Cobra Fly-Z+ Plus Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

The Cobra Fly-Z+ driver is one of the most explosive and exciting new drivers of 2015.  With its adjustable center of gravity (CoG) and strong performance, the Fly-Z+ stands on its own as one of the top drivers in the game.

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Yes, everyone, I am the resident Cobra fanboy here.  I have been a Cobra fan for quite some time, and recent history has backed up my allegiance with some strong products that have been able to hold their own with all of the other big players in the game.  Though others on staff may disagree with me, I can unequivocally say I believe the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver is the best driver of 2015.  Cobra has maintained some of its better characteristics from the previous two generations of drivers and introduced an ability to adjust the center of gravity (CoG) to be able to better fit the driver to your shot and make it easier for you to find the fairway off the tee with some added distance.

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At address, the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver is fairly modest and simple, which is great.  The BiO CELL drivers had the cell markings on top of loud crowns, but the Fly-Z+ driver has a basic metallic paint job that really pops in the sun – even in white – and the drivers come in the wide range of colors that Cobra has become known for over the past four years.  The shape is a compromise between round and pear with a confidence-inducing look at address.  All in all, the Fly-Z+ is a great looking club that provides the perfect blend of simplicity and flair.

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Sound & Feel

Cobra has had success with its E9 face technology for quite a few years now, but they have introduced a new Speed Channel around the face of the Fly-Z+ driver.  This Speed Channel is designed to minimize the face thickness and create higher ball speeds.  This also has a direct impact on the sound and feel of the golf club.  At impact, the Fly-Z+ has a very loud sound that has a “thwack” to it.  It’s not overly metallic, but it’s certainly loud enough to make a point.  The face has a noticeable explosive feeling when the ball jumps off the face.  The Fly-Z+ driver is similar to its predecessors in that the face is very forgiving.  I would argue that out of the four previous drivers with E9 faces, the Cobra Fly-Z+ is  the best at minimizing loss of ball speed and overall consequence on mishits.

Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver LM Data

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The performance of the Cobra Fly-Z+ is where this club really begins to get interesting and earn its keep.  The hallmark of the Fly-Z+ driver is its adjustable sole weight that alters the CoG of the club.  By putting the weight in the rear position of the club, you should see a higher ball flight with more carry.  By moving the weight to the forward position, you should experience a more penetrating ball flight with more roll.  This adjustment is significant, and the graphic above doesn’t quite tell the whole story.  The optimal setting for me was with the weight in the forward position.  I was able to swing very naturally, get good carry, and great roll which allowed me to hit some really nice drives and really jump on a few.  Hitting long, accurate shots felt virtually effortless.  When I moved the weight to the rear of the club, I found myself hitting some crazy balloons that went too high in the air, and I was not getting great carry or distance.  To fix this and “narrow the gap” that you see in the graphic – and keep the golf balls from putting holes in the ceiling – I made adjustments to my swing which made the club more difficult for me to swing.

The results I experienced with the weight in the rear position should not be alarming whatsoever.  Not all swings are alike, and not all swings need the same things.  I know plenty of people that need all the help they can get to get the ball up in the air so this setting should work wonders for them.  The beauty of the Fly-Z+ driver is that the CoG is easily adjustable and anyone using the club should be able to experience real benefits from it.

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Going into January of 2015, I was fairly certain I had my bag set for the year, and I was planning on using a driver from a different brand.  After spending time with the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver, I’m shocked that I thought about straying from the Cobra ranch at all.  The Fly-Z+ is a great reminder for me of why drivers are so much fun to hit.  I can’t tell you I think I’ll find myself making CoG adjustments all the time, but the fact that I have the choice in the first place makes for a more dialed-in golf club that is going to serve me better on the golf course.  If Cobra Golf hasn’t already grabbed your attention as one of the top players in the golf equipment industry, consider the Fly-Z+ driver as the indicator that you better start.

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  1. Hi Bill
    good review, what is you AoA with driver (up or down) ?
    have you managed to get spin <2000 rpm with a driver/shaft?
    Also would the velox -ST shaft be a better option with this driver (not sure if it is?) not the SP?

