Cobra King LTD Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

The Cobra King LTD driver is one of the most anticipated releases of 2015.  Cobra believes they have unleashed their best driver to date.

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I distinctly remember the first time I saw pictures of the new Cobra King LTD driver.  Based on pictures alone, my reaction was, “What the hell is this thing?”  What I saw was a design that was trying to leap into the future and take metal woods to a new level.  As the industry has been chasing zero Center of Gravity (CG) for years, Cobra claims to have finally hit the neutral axis line which brings the CG to zero.  Ideally, this means golfers should get that perfect blend of higher launch, greater ball speed, and low spin.  Looks alone had me hooked, and the claims only made me that much more pumped to test the King LTD driver out.

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At the risk of sounding like I’m blindly swooning,  I think the Cobra King LTD is one of the best looking drivers I’ve ever seen, and it’s certainly the coolest looking.  The Spaceport on the bottom immediately draws your attention and curiosity even though the bright orange, black, and grey color scheme could have easily done this on its own.  The Spaceport even gives you a cool look inside of the head (something I haven’t seen in a club before).

King LTD Driver-21King LTD Driver-22

From address, the 460cc King LTD has a moderate pear shape, and the toe seems to sit just a bit higher than the last couple of generations of Cobra drivers.  To be fair, this could be how the black crown looks to my eye after previously using drivers with white and red club heads.  The face is “deep-ish” in that it’s large and confidence inducing, but doesn’t feel like a giant wall of a hitting surface like the old Taylormade Super Deep.  My favorite aesthetic touch is the checkerboard design on the crown that you can only see in the right lighting.  It’s not a distraction, but it’s a nice little touch of character.

King LTD Driver-8
I played my first round with the King LTD with a group of strangers, and around the 8th hole, one of the guys in my group asked me what driver I was playing because he’s never seen it before.  I handed it to him to look at and his reaction was “Holy @#$%, this thing looks amazing.”  I’ll just say that this guy was far from the demographic that normally gets associated with Cobra Golf, and his reaction is a good testament to this driver’s appearance and “wow factor.”

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Sound & Feel

2015 has brought with it two of the best sounding and feeling drivers I’ve ever hit, and that is no small feat.  Topping the list is the Cobra King LTD driver.  Frankly, I haven’t ever hit anything that’s quite felt like it.  The sound comes from a combination of the titanium face, the Cobra speed channel, and the hollow carbon fiber crown.  What you end up with is a soft, yet very solid “whap!” off the club face.  Shots away from the center of the face do sound different than the sweet spot, but far from the typical offensive and dreadful noises we usually expect to hear.

Now the feel…I don’t quite know how to describe it.  I’ll precede my comments by saying I truly believe you will need to try it for yourself to really appreciate what I will try and convey with the following statements.  Golfers often say an exceptional forged iron feels “buttery” when you hit a crisp shot.  Well, for the first time in my life, I would say the same thing about a driver.  The King LTD driver felt buttery and smooth.  You’re likely thinking “I don’t know if I’d want a driver to feel buttery, I want it to feel solid and explosive.”  Rest assured, the King LTD is extremely responsive and shots feel like they’re jumping off of the face.  With a lack of junk all over the inside of the club head, you get a very pure and explosive feel unlike anything I’ve ever felt in a driver.

A key point to note when it comes to feel is that the King LTD feels like a very light driver head.  I tried a lighter shaft in the King LTD at first, but found I tended to “lose the club” throughout the swing.  The two ways to combat this are with a heavier shaft or adding weight to the head.  I went with a heavier shaft and no longer had this issue.  The stock Aldila Rogue is a fairly stout shaft and works well.  Interestingly, when compared to the Fly-Z+ driver head, which felt much heavier to me, the King LTD actually came out five grams heavier.

Cobra King LTD LM


One of the biggest things serious golfers look for in their drivers these days is to have as little spin as possible.  In recent years, manufacturers have made all sorts of efforts to drop spin rates whether by changing the location of the CG, using different materials, or installing telephone pole shafts as stock options.  The Cobra King LTD attacked the spin issue by moving the CG to the neutral axis of the club (as seen in the picture below) whereas most clubs’ CG is above the neutral axis.

Cobra Zero CG

When I hit the King LTD driver on a launch monitor with the stock Rogue shaft, I saw pretty low spin numbers for me.  In fact, I even had a handful of shots under 2000 rpm which is unheard of for me.  I was also seeing some pretty solid roll which is not too typical for me.  Most appealing to me was the forgiveness of the King LTD.  On multiple occasions, I was expecting a big miss and instead got decent distance and shots that weren’t way offline.  I would feel comfortable in claiming that the King LTD is one of the most forgiving drivers I have ever put into play.

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The two most anticipated drivers of this fall are the Cobra King LTD and Taylormade’s M1.  After hitting both, I was completely underwhelmed by the M1 (I thought it was awful all around) and totally blown away by Cobra King LTD.  I genuinely feel the Cobra King LTD driver could be the first sign of a major shift to come in the equipment industry and golfers really won’t want to miss out on what Cobra has to offer.

