Arccos Caddie Link Gen 2 Review

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The new Arccos Caddie Link Gen 2 is the latest update to the Arccos family of technology, improving on their impressive Caddie app and allowing users to ditch their phone.

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Arccos has been in the shot tracking business since 2014.  Here at Plugged In Golf, we have reviewed almost every one of their products.  It started with the first iteration of their shot tracking system, to the evolution of Arccos 360 in 2017.  Earlier in 2022, Arccos released an updated version of the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, including a secondary grey color option (review HERE).  Arccos is now releasing an updated version of their popular Caddie Link to go along with their highly-acclaimed app – Caddie Link Gen 2.

Set Up & Ease of Use

No matter which generation of sensors you pair the Link with, the set-up is user friendly.  Charge the small unit with the provided USB plug, and pair it with the app.  This can even be done at the course.  It is as simple as pairing a new pair of Airpods.

When you press and hold the quarter-sized “crown” button on the front, the unit will turn the on and immediately connect to a GPS signal.  You will still need to use the app to connect to the course you are playing and start the round.  After that point, you don’t have to hold or look at your phone again until you walk off 18.


The one big takeaway here is that we get to put the phone away and not keep it in the front pocket the whole round.  The app drains the smartphone battery fairly quick, so, if nothing else, the Arccos Link Gen 2 keeps your phone from dying on the course.  The latest Link also has a wider belt clip than the previous version and an improved mic to capture shots more accurately.

Compared to the prior generation, the 2nd generation is weather resistant in addition to boasting a longer battery life.  You can also tap the button next to the pin to capture the most accurate hole location on every putt.


The only negative is that it’s still not a perfect system.  Even using the button to mark the pin, I found errors which needed to be corrected after the round.  Personally, I enjoy this part of my round but I know many dread it.

I have mentioned it before, but wearing a belt clip brings in real strong dad vibes.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a far better solution than the phone in the pocket, but it’s not going to win any style awards.


The Arccos Gen2 Caddie Link comes in at $149.  Please consider supporting Plugged In Golf sponsor by buying it HERE.

This is actually the only part of Arccos that isn’t required for use (an Apple Watch is also an alternative to the Link).  The Gen 3+ club sensors are $199 and the mandatory yearly subscription is $120.  However, having all three (and yes, I am a paying subscriber), I can confidently say that the value of the analytics and access to the technology and insight into your own game is 100% worth the cost.

Arccos is always updating their app with new features and ways to view your game.  The important part is that you actually track your rounds.  This is why I highly recommend the Arccos Caddie Link Gen 2 if you’re going to use this system.  It takes the phone out of your pocket and gives you a better rate of GPS tracking each shot.  This means more accuracy and better insight into your game.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started in the game or an aspiring professional.  The Arccos Caddie Link Gen 2 gives every golfer a chance to read their stats just like the PGA Tour.  Strokes gained, driving, approach, and short game analytics can help every golfer get a better handle on their golf game.  The new Arccos Caddie Link Gen 2 makes all of these stats easier to track.

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  1. The Arccos Link is a great piece of technology and in my estimation it performs equal to or even better than my Apple Watch. Battery life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be… recharging between each round is pretty standard.

    As for the “fashion statement” it’s so small that it’s hardly noticeable. Take it from an insulin pump wearing diabetic- there’s worse things than wearing a transmitter the size of a standard money clip on your belt.

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