Cobra AEROJET MAX Driver Review

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The Cobra AEROJET MAX driver could be the best under the radar driver of 2023.  Its uniquely modified shaping will provide high club head speeds.  Strong forgiveness and excellent launch conditions.

cobra aerojet max driver crown


Cobra Golf has a rich history that many golfers don’t know.  In the late 70s, Cobra Golf and its founder, Thomas Crow, introduced a revolutionary new extended length driver at 46 inches with a graphite head and shaft.  While that doesn’t seem crazy by today’s standards, it was revolutionary at a time of 43 inch drivers.

Cobra is aiming to make another leap forward with their 2023 AEROJET drivers.  This review will cover the new 2023 Cobra AEROJET MAX driver to see how revolutionary this driver can be for the regular, everyday golfer.

cobra aerojet max driver address


Cobra worked to simplify their products for 2023 as there is now only one colorway option for the Aerojet drivers compared to the 2022 drivers [Cobra KING LTDX driver review HERE].  The single colorway is mostly black with hints of red, white, and blue.  The crown sports a glossy carbon fiber design framed by a matte black border which contrasts well against the ball at address.  The signature Cobra “C” acts as the alignment aid on the leading edge of the glossy crown.  The Cobra AEROJET MAX has a large, triangular footprint that favors a closed position.

Flip it over and you will find a primarily black and carbon fiber driver with red, white, and blue accents.  The AEROJET MAX has two blue replaceable weights – one in the heel and another in the rear.  Just below the heel weight is the adjustable hosel window that shows which setting the driver is in.  This is not new, but it is something I have always liked about the Cobra drivers.

cobra aerojet max driver face

Sound & Feel

After only about three swings with the Cobra AEROJET MAX driver, I realized this is a loud driver.  In testing Cobra’s previous models last year [LTDX Max driver review HERE], the AEROJET MAX is a fraction louder.  That isn’t necessarily a negative.  The sound was a deep “thwack” which, despite the volume, was easy to get used to.

The loud, booming sound pairs well with a subdued but solid feel in the hands.  For a draw biased game improvement driver, I did not expect each strike to deliver such accurate feedback of face contact.


The 2023 Cobra AEROJET MAX driver performed beautifully for me.  In fact, it was better than I expected and could be one of the sneaky underrated drivers for this year.  This driver had the fastest club head and ball speeds in my driver testing for 2023, so far.  Cobra engineered a new aerodynamic design that eliminates the “skirt” from the bottom rear of the club which can boost speeds.  We hear these claims every year, but I could not avoid discussing it since it was the only driver in my testing that got me to 111 MPH which I have not seen in a few years.

In addition to its impressive speeds, the AEROJET MAX is a high launch, mid spin driver head designed for high forgiveness.  The H.O.T. (Highly Optimized Topology) face technology provides consistent spin and launch characteristics.  Even though the AEROJET MAX is considered the higher spin model in the 2023 Cobra driver family, I found the spin average which produced consistently strong distance and tight dispersion.  If you need lower spin, check out the standard AEROJET driver HERE.  The lowest spin can be found in the AEROJET LS driver HERE.

In regards to adjustability, there is a plethora of options within the Cobra AEROJET MAX driver.  The adjustable hosel allows for eight different settings for fine tuning preferred ball flight and trajectory.  Combine that with the two replaceable sole weights and the tinkering options are quite vast.  These replaceable weights are available for purchase on Cobra’s website ranging from 3 to 16 grams.

Cobra does a great job of offering a wide range of options and adjustability which covers a broad spectrum of golfers.  Although they only list two stock offerings on their website, there are more no upcharge shaft options.  I also should mention that upon purchasing any Cobra club, you will be provided with a code to get 14 Arccos shot tracking sensors [review HERE] for free.

cobra aerojet max driver


The 2023 Cobra AEROJET MAX driver is going to surprise some golfers this year.  The main surprise will be the shaping and increased club and ball speeds which will lead to distance gains.  Add all of this to a draw biased driver that packs plenty of forgiveness and it’s a recipe to see Cobra grab lots of attention this season.

Visit Cobra HERE

2023 Cobra AEROJET MAX Driver Price & Specs

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  1. 9handicapper

    Well…. it’s another $550 dollar driver… is anybody really getting anything out of that $550..?
    My neighbor and a golf enthusiast bought a Tour Edge Hot Launch C523 Driver 3 months ago for $250 … I’ve watched him pick up 12 yards over the new Callaway and the new Stealth — and have better control.

    I’ll be curious to see how he does against the new Cobra.

  2. Can’t the golf club manufacturers make clubs the average golfer can afford? I’m a senior golfer and can’t possibly afford the new stuff.

  3. John Holford

    The Tour Edge drivers have my interest as well. Reviews are strong against these other high end brands.

  4. My Aerojet has two sole weights, 12 and a 3, how done I arrange them for distance?

    • Matt Saternus


      Changing those weights will change the directional bias, so adjust them to hit it straighter and it will be longer, too.



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