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The Cobra Aerojet driver is low spinning with good forgiveness.  Loads of fitting options across three models with adjustable hosels and weighting.

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For their Aerojet line, Cobra has created one of my favorite TV commercials ever [HERE].  A recreational golfer says he wants to swing faster and gets a glimpse of what the pros do to gain speed.  Then Rickie Fowler suggests, “Or you could just play Aerojet.”  I love the honesty of it: just buy more speed, because you’re not going to put in the work.

Funny commercials aside, I was curious to see if the Aerojet is actually faster than other drivers.  I’ve had numerous industry friends express genuine excitement about this club, so I was eager to get one into the lab.

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The Cobra Aerojet driver has a stretched bullet shape.  It’s extremely long from front-to-back.  Almost the entire crown is covered in a dark grey carbon fiber save for a thin edge of matte black.  The crowned C alignment aid is slightly to the heel side of center, and there’s modest Aerojet branding tucked into the heel.

Flipping the driver over, you se a sole that’s very toned down by Cobra’s standards.  There aren’t any bright neon colors, and – limited editions aside – the Aerojet driver only comes in one colorway.  Still, the large patches of white sets the Aerojet apart from the hordes of all-black drivers released this year.

 cobra aerojet driver face

Sound & Feel

On well-struck shots, the Cobra Aerojet driver emits a hollow, louder-than-average “pop” that’s mid-high in pitch.  The A.I.-designed H.O.T. Face contains an entire chorus of different sounds if you go exploring a bit.  Off-center shots can elicit high-pitched metallic tones and some dull thuds.  While some of these sounds are off-putting, they all serve as clear feedback that your swing was poor.

The feel off the face is very pleasing.  You can sense the ball trampolining off the face and flying downrange.  Feedback through the hands allows you to pinpoint the strike location.


The reason that so many of my fitter friends were excited about the Cobra Aerojet driver was the promise of low spin like the classic KING LTD driver [review HERE] but with more playable levels of forgiveness.  While the King LTD was never in my bag, I can confirm that the Aerojet driver is both low spinning and forgiving.

Cobra utilizes the same trio of technologies – H.O.T. Face, PWR-BRIDGE, and PWRSHELL – in the Aerojet driver that they do in their Aerojet irons and fairway woods.  Collectively, they work to give these clubs solid consistency in ball speed, launch angle, and spin all across the face.

In my testing, I found the results from the Aerojet driver were extremely predictable.  I saw a modest draw bias, strong launch angles, and low spin on nearly every shot.  In terms of both distance and direction, I felt like I could take the Aerojet driver to the course and know exactly where I’d be off the tee.

One of the bolder claims that Cobra makes about the Aerojet drivers is that they’re faster.  They state that the “raised skirt, symmetrical shaping, and streamlined edges” can promote higher club head speeds.  In my testing, I did not see greater club speed, but Zack did in his testing of the Aerojet Max [review HERE].  Given the value of speed in the modern game, it’s worth testing the Aerojet to see if it can bump your swing speed.

The Aerojet family of drivers gives players lots of ways to take advantages of Cobra’s technology.  In addition to the standard model, there’s the Aerojet Max and Aerojet LS [review HERE].  Those models are higher launching with draw bias and lower launching with fade bias, respectively.  Additionally, each Aerojet driver has an adjustable hosel, allowing golfers to add or subtract up to 1.5 degrees of loft.  Finally, each driver has at least one weight port.  Cobra offers the weights in 3, 8, 12, 15, and 16 grams to customize the swing weight and alter the CG.

cobra aerojet driver sole


Does the Cobra Aerojet driver allow you to buy more club head speed?  Maybe, maybe not, but it definitely does provide low spin with strong forgiveness.  If you want your tee shots to be more predictable, consider getting fit for Aerojet.

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  1. Thank you once again for the great write-up. Any thoughts on the AJ vs the TSR2? Thank you

  2. How does it compare to last year’s LTDx?

  3. Hi Matt,

    Thanks so much your reviews, they’re really helpful. I went and tried the Aerojet Ls and standard model after reading this review. The standard Aerojet was so predictable as you said. Tried a few shafts and then put the kai’li 60x in and it came alive. Straight in the bag after a few months of battling against the paradym triple diamond. Great review as always, mate!

  4. Hi Matt, Will you be reviewing the LS model? Thanks!

  5. Hi Matt,
    Was the launch angle higher with this one than the LS model, and what were the differences between the two that you observed

    • Matt Meeker

      Drew reviewed the LS model. You’ll need to glean differences from reading each review. If you get the chance to hit them both (highly recommended), please come back and share your findings.

      – Meeks

  6. Rich Larsen

    At 80 yo I have lost distance over the last 10 years. I purchased the Aerojet Max last week. WOW, .. I gained 15 yards the first time on the range. I feel with time and practice I will even do better. Great club. Beena Cobra fan for years. My wife also has a Max now.

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