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Arccos Gen 3+ Sensors System Review

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The Arccos Gen 3+ sensor system is an intuitive tracking device that uses personalized shot data to produce tour level statistics and help improve your game.


Arccos is now on its 3rd generation of sensors for shot tracking.  The third iteration claims to be an updated design to improve accuracy and overall performance.  The biggest change is in the revised putter sensor which is now smaller to better fit pistol grips.  We put these sensors to the test to find out what makes Arccos stand out from its competitors.

Setup & Ease of Use

The Arccos Gen 3+ sensors have an intuitive and easy setup process.  Once all sensors were screwed into the top of each club, I simply downloaded the Arccos app to begin.  The app immediately required a $120 annual subscription fee to start.

After paying the subscription in the app, I was able to sync each sensor with my phone’s camera.  This process identifies which club is paired with each sensor.  Once paired, each club had the option to add the brand and model for a bit more customization.  From there, it was ready to track my shots.

Once I arrived to the course, I opened the app on my phone, selected the course and tees I intended to play from and clicked “Start Round.”  There’s no tapping or calibrating during the round at all.

Accuracy & Performance

When it came to performance using the Arccos Gen 3+ sensors, I found that the GPS accuracy was almost always on point.  It was rare to find a shot that registered that was not accurate, however some shots were missed.  I would estimate about 90% of each round is collected and measured accurately.  The vast majority of those missed shots came with the putter.

No matter which club generated the issue, there is almost always some editing needed at the end of each round.  I didn’t mind doing this at all.  In fact, I enjoyed reviewing every round.  It allowed for checking yardages, reliving shots, calibrating misses, and learning where I can improve.  I actually looked forward to this after each time out.

The device you use to register shots can also affect your success using the Arccos system.  There are three ways to pair the sensors – smartphone, Arccos Link [review HERE], or Apple Watch.  The smartphone is a difficult sell as it requires your phone to sit in your front pocket the entire round.  While I don’t have an Apple Watch, I do have and currently use the Arccos Link belt clip.  This is ideal as I can leave my phone in my bag or in the cart.  I also found the Link to better register shots.

Once I completed my round and made edits, the statistics it calculated were impressive.  My favorite part of the app’s algorithm was its ability to show strokes gained compared to a specified handicap.  It also gave me great insights into what I did well and what I needed to work on.  The analysis breakdown even included tips from PGA pros for improving that area of your game.


The 14-club sensor system sells for $200 which does include the first year of the Arccos subscription.  Please consider buying them from Plugged In Golf sponsor HERE.  This essentially makes the sensors value at a net $80.  The caddie feature, strokes gained analytics, and club distance features make the app an incredible way to elevate your game.  If you want to better track your progress or simply find deficiencies in your game, the Arccos Gen 3+ sensors are a huge value add.  I should mention that older (and less expensive) Arccos sensors also are fully compatible with the latest software.  For me, the benefits associated with the Arccos system far outweigh the costs.

Are the new sensors worth the upgrade?  I had the previous version of Arccos sensors and the new ones are better in a few ways.  The new sensors picked up shots more accurately which led to less edits post-round.  Also, the new set comes with a smaller putter sensor, which is especially useful for those with pistol grips.  The new sensor’s complimentary first year subscription negates a lot of the costs to upgrading.

For shot tracking without an annual fee, consider Shot Scope [review HERE].


The Arccos Gen 3+ Sensors and app is a robust shot tracking system for any level golfer looking to boost their game.  The sensors are completely hands free and make tracking your game simple.

Buy Arccos Gen 3+ Sensors HERE

Visit Arccos Golf HERE

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  1. Michael Pasvantis

    Have always been curious about systems like these. Let’s hope

    • I have been using gen 2 Arccos for a few years and find it incredibly helpful. Knowing my accurate distance is a huge advantage (and a bit depressing). Not sure if it makes sense to upgrade as I have an original membership that has no annual fee. Thanks for the great review. #SubscribersWin

  2. John Sweat

    I tried the Arccos system a few years ago (Gen 1) and didn’t really get a long with is so well, but based on your review I would sure be open to giving it another try.

