2021 PXG 0211 Irons Review

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The 2021 PXG 0211 irons are a blended set that offer strong performance throughout the bag.  Very long and forgiving.  Same technology as the 0311 GEN3 irons.


PXG made their name by offering the most premium golf clubs at the most premium price points, so it came as a big surprise when they released the 0211 irons in the spring of 2019 [review HERE].  For roughly half the price, golfers could access the technology and performance of the vaunted 0311 irons.

For 2021, PXG is releasing the second generation of 0211 irons along with complementary woods.  I tested a set of the new irons to see if they continue to offer the same level of performance as their more expensive brethren.

Check out the new PXG 0211 XCOR2 Irons HERE


In the bag, the new version of the PXG 0211 irons are both very PXG and very of-the-moment.  PXG’s trademark black and silver color scheme is very popular with other OEMs right now, and it gives the 0211 a classic look.  This is balanced with the blingy chrome badge near the sole.  Overall, they look a little more streamlined than the original 0211 irons, which I like.

Due to the progressive set design, you can’t describe the address look of the 0211 irons in one go.  In the long irons (first address photo, 4I left, 6I right), these clubs have a longer blade length, more offset, and a square toe.  As you get to the wedges (above, PW left, LW right), the face and toe become more round and the offset shrinks to almost nothing.  Additionally, the leading edge of the wedges is round where the mid and long irons are square.

Throughout the set, PXG put a substantial bevel on the top line to make it appear slimmer.  It’s a very effective design, and it makes the mid and long irons more appealing to the better player.

Sound & Feel

Due to the DualCOR material, PXG’s GEN3 irons have a signature feel that no other iron quite duplicates.  Because they share the same technology, that feel is present in the 0211 irons, too.  On center, you can feel the ball springing off the face, but the club face feels solid and supported.  This solid feel is enhanced by the quiet, robust “click” of impact.

The one thing that is lacking is feedback.  As I always say, this is a double-edged sword.  If every shot performs like a pure strike, it may not be a problem that all shots near the center of the face feel similar.


The idea behind the 0211 irons is to bring the performance of the 0311 irons to consumers at a lower price.  As they did in the first generation, PXG succeeded.  Testing the 0211 irons revealed the same extremely high ball speed as I saw in the 0311 irons and the same excellent forgiveness relative to size.

What will stand out most to the majority of golfers is the distance they can get from the 0211 irons.  The loft structure of the 0211s is the same as the 0311 GEN3 XP irons [review HERE], which is to say the lofts are strong but not nearly the strongest available.  These lofts, combined with DualCOR and the “World’s Thinnest Face,” make for higher ball speeds than you’ll find in any other iron.  High ball speed plus strong launch angles and fairly low spin equals lots of distance.

While raw power is wonderful, I was most impressed by the forgiveness in the 0211 irons.  These clubs look good, particularly through the mid and short irons, but they have the consistent performance of much larger irons.  I particularly like that this much forgiveness is packed into a set without huge offset.  For comparison, the 0211s have offset specs somewhere between the XP and P irons [review HERE] in the 0311 series.

PXG 0211 Irons vs. PXG 0311 Irons

I wrote this for my review of the original 0211 irons, and it’s worth including here, too.

With the price of the 0211 irons roughly half of that of the 0311 irons, it’s obvious to wonder, “What’s the difference?”  Here are the key differences.

  1. The 0211 is cast, the 0311 is forged.
  2. The 0311 has adjustable perimeter weighting, the 0211 does not.
  3. The list price of the 0311 includes a wide variety of shaft choices.  The 0211 comes stock with two choices and others available at an upcharge.
  4. There are three different models in the 0311 GEN3 line up.  The 0211 is one progressive set.

To me, the last point is the most important.  In paying for the 0311 GEN3 irons, you have the ability to choose the loft/offset/head size that works best for you in each iron.  That might be minimal offset throughout, it might be a blended set of all three models.