    • I would say my angle of attack is generally pretty neutral, but I tend to adjust it based on various factors I won’t bore anyone with here. I’d have to go dig through my reviews, but personally I don’t really know if I’ve ever gotten a driver/shaft combo under 2k, but I’ve also not been concerned with it. I use the stats to supplement other factors.

      I also can’t accurately answer your Velox question. Our reviews and studies all confirm that shafts all perform differently for individuals so you ultimately should test both out and see which performs best. Where the T may be optimal and more comfortable for me, the P could be for you (or vice versa).

  2. Dan Harding

    I tend to slice pretty good if I am not paying attention and working hard on my swing. How will this driver help?
    I’m looking for a new driver and am very interested in this one.

  3. Great review Bill. I currently own and love the BioCell and was wondering if it’s worth the expense of upgrading to the Fly z. In your opinion would I gain anything substantial. Thanks again. Mich

  4. Thanks for the review, Bill. I’ve had the Fly Z+for around a month now and have tried it with weight both forward and back. I’m getting good results generally but am having trouble hitting it consistently either way. I’m thinking my swing speed (low 80s) may not be fast enough for this driver. What are your thoughts? Would the Fly Z be worth a try? Thanks for your help.

    • Aside from a slightly different shape, the Fly-Z is basically the Fly-Z+ with the weight in the back and not adjustable. Now obviously, that statement is not 100% accurate, but for the comparison we’re doing here, it’s close enough. The biggest difference you’re going to experience here is going to be in the shafts and that seems like a crazy investment just to swap those components. Frankly, I would stick with the Fly-Z+ and commit to the setting you see the best results with so you get used to it. At that point, if you’re still experiencing issues, it may be time to get fitted for the proper shaft.


  5. Great reveiw Bill. I currently game the BioCell + and I wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the Fly Z +. In comparing your reviews of each, your numbers were significantly better with the BioCell + than the Fly Z +. Can you elabortate on how the two compare in your opinion? Thanks!

    • This may seem like a bogus response, but it has a lot to do with when I did my testing. Let’s just say, I didn’t test the Fly-Z+ in mid-season form. I’ve hit it recently on some monitors with higher numbers, which maybe I’ll get crazy and update some day if I find time. Ultimately, I do think it’s worth changing two from a performance perspective. It feels a lot different than the BiO CELL+ so I would make sure you are comfortable with that first. 90% of the time, feel will trump performance for people.

      Best of luck,


  6. Does this come stock with a 46″ shaft? I have tried them and can’t play them. I have to use a 45″ shaft or I lose distance and accuracy.

    • If you click through on one of the links to Cobra’s site, it has all of the stock specs listed. If it’s 46″, you can always have it cut down to size.

  7. Had a question – I had purchased a fly z + on eBay and love it. After looking at some other pics of the club online and found a few differences. The main one being the color on the bottom of the club was different color than the top of the club. I was told it was a limited edition prototype. I will be calling into cobra on Monday but was wondering if there was any info online about these prototypes if they exist. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Cobra does occasionally release prototype colors through their Venom Vault online. I’d be happy to give you my opinion if you send some detailed pictures to I’m quite familiar with their products so I will likely be able to recognize it if it’s legitimate.


  8. What shaft did you test this is? My SS is a little faster than yours (around 110-112). I tested the stock stiff and was spinning it up near 3300rpm but hit it very straight.

    • I believe it was stock stiff if memory serves. If you read through our site, you will see a common theme of belief in the idea that everyone’s swing is different and equipment responds differently be it spin, launch, etc. If you’re happy with the shot and feel, and don’t find the spin to hurt you, don’t reinvent the wheel.

  9. John McCain

    Really enjoyed your video on the Cobra Fly Z+ driver. It was concise and to the point. The club feels heavier than an earlier Bio cell driver a friend has. He thought so too. You were spot on in explaining the front and back swing weight options. Thank you

  10. Won’t find a better driver for distance, forgiveness and accuracy combined result than the fly-z +, period.

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