  3. Seth+Peterson

    Great review. I’ve been eyeing the sensor and link for a while now and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.


  4. Larry Hill

    A great improvement for putters! I’m data driven and using the sensors is a real positive. I would so excited to use the gen3’s!

  5. Ryan Bass

    After reading the review, I’m still unsure as to what the sensors measure and track and how they do so. I’ll do some homework as the tech is intriguing! #SubscribersWin

  6. Christopher Shively

    Lots of great features with the new generation of Arccos! Well written review, as always Zack. #SubscribersWin

  7. …fewer edits… , not less

    • Ian Samuel

      An excellent review which mirrors my own experience with Arccos smart sensors and the link device. The one thing that I would add is that I have found the Arccos technical support (post sales) to be first class. After some 3 months of the new season (in Scotland in all weathers) with the Arccos kit I believe I have now gathered enough information to properly identify my club distances as well as the key areas I need to work on. Thank you Arccos!
      I would love to try the new sensors.

  8. Eric Hutchens

    #SubscribersWin. great review.

  9. Great review, I love the upgrades. The caddie feature and a better putter sensor is intriguing. Do you think the data has helped lower your scores?

  10. Dustin W.

    Great review! I just recently learned about these sensors and I am looking to pick some up to help improve my game.

  11. #SubscribersWin
    Arccos has definitely helped my game

  12. These look great!

  13. Jim Barry

    Interesting. Using ShotScope H4 now but would love to see head to head comparison with Arcos.

  14. I’ll enter to win. I’d heard there were concerns about Arccos not capturing all of the shots, etc, which is why I’ve not done anything with the sensor my new driver came with. The stats Arccos can capture are amazing though.

    Try it for free? Sure. I’d like to enter the giveaway contest. Thanks!

  15. Zephyr Hill

    Great review. Thanks for all the information. Right now I Can’t decide between Arccos and Shot Scope?

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I use Shot Scope. I don’t want to have my phone with my during the round, and I find it requires less post-round editing.



  16. Tim Van Slambrouck

    Great review! #SubscribersWin

  17. Randy Siedschlag

    I’ve used Arccos prior but the subscription model scared me away and I always had sensors due on me. If these are improved sign me up. #SubscribersWin

  18. Karlton Uhm

    I have the Smart Grips and enjoy tracking shots this season. Post round review has helped identify areas of improvement. I hope Gen 3+ replacement sensors for Smart Grips are made available in the future.

  19. The analytics and ability to plug an play are amazing. The annual fee seems high year over year over year but I have been looking at these for a while now.

  20. Interesting product! Changing the golf game for the better :) #SubscribersWin

  21. Great review, I’ve contemplated trying Arccos for a while and this new version seems to be a winner. The strokes gained by handicap is a neat feature and I can appreciate how the inevitable post-round editing could actually help you get deeper into your play (although on off days, I could see myself getting even more frustrated, ha). #SubscribersWin

  22. These look pretty incredible – i use a basic GPS watch at the moment which i find helpful but doesn’t always help in terms of club selection. i suspect the build up of data to understand club gapping would be incredible, especially as a mid 20s handicapper working on improving my swing.

    Great review #SubscribersWin

  23. Have the older version and really enjoy using it. Not clear that upgrading the sensors makes sense as my current iteration is working well. Appreciate the updated review!

  24. Would love to try Arccos Gen 3+ sensors.


  25. Dan Humboldt

    I’d love to give these a try. I’m a math and golf junkie but haven’t had tbt time to collect any strokes gained data let alone analyze it! Sounds like this is the answer! #SubscribersWin .

  26. Jeff Richardson

    Curious how these compare to the V1 app.

  27. Avery sizemore

    Used arccos for a long time, looking forward for the generations to come!

  28. Keith Finley

    I’m using Garmin golf but don’t find it that consistent

  29. Héctor R Fernández

    Very nice review. I wouldn’t mind giving these sensors a go.