While the 0311 GEN3 irons still have tremendous appeal, particularly when it comes to customization, the PXG 0211 irons simply can’t be beat in terms of performance for the money.  These irons can go toe-to-toe with their more expensive brethren on every important metric.  If you want that high end performance without the huge price tag, you need to give these a look.


2021 PXG 0211 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


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  2. These look awesome. I need to give them a test at a dealer. #SecretGiveaway2021

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    • Eric Ernst

      Bought a set of 0211 DC irons, 4i – lw….worst experience of customer service I have ever had. Ask for 3 degree upright lie and pw-lw to be cut to 38″ and everything else an 1 1/2 above standard. Wedges showed up staggered 38″ – 36″ and the lie was the standard lie listed on their site. Pathetic! Purchased a set of gen 4 woods as well…nightmare! Irons and woods showed up the same day, irons were left handed, woods were right handed….how can you mess that up? Sent the woods back, and they sent me a set of left handed with regular flex shafts and I ordered stiff. Salesman said the reasoning was because the stiff was on backorder….really!?!? Been waiting a month for a different stiff shaft in stock. 3 weeks straight have been told that they were cut and ready to ship each week, yet have received nothing! Buyer beware!!! Never again!!!

      • Johnny Kinsey

        Eric. I experienced the same. “ customer service” that you did. Found the regular flex shaft to be almost stiff. So, while asking about the cost on changing out the shafts for a senior flex shaft, the lady on the phone proceeds to try and sell me another set of clubs. Ironically, she was trying to sell me the same ones I bought from them. Had tried to return the clubs after I bought them. Said I was a week too late, warranty had expired. Would not recommend their product to anyone.

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    I could use a new putter!

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    To be able to pay for these I’d need to win the free putter!

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    Love the look of these. Strong lofts though but seems to be becoming the norm. #SecretGiveaway2021

  8. Nice looking iron. It’s a shame that they are not easily accessed for demo.

  9. pius mishibinijima

    #SecretGiveaway2021 to expensive

  10. Travis Smith

    At first I was very skeptical of the lofts on this iron, but after giving it a shot they really did knock it out of the park on this one! I’m still slightly concerned about my wedge gapping, but honestly with a 4i at 19° it just means I can carry 4 or even 5 wedges instead of more at the top of the bag. Great review!! #SecretGiveaway2021

    • GK in Chicago

      #SecretGiveaway2021. I’m going for a fitting next week and will compare Gen3 vs 0211. I love the look and want to see how they fit my swing.

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  12. Lenny Desmarais

    i have the original 0211 irons. Really like them. Do you consider this new model an improvement?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s an incremental improvement in performance. I think there are improvements to the looks and specs, too, but that’s subjective.


  13. Thanks for this review. I’ve been very interested in PXG irons but the price tag kept me from trying them. I’ll be giving these irons a serious look. #SecretGiveaway2021

  14. Nice irons

  15. If you’re looking for a great GI iron, these can’t be beat. Currently at $115 a stick is a steal. Get them why you can!


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    PW 42* 🤔 #SecretGiveaway2021

  17. Great review. Never considered PXG before because of the price. #SecretGiveaway2021

  18. Marty Bates

    Thanks Matt I just ordered a set yesterday

  19. Always look for reviews here when I’m buying new clubs. I’ve recently gone away from power lofts and gone to bladed clubs. Getting much better contact and flight. I still retain 1 long iron in power spec for tee shots so will check these out.

  20. Martin Ward


  21. Interesting review on an attractive product at a favorable price point, Matt. This positive review has some similarities to the thumbs up reviews you and Meeker did with the new Srixon’s. Do you see similarities in performance and ‘aesthetics’ between these 3 models or am I reading too much into it? Clearly, the PXG 2021s have more in common with the Z7’s but thought I would ask anyway.

    • Matt Saternus


      The 0211 is significantly larger than the ZX7, to my eye. Also the lofts are substantially different, especially in the ZX7.


