Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft Review

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The Mitsubishi Diamana BF shaft is the fourth-generation of the company’s revered Diamana Blue Board.  Combines exceptional feel with stability.


Few families of shafts have been as successful as Mitsubishi Rayon’s Diamana.  Even fewer deliver new innovation with each version.  The latest Diamana, the BF (“Blue Force”), uses a new material designed by MRC to enhance the shaft’s stability without sacrificing feel.

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While each generation of blue Diamana uses the same “smooth” profile, they each have a slightly different feel.  The BF is very similar to the B Series in that the tip section is stable, but the kick feels slightly lower – about an inch or two below the grip.  The action is a very smooth load and kick that’s satisfying and gives you the sensation that all your energy is flowing into the ball.

It’s also worth discussing the way that impact feels.  Graphite shafts generally have a “cleaner” feel than steel, but the Diamana BF takes that up a level.  The feedback on strike location is enhanced, and pure strikes feel even better than normal.

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The BF continues the Diamana tradition of great looking, classy shafts.  The BF is, of course, blue, but it transitions to a silver/grey in the tip.  There’s the signature flowerband just under the grip, and Diamana branding in the butt/mid section.  The Diamana logo does wrap around the shaft, but it’s very faint on the underside, so those that want a clean “logo down” look can get it.

MRC Diamana BF


The Diamana BF delivers the mid-launch, low spin that players have come to expect from the Blueboard, Kaili, and B Series.  Good swings produced consistent, boring shots with a mid-trajectory.  The stability of the tip is also valuable in keeping mishits in play.

As my swing speed has increased lately, I took the time to test both the stiff and X-flex versions of the BF.  I was very impressed with both because the stiff didn’t feel loose, even at 110 MPH, and the X never felt boardy, even when dialing it down closer to 100 MPH.  While there is certainly a difference in feel, and the X kept my spin a bit lower, I got excellent control from both.

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Once again, MRC has found a way to improve on one of the best shafts in golf.  The Diamana BF has the trademark smooth feel with as much or more control and stability than ever before.  The 60-X will be loaded into my PING G LS Tec driver for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Jason Warlond

    Any comments on how it felt relative to other shafts? Previous generation blueboards or GD AD DI, Aldila Rogue Black or Kuro Kage Black … or others that you have tried that are in the “smooth” range of shafts?

    PS. What did you do to increase your swingspeed so much? Looked liked you high 90s not so long back.

    • Matt Saternus


      The kick feels a bit lower than the B Series. Outside of that, I didn’t do any head-to-head testing.

      I have an article about the swing speed increase coming sometime soon.



  2. How’s it compared to the Tense Pro Blue?

  3. I have been hitting the BF series 70x in my driver for about 4 months (previously hitting Fuji pro xlr8 tipped). Love this shaft, great consistency and ball flight. Even in an X no need or feel to over swing. Would recommend to anyone that is at the top end of their S shaft.

  4. Which would you choose for 103 low end swing speed, 113 top end? How big was the spin difference between the S and X?


    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I would choose the X because I prefer a stiffer feel. Spin differences are all going to be personal due to the different ways stiffness affects different players.



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  6. Is there a difference between the stock BF and an aftermarket BF?

  7. Evan Markley

    Matt, it looks like the EI profile of the BF is quite similar to the Kiyoshi Purple (another mid soft, butt & stiff tip shaft with great feel).

    Can you comment on any similarities or differences in feel, launch, and spin having hit both? Thanks!

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