  30. Dave Kennedy


  31. John Parada

    Definitely an interesting data device. Would love to try it being an engineer and data driven! #SubscribersWin

  32. Scott Killam

    Great review, I have been looking at different products to help improve my game and these happened to be one that I was looking into so this really helps.

  33. Michael Payne

    Nothing more helpful than good data!

  34. I currently use the gen 2 sensors/link/apple watch and run into some shots not registering. Overall the system is well worth the money with the stats and the realistic yardage you get for each club (the arccos algorithm excludes fliers or short shots) with a suggested club to use displayed on the watch when you are using it for yardages.


  35. Forrest Fritz

    Have been debating getting arccos sensors. Very helpful review #subscriberswin

  36. Eric Aquai

    Great review. I currently use the V1 app, id love to try these in comparison.

  37. Been using the Gen2 for awhile and appreciate the improvements in the app along the way and, especially, the Link. Maybe due to the age of my sensors I have not been subject to an annual subscription to this point. It doesn’t appear from the review the benefits of new sensors justify taking on the annual fees. If Arccos added some green heat mapping to their app platform and the ability to add notes in pre & post-round planning (like a real yardage book) then I’d be on this for 2X the annual fee! Your welcome Arccos engineers ;)

  38. John Hultz

    #subscriberswin. Seen these for the last year or so and I think my game has finally improved enough where these would be helpful.

  39. Love to try these

  40. Rob Gittleson

    This system seems so cool. Would really help my training. #SubscribersWin

  41. Scott Dickson

    As always, another informative review by the team at Plugged In Golf. I’ve had my eye on these sensors as a promotional flyer was included with my set of Cobra LTDx irons I purchased this spring. While the review says it’s helpful for any golfer I do have to wonder how much they would help a high handicapper. I’ve yet to break 100 and it seems the insights may be a little overwhelming.

  42. Brenton K

    Would love to try these out, thanks for the opportunity.

  43. I’m interested.

  44. Guy Chagnon

    I am curious to compare these with Shot Scope system.

  45. Bruce Lowe


    Has to be the way forward to identity were I’m going astray…besides the tee shot! 😂

  46. John Wallbaum

    Would love to use these.

  47. Mark Ecklund

    The goal is to play better!
    #Subscribers Win

  48. Overall, had a very poor experience with Arccos from start to finish. In bullet points, here was my experience:

    – signed up and paid for trial but it was completely missed by their team. Spent back and forth with customer service troubleshooting what was missed. Finally figured it out and got the ball moving.

    – wanted to maximize my free trial by timing the receiving of the sensors that lined up with me playing as many rounds as possible but due to their team missing my initial order, I wasn’t able to do so. missed my first two anticipated rounds.

    – once I got the sensors, the set up process was not as easy as advertised.

    – once I got all sensors paired and I was ready to use them for the first time, the app said I didn’t have enough clubs paired to used the system. I was trying to troubleshoot on the first tee with clients of mine. Not ideal.

    – after contacting their team, I came to find out that the superstroke putter grip I have is not compatible with their standard sensor which lead to me not be able to use the sensors. Nowhere in the initial sign up or communication was this mentioned so this lead to more delays and frustration.

    – when their team tried to send me the putter sensor adaptor while I was on the road to make up for the errors above, the “overnight shipping” took closer to 5 days so the shipment completely missed me while I was on the road and had to have their team send me a separate shipment. That also took closer to 5 days and missed yet another round of golf.

    – once I received the putter sensor, the instructions were not included so I had to google how to install since it wasn’t self explanatory.

    – after all sensors were paired and ready, I finally got excited to use them but found out after the round that my pitching wedge somehow unpaired and recorded zero data for that round. had to repair after that round. Also lots of missed putts and mis recorded info.

    – once I repaired the pitching wedge and confirmed all other clubs were paired correctly, I finally got to go into a round knowing everything was paired. At least I thought that was the case… yesterday I played a round and the round was 6 strokes off and it didn’t even record my first tee shot of the day.

    – I gave it my all with these things but after a terrible experience and exhausting all my patience, I am cancelling. I hope they can figure out how to avoid these issues for existing and future clients.

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