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  23. Christopher Hughes

    These irons look awesome and very competitively priced now #secretgivaway2021

  24. Thanks for the review Matt. I’ll be interested in giving these a few settings when I’m fitted later this spring. #SecretGiveaway2021


      I’m in # SECRETGIVEAWAY2021

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  26. Matt, good review. I had the original 0211, great clubs. Thought is would sometimes get some flyers or some that ended up shorter then I thought they should be. Maybe this is because like you said, everything felt good. Good review. Interested in these srixon zx and apex 21. SecretGiveaway2021

  27. Michael Finnerty

    Awesome irons for the dollar. Looking forward to testing them myself.

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    They look great and the introductory price was only $115 per iron. PXG already tops in premium market is looking to takeover the mid range market as well.


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  34. I have played gen 2 have now ordered gen 3 xp great . Price is not that far off from other own irons

  35. Stephen Gengaro

    Great review. A few things worth mentioning. First, PXG has everything on sale and these irons are $115 each right now. I know you always put the list price, but if people are interested, they should act fast. Second, one of the overlooked parts of PXG is that they do the fitting free with no obligation – that saves $100-150. Finally, I have Gen 1 PXGs and I tested the Gen 3s. I liked them better, but simply didn’t see a big enough performance jump to justify spending money. However, based on the review of the new 0211s, I need to try them!! My only issue if the lofts are very strong. Thanks again for a great review. #SecretGiveaway2021

  36. Interesting review. Thanks so much.

  37. From what I hear, PXG seems to get criticism for their high price point and the look of their clubs. Interesting to see them enter the lower price point market and I like the cleaner look.


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    PXG has never been a real consideration for me. With this release and their commitment to veterans and first responders, I am now considering a purchase.


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    I’m thinking these or Ping 410/425 will be my next set of irons. Anyone try both? #SecretGiveaway2021

  42. PXG are always so expensive, how do they compare to some of the other brands?


    • Matt Saternus


      The 0211, even at non-introductory pricing ($115/club), are in line with TaylorMade, Callaway, etc in terms of cost.


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    I have a set of the last generation 0211 , excellent feel and looks .
    PXG has very good customer support.

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    Still playing my Gen 1 PXG 311 P irons. Teied the Gen 2, did not like them as much. Loved the Gen 3 but couldn’t justify the cost for the upgrade. I will check these out compared to the discounted Gen 3 price. Suspect Gen 4 on the way soon. Thanks, Matt. #SecretGiveaway2021

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    For clarification, there is no difference in price for steel vs. graphite shafts? I think there was a $15 difference in the first generation 0211s.


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  60. Michael Green

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    I could use the new Modus 115 , 10 anniversary shafts.

    Best regards,
    Richard P

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    Great post. The lofts are quite strong in combination with the low spin I was curious if you noticed how much stopping power these had. Do you happen to know what the peak heights and decent angles were? #SecretGiveaway2021

    • Matt Saternus


      The stopping power is in line with other similarly lofted irons. For me – low launch, low spin – that’s not ideal, but these irons aren’t really designed for me.


  67. I think these are looking pretty good and with a competitive price. I hope all of the new stuff get MPF numbers to help separate some of the fact from fiction. #secretgiveaway2021

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  72. While I understand the corporate need to expand the market, the look of the 211 irons get lost in the translation of what the 311s project. I like the ability to customize loft in my 311 irons.
    BTW: #SecretGiveaway2021 as my Odyssey putter is currently in ‘time out’ in the corner of my garage.

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  80. Ive been playing golf for 40 years. I was a club pro for 12 years and played on the Hogan tour in the 90’s. The 0211 (last year) is the best feeling and most consistent iron that I have ever had. Love these clubs!

