Custom Scotty Cameron Futura X5

Futura X5 Custom 12

The Project

After reviewing the Futura X5R, and then doing a refinish on another one…I thought “why not customize an X5 now?”  I apparently can’t get enough of this putter.  I’ve also recently fallen in love with this metal flake blue enamel paint I have so I wanted to use that in a project.  When the Futura X5 presented itself, I decided to have a go.

Like the first Futura X5R refinish, I decided to polish the sole and the sides because I knew I was going to torch it more and polishing would make the blues and purples come out better.  I actually tried to get the guts to polish the whole thing this time, but I just couldn’t make myself do it.

The Process

Like the last time, I had to take the whole putter apart, remove the paint from the components, polish the stainless part of the head, torch the putter and the weights, and then put it back together.  Since I already covered that process in more detail in the previous refinish post, I’ll pass on covering the details.  I wanted a little richer bronze and some of the purples and blues to come through this time so I torched the head a little bit longer.

Futura X5 Custom 6
Futura X5 Custom 8Futura X5 Custom 2

Once that was complete, I cleaned the putter one more time and applied paint.

Futura X5 Custom 3 Futura X5 Custom 5 Futura X5 Custom 4

Futura X5 Custom 9

The finishing touches are key. I added a black Scotty Cameron Pistolero grip and put blue paintfill in the lettering over the stock read paint. I also swapped out the stock headcover for a Scotty Cameron Limited Edition Jackpot Johnny Custom Shop headcover.
Futura X5 Custom 14Futura X5 Custom 15


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  1. Awesome work creating a 1 of a kind very beautiful putter! Whoever is using this putter is a really lucky person! Recently got myself an X5, too bad there is no way such great work can be found in Singapore….

    • Thanks for the kind words. Do a little research via google, stuff on this site, etc. and you should be able to find everything you need to do the work yourself if no one is available near you. It’s not hard to get going.

  2. Hey what do you use to remove the paint from the top… The white t and the 2 long black lines

    Please let me know

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