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  1. What are the two best sounding and feeling drivers you are talking about above?

  2. Comparing to your review of the GBB, very similar launch numbers but GBB had 9 yards more carry. Do you think that is consistent with what you saw or would you consider that as day to day variance?
    Also which driver did you find more forgiving between the two, especially laterally?

    • I would chalk it up mostly to day-to-day variance, and a little extra speed when I was swinging the Callaway. Note, I didn’t stick with the Great Big Bertha, largely because I couldn’t get dialed in with it and found the misses to be extremely punishing. I have found the Cobra to be extremely forgiving and much easier for me to hit. To be fair, everyone will experience different results, but my preference is the Cobra.

  3. I tested the GBB and agree with what you said my misses were all of the place. I usually like to play a high cut with my driver and I was hitting snap hooks even with the weight in the face setting. I’ve always enjoyed the feel of Callaway drivers but just couldn’t get along with the GBB. How would you say the cobra compares the the Srixon z545?

  4. Or the ping g30?

    • Note, I didn’t say the misses on the Great Big Bertha were all over the place, just that I was punished for them. The misses were fairly consistent for me.

      In terms of your comparison request, I can’t fairly speak to it. I’ve hit the Ping once and never the Srixon. I would strongly encourage reading Matt’s reviews on them to see what his opinions are. I don’t believe he has hit the Cobra yet either. The ultimate answer is, you’ll have to hit the three of them to have a fair personal comparison.

  5. Hey Bill,

    Fly Z+ obsolete with this one out now?

    • I guess it depends on your definition of obsolete. To me that implies that the Fly-Z+ would no longer be a perfectly good and functional driver, when in fact, it’s still great. The King LTD is very different, as mentioned FEELS lighter even though it weighs more, and doesn’t have the same adjustability. The King LTD is also no intended to be the “new Fly-Z+” in the lineup. Cobra announced the f6 lineup which appears to have similar characteristics to the last generation. See the press release here.

  6. My 910D3 with RIP is spinning way too much, do you think this would be worth a while to compare against my titleist???

  7. Thanks Bill.

  8. Wow, $450 for the King LTD is just out of my price range, I didn’t even bother hitting it, how about the FLY-Z and Z+????

  9. I have clocked my Driver SS around 107 MPH but I don’t think I consistently stay up that high during the course of a round, so I have to think about hard before I pull the trigger and on which one.

    Thanks Bill, I enjoy your reviews very much an they give me a lot to think about.

  10. You stated that you tried a lighter shaft but felt you were losing the club throughout the swing & that switching to a heavier shaft helped. When you say light shaft what was the weight of the shaft you considered light? This driver comes with an Aldila rogue as the stock shaft which in stiff is 68g. Would you consider the stock staff to be heavy enough for you?

    • The shaft I was using was a low 50’s shaft. The stock Rogue was fine weight-wise, but wasn’t a good fit for me.

      Now that I’ve gotten used to the feel of this head, I don’t have the same “lost” feeling with lighter weight shafts.

  11. I have the G30 10.5 tour reg shaft, ss 95 mph. Can a slower swing speed player benefit from a lower spin head? If so, any recommendations on what shaft to start with on the Cobra LTD?

    • Anyone can benefit from a low spin head. That said, just because it’s designed to be low spin doesn’t mean you will get low spin. There are a lot of contributing factors which is why we always stress the importance of testing and fitting.

      We make a point to not make shaft recommendations to anyone for the same reasons mentioned above. Without seeing data and comparisons, it’s a total shot in the dark and we would not be able to provide an accurate suggestion. “Every swing’s a snowflake.” That means your swing will inevitably interact differently with equipment compared to others so it’s important to test for yourself.

  12. Bill- on Cobra man to another, is it worth going in to test this against my trusty bio cell+ ? I don’t Need a new driver, but am always interested in what a new one could do. ..

  13. Your review for the Nike Fly was equally positive. What can you say about choosing between the two? Does it come down to looks or would you say one performed a bit better than the other?

    • While both reviews were positive, I wouldn’t say one is more or less positive than the other. Just a statement on the clubs as I found them in testing.

      That said, the King LTD has been firmly cemented in my bag since October and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

      • Good to know! I’ll be testing them both today with a launch monitor to decide which will replace my old Titleist. Thanks for the response!

  14. Patrick Doherty

    Have you had any problems with the plastic space ring falling off inside the club head? If so, how have you remedied it.

    • INSIDE the head? I’m not sure I know what you mean. Email me pictures at

    • Tried to email you back, your server blocked it.

      So a few things. Cobra should repair that for free. I’d contact them.

      If you’re handy and trust your hands and creativity, since that window is out, you should still be able to unscrew it. Think of it like a drain in your bath tub. Maybe use some pliers (have to have some touch) to turn. I would also hear it with a heat gun or a blow dryer on high to get it to loosen up.

  15. Joeg Voll

    It’s 2021 and on March 7th 2021, Bryson DeChambeau was using this 2015 Cobra Ltd. and he won!

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