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    Not surprised at the distance achieved, considering the lofts are among strongest ever reviewed here. Wondering if reviewers take real lofts into account when evaluating distances, rather than just club#. For example, this set’s 5-iron loft is 21*. That is among the very lowest out there, but comparable to the Titleist T-400 5-iron, which comes in at 20*. Several others are in that neighborhood. At the other end of the spectrum are the Titleist 100’s, which offer a 27* 5-iron. That’s a 2-club difference in loft, so distance comparisons of sets so skewed, even from the same manufacturer, become problematic, to say the least. I’d also like to see reviews include an evaluation of the entire set makeup – how effective was it in covering all shots required for a typical golf round?

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  93. Matt, is it fair to guess that these are not much of a departure from the Gen1 0211s?

    I didn’t notice much in review of how these are different from the first generation. Obviously, if ain’t broke…


    • Matt Saternus


      There are some small differences in the design, offset, etc. Also, the new version has DualCOR, so they’re going to be a little faster.



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  97. This new 0211 looks better than the old one.

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  99. #SecretGiveaway; Guess this New subscriber since retiring from the World’s Finest Navy isn’t first to post here. But Matt find your information insightful and appreciate the “Lefty” additions at times with looking for new set of Irons. So far demo’d P790, Mavrik, Cobra speedzone, T300, Hot Metal. Waiting to see what ZX5 and these New 0211 are like. Problem is quality shots with store inventory since I am 2* Flat, -.50/-1” short. Lighter shaft.

  100. #SecretGiveaway 2021; Guess this New subscriber since retiring from the World’s Finest Navy isn’t first to post here. But Matt find your information insightful and appreciate the “Lefty” additions at times with looking for new set of Irons. So far demo’d P790, Mavrik, Cobra speedzone, T300, Hot Metal. Waiting to see what ZX5 and these New 0211 are like. Problem is quality shots with store inventory since I am 2* Flat, -.50/-1” short. Lighter shaft.


    I’ve played the 0211’s for over a year now! They hit, look and feel good to me!

  102. PXG is making some cool stuff….just need to convince myself to get fitted and then get a new set of irons. In the meantime I will be glad to move ahead with a new putter….

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  120. John Simmons

    These clubs are great but not affordable for many golfers (including me).

  121. Matt, great review, and great review of the clubs.
    PXG has great prices for veterans. I served in the Marine corps and got injured and it effectively bothers my game.
    But the prices that Mr Parson gives out, he should be treated with more respect in the golf world.

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    And while the article does mention the strong lofts (and that some manufacturers make them even stronger), these sure seem like super strong lofts to me. 21* for a five iron. Yikes.

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    Perfectly timed review. What do you think of their wedges in the lineup? Consider or forget? Should we look at separate wedges? Any that fit the set after PW?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you want consistency and forgiveness, these wedges are fantastic. The spin is solid but not among the very highest. It comes down to what you want from your wedges as to whether or not you should get these or bag specialty wedges.



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    2) How would rate these on feel and softness?
    Many thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      1) In equivalent lofts, I’d say the 0211s are average or slightly below in terms of spin.
      2) I don’t have much to add to my review with regard to feel.


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    Hi Matt. Was interested to read your review on these and compare to the one I’ve just read here in the UK, very comparable I have to say.
    As with, I suspect, many ‘average’ golfers, PXG was not a company I could consider sensibly [and manage to hide the true cost from the other half !!] these, however, could possibly be a game changer for an awful lot of golfers ?
    Btw – should a Brit be lucky enough to be selected for the giveaway, we could discuss shipping ??!! LOL

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  189. Hi Matt. I were you able to hit these with both shafts (Elevate and MMT). Just curious if both produced the same launch and spin. I am more interested in the MMT but curious to hear about what you observed.



  190. JonCarlo Mancini


    Is the sole width trending towards a game improvement iron or still in a players iron category?


  191. Would these be much of an upgrade over my 2014 Karsten irons

    • Matt Saternus


      Potentially, yes. You would need to get a fitting to know for sure how much of an improvement they would be.



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    Love my original 0211s and appreciate the review, Matt. You’re the only reviewer who gives PXG a fair shake and I appreciate the good info.


