Cobra Aerojet LS Driver Review

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The Cobra Aerojet LS driver is a speed demon of a driver. It’s quick to swing and offers lightning-fast ball speeds with some of the higher launches of any driver this year. The only thing it’s low on is spin, which means even more distance.

Check out the new Cobra DARKSPEED LS driver HERE


Cobra worked in conjunction with some of the longest drivers of the golf ball like Kyle Berkshire and Bryson DeChambeau to create this driver and it shows.  Aerojet LS feels like the culmination of an era of golf defined by speed.  

Even the name “Aerojet” evokes feelings of aerodynamics, fighter jet airplanes, and even rockets.  But that’s not just a name.  In my experience with the driver, it does fly high and far.  But even with that top-shelf performance, it features a lesser price tag than Callaway and TaylorMade’s low-spin drivers by $50 and $80 respectively.  To me, that proves fabulous value for money.  


At address, your eye naturally goes from the matte black topline, scanning right to a simple “C” alignment marker.  The glossy carbon crown of the driver’s head features a checkerboard pattern that looks almost 3-D, contributing to a space-age look.  The top is completely devoid of color, only featuring varying shades of black and grey.  The LS model shares this address look with the standard Cobra Aerojet driver [review HERE].

The sole of the Cobra Aerojet LS driver is a departure from the top’s futuristic, clean look. While black is still the primary color, it features loud pops of color in red accents, bold white lines, and blue weights and detailing.  Those weights aren’t just for looks either, as being placed forward helps to lower spin.  

The head cover evokes the feelings of the driver with a black pattern down the center that is reminiscent of the carbon crown. The cover features the same colors that the sole of the club does: black, white, and blue with accents of red.  The white and blue look like a pair of plane wings that are folded in, also feeling like a reference to the name of the club.  

Feel & Sound

Before hitting this driver, I was acutely aware of the removal of the CG milled face of the previous model Cobra, the LTDx LS (review HERE).  With how soft that face was, I was sad, thinking I’d surely miss that squishy, nearly forged iron-like feel the last driver had.  However, that wasn’t the case. 

While Aerojet definitely felt firmer than the previous model, it still feels incredibly airy, light, and soft.  Yet, it also feels super-charged with power.  In fact, it feels positively electric and fast.  Striking this driver made me feel superheroic – like Thor swinging his hammer in a Marvel movie.  The sound was also ridiculously smooth.  Despite the face feeling both light off impact, the acoustics of the driver were deep and punchy.  


I won’t beat around the bush here.  The Cobra Aerojet LS driver has produced the best driver numbers I’ve ever seen.  It showed better ball speed, a nearly perfect smash factor even on off-centered strikes, high launch, and low spin. On top of that, it was fairly straight in flight.  

When I got warmed up, it consistently produces the same reliable shot shape I look to see off the tee, a tight draw.  One thing I did notice was that this club is noticeably more fade-biased than other heads I’ve tested this year.  It showed a tendency to start the ball right of my intended target line.  

If you need more draw bias, check out the Cobra Aerojet Max driver HERE

The Cobra Aerojet LS driver is also wonderfully adjustable.  It comes with two weights in the head that can be adjusted as well as an adjustable hosel.  The hosel proved essential for me too because of how high I launch the ball.  To fully optimize the club, I played the 9-degree head at 7.5 degrees.  Those who struggle to get the ball up have the ability to add up to a degree and a half of loft as well, although, that shouldn’t be an issue.  Out of the low spin heads I’ve tested this year, this one was also consistently the highest launching

Of course, not every shot was a perfect strike.  I am happy to report though, that mishits weren’t massively punished.  I found my occasional pull-hooks to be less dramatic than with other heads, and for the ball speeds to still be high despite strikes that were low or “heel-y.”  


Simply put, the Cobra Aerojet LS driver is the driver of the year for me.  It launches higher, spins less, and features ball speeds I just haven’t seen with other drivers I have tested.  Despite having the best numbers, it also is being offered at a lesser price compared to other low-spin models.  In 2023, there’s nothing more you could want from a new driver. 

Visit Cobra Golf HERE 

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  1. Eric Hutchens

    Great review. Cobra is the most underrated golf company in the industry.

  2. M Constantine

    Pretty exciting. What shaft and playing length did you test with?

  3. I’m going to preface this question by saying that I’m not going in for a fitting. A few years ago I went for fittings on back to back days at the 2 big box stores as an experiment, and was fitted into 2 different drivers. My swing just isn’t consistent enough for a fitting to be accurate. It might be great for the swing I have that particular day, but not for the swing I have tomorrow or a week from now. I know enough about my launch monitor numbers to be able to have a reasonable guess about what “should” work well for me. That being said, would you say this is worth upgrading from my original SIM? The numbers I get from my current driver are similar to the ones you have in this review, but slightly higher in all categories. You can currently get this driver for around 300 bucks brand new on eBay if you are patient with aucions, which is a killer deal.

  4. Gaming one for a couple of rounds now and very impressed. Definitely longer than the Stealth Plus it is replacing. Only adjustment for me is going from hitting a draw or straight shot to leaning to play a small fade. The LS seems fade biased as mentioned on Cobra’s web site. For someone like me who can get quick and go left this is actually a blessing in disguise

  5. Anonymous

    I was able to pick one up from amazon brand new for around $250. Dont think its currently at that price but might drop again in the future. Def worth scouring the internet for a good deal.

  6. David Larmour

    Any chance if adding angle of attack to your launch monitor data for reviews. It would help

    • Matt Saternus


      Respectfully, no. We are much closer to doing away with the launch monitor numbers than we are to adding to it.



      • A bit late to this thread, but I’m interested in the reasoning behind this comment about doing away with some of the launch monitor numbers in your tests. Can you provide the “why”?

        • Matt Saternus


          The purpose of our reviews is to help educate golfers so they can make good equipment decisions. There is a question in my mind as to whether or not posting those numbers serves that goal.



  7. When will you be reviewing the Darkspeed line?
    Love your site.

  8. Scott Chirpich

    I demoed the Aerojet and ls model and hit the standard with a reg flex shaft longer than the LS with a stiff flex. Do you think with fitting for the correct shaft I would get more distance with the LS model? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Without all your numbers, there’s no way to give you any guidance. Ultimately, a fitting is the best option.



  9. Pierce Robertson

    Do you personally think the Cobra Aerojet LS driver is good for a righty who hooks it far left and has an average spin rate @4300rpms? BTW, my shots tend to rise 30 feet, especially with a club head speed of 125
    Thanks, Pierce

    • Matt Saternus


      I think it’s worth testing in a fitting, but I wouldn’t recommend buying any driver without testing it first to make sure it improved on what I already have.



      • Pierce Robertson

        I have already tried the driver when my speed was close to 110ish and thought it was great. But my question was essentially if there is a better low spin driver out there.

        • Matt Saternus


          There are numerous good low spin drivers, including the PXG Black Ops Tour-1. Finding the differences between them is the job of fitting – no one driver is objectively better than another, it’s a matter of what fits your needs and preferences.


  10. Pierce Robertson

    I bought it today and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    once it hits the ground it will roll for 30yds!

  11. Pierce Robertson

    I didn’t have to get fitted–I chose a 60 inch x-stiff shaft made by HZRDUS.

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