to swing despite being fairly active.  The incorporation of Fujikura’s Metal Composite Technology and Woven Carbon Fiber give it as much stability as I can remember from a Speeder shaft.  Even when I was making contact on the edges of the face, the Speeder Evolution VII held strong.  On good swings, the performance was as billed: mid-launch with moderate spin and excellent speed.

As I said, none of that was particularly surprising.  What did surprise me was how much I’ve changed in the last few seasons.  Even though I gamed Speeder Evolutions in the past, getting in sync with the Evolution VII took some time.  I’ve become so accustomed to the feel of the Ventus Black that my initial results with the Evo VII were hit and miss – some high highs and some ugly lows.  This isn’t to say anything negative about the quality of the Evo VII, just an educational note to share.  Equipment that we’ve loved in the past may not be right for us anymore.  It’s important to check in with your fitter every so often to make sure you’re still in the best gear for you.

The Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII shaft is offered in 569, 661, and 757 models which correspond to 50, 60, and 70 gram weights.  The 569 has regular, SR (stiff/regular), and stiff flexes.  Fujikura offers SR, stiff, and X-flex in the 661.  The 757 model is available in stiff and X.


The Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII is a great shaft and a worthy addition to the Speeder family.  If you enjoy the Speeder feel but need more stability, this is definitely worth testing.

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  1. I was really anticipating a review on the Speeder Evolution VI. Seems it got skipped over? Any chance a review would be in the works for this shaft? Keep up the great work. I really enjoy these reviews.

  2. Recently tried this shaft with my TSi3. Loved it. But I currently have the Autoflex and I’m trying to make that work. Key word—- trying lol.

  3. How would you compare it to the Speeder IV when that was your shaft of choice? Spin & flight differences between the two?

  4. How would you compare this to the Ventus Blue? Also, I remember when I owned a Tour Edge CB Pro Limited fairway wood, it had the Motore Speeder 757 shafts which was one of my all time favorite shafts. How would you compare it? Would the Ventus Blue and Evolution VII be considered the same actively?

  5. Jon Overbay

    Which has a more active tip section, Ventus Red or Evo VIi?

  6. What shaft and head do you play on a regular basis? What is your go to set up?

  7. Landy Rodriguez

    Hello Matt
    How does the Evo Vll compare to the Diamana BF?
    Thank you and stay safe

  8. Matthew Ellison

    How would you compare this to the ventus black, my ventus black 7x just broke so I am looking at this speeder 757 as a replacement. Any thoughts on dispersion, and consistency.

  9. Jack DeBruhl

    The best driver shaft ever felt , a fairway finder for sure , 63 year old , 8 hcp. 220 to 250 yds. Consistent, swinging 95 mph .

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