  193. Dana e Freudeman

    do you think 0211 will be available in single length shafts

    Do you think 0211 irons will ever be available in single length shafts?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sure PXG could build a set to single length specs, but I doubt they will have that as a stock offering.


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    One of these days I will the lottery and maybe I will have enough money to get a PXG set.

  196. Lance Ingle

    #secretgiveaway2021. I have a set of the 919 hot metals. How would these compare as far as distance? Would i be gaining anything? I love the reviews!

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on fit. Some people are going to be longer with the Hot Metal, some will be longer with the 0211. I would guess that, on average, the 0211 would be a little longer for most.


  197. Looks like its time to change my irons! #SecretGiveaway2021

  198. I’ve had the original 0211’s for a few months and love them. Great feel and forgiveness. The whole PXG fitting/customer service process was excellent. I have since gotten fitted/bought 2 hybrids which are also on sales for an amazing price right now. #SecretGiveaway2021.

  199. Daman Grewal

    I tried the 0211’s today alongside Gen3 0311XP. I was getting similar distance but the feel on 0311XP is better than 0211s it has a buttery soft feel even miss-hits feel softer & goes a good distance. 0211’s has a hard feel & do you feel the mishits but they go longer by 10-15 yards due to stronger lofts.

  200. #secretgiveaway2021

  201. Randy Siedschlag


  202. Hi Matt – these are now $99 per iron at PXG compared to the $200 cost of the Gen 3s. I was considering a combo set of Gen 3 XPs (5-7) and Ps (8-GW), however, your review appears to suggest the 0211s are exactly that but for 1/2 the cost (cast vs forged). I also like the fact that you can go to LW with the 0211s as I do like having the same iron throughout. Did you get a chance to hit the wedges and how did they fair? I have Gen 1 0311 Ps at the moment (5-LW) and was looking to upgrade in the near future but could use some input.

    Thanks for your feedback Matt.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I tested all the clubs 4-LW. The wedges are not elite in terms of spin compared to the best specialty wedges, but they’re very respectable. And when you factor in the forgiveness, they’re the smart choice for a lot of players.



      • Thanks Matt – final question. How did the 0211 2021 wedges compare to the current 0311 forged wedges currently offered? For only $50 more per wedge it might be a better option? Thoughts?

        Awesome site BTW.

        • Matt Saternus


          The 0311 Forged is a traditional wedge. The 0211 is a game improvement wedge. There’s no “better” only a better fit for the given player.


  203. #Secretgivaway2021
    LOVE the look of the 0211’s may be worth trying. Also, happy to say, they are NOW on sale for $99/club…

  204. Matt, I read through all of the comments and appreciate you taking the time to respond. I am between these 0211’s and Ping G425’s, do you consider them both game improvement clubs? Would the 0211’s be too much skewed towards a player club?
    Thanks, Jim

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the G425, but based on previous generations I would expect that and the 0211 to be in the same category.



  205. As of today, 1/30/21, the clubs are $94 per club if you call in and order. Just completed my order.

  206. Kevin Fitzgerald

    Hi Mat just asking do the 0211 irons have enough spin to stop on greens. It’s great having distance but you need to stop on the green. Thanx Kevin

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s all about fit. I’m a fairly low spin player, and I found the 0211 to be on the low side of playable for me. For other players, the answer will be different.


  207. Kevin Fitzgerald

    Thanx Matt

  208. Wow!!! It took me 3.5 mins of intensive, perpetual scrolling, to reach the end/comment box! I have a feeling these may bring a lot of people into the PXG family. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of hitting these gorgeously intriguing sticks, but I certainly hope to do so Soon! I know it will all come down to personal performance, but that withstanding, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an iron that checked all of the other boxes, to the degree that these have. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this theory of mine is supported by the massive amount of comments and replies that this review has garnered. I doubt that anyone “in the know”, is still reading my jibber jabber, but I was just wondering if there’s ever been another iron set reviewed on this site, that has garnered this much traffic in the comment/reply section? I do know that since this site has become my main, goto source, (apx. 2.0-2.5 years) I’ve not noticed anything even close to this current response!
    Thanks for Another Excellent Review!
    For myself, the level of interest & intrigue that this review/iron set has created, is off the charts! I love everything about them! Now I just hope & pray that my swing and these irons will see eye to eye, when I get the opportunity to demo them!

  209. As I stated in my 1st comment, I really like everything that can be liked about an iron set, pre demo. Though I must admit, after just noticing the specs, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about these lofts and loft gaps. That being said, I noticed on the PXG Website that the lofts can be customized by up to +/-2°. If they perform well and I decided to buy them, I’d definitely only do so working with an experienced, knowledgeable, PXG Pro Fitter, to customize & optimize the sets loft & gapping specs. to fit my swing.

  210. Good review, putting in order for a set of the 0211 #Secretgiveaway2021

  211. I have the original 0211 and love them..will look at the “new” 0211. #Secretgiveaway2021.

  212. BRYANT McIver

    I’m very interested in the PXG Brand. Was torn between the Gen 3 irons and the 0211 set. This was a very helpful review!!! Thank you! #Secretgiveaway2021

  213. I went for a 3 wood fitting @ their northern Chicago location and walked out with (ordering) these. Mentioned to the fitter that if we had “time left” I’d at least like to take a couple swipes with these to see what all the hype is about. It aint hype. After watching me swing outta my shoes for 40 minutes he had a good (great) idea of what shaft etc. to give me. Before I swung I said “ok, let’s see what these things got”. I chunked it so bad I was embarrassed. Totally laid the sod over it. I said “well, maybe not that one”. I went to line up another but he stopped me and said hang on, let’s check the screen. I looked up only to see the most beautiful, high, soft draw, far, ball flight. I hit another, which I pure’d, to see if it was a fluke. No fluke. It traveled on the same path to the point you couldn’t discern the different “lines” on the screen. The only difference was it went further. It felt so soft. I couldn’t (can’t) believe they’re cast. I handed it back to him and said ring ‘em up. I’m not going to bother telling you how far I hit them. I think that whole “I can hit my 7 iron 200 yards” is silly. If you’re on a 150 yard par 3 and one person hits a 6 and another hits an 8, who cares? The point is to make sure you HIT it, period, which I feel like (know) these clubs are going to help me do…

  214. I just went in for my full bag fitting in Northbrook/Chicago with Nate! What a great experience! Started with a blended set 0311 Gen 3 but after seeing the price I asked what would it hurt to try the 2021 0211’s. His reply “Let’s see…” To my shock these “cast” clubs feel amazing! To be fair I have been gaming 2014 Apex Pro’s for 2 seasons and I can hardly feel any difference. The distance and forgiveness are unreal! Ball speed, angle of descent and spin were all very exceptional. When I am honest I wasn’t crazy about the looks when I first saw them online but holding them in hand is much more appealing! Needless to say I went with the 0211’s vs 0311’s and saved bank ($500)!! While sacrificing NOTHING in performance! This year…full bag of PXG!

    • If you had only waited….full bag from driver to putter and the bag too — $1999 ..deal going on now…

  215. Jason Graham

    I’m a mid handicapper and very interested in these new 0211’s. A six iron is the longest iron I carry. My question is are these for the better player or are they in the GI category.

  216. Terry Lanham

    Good review! Looking forward to reviewing them personally.


  217. They’re significantly better than gen 2 xfs I had previously

  218. Bob Sawyer

    Hi Matt. Great review. I’d never considered PXG before but the 0211 line puts it into the conversation for me. Since you’ve reviewed both how would you compare these to the New Level 902 irons? I realize this is cast vs forged but they’re in the same ball park price wise. I plan to get fit but your insight would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re not really comparable in terms of performance. The 0211 is a game improvement iron with lots of distance. The 902 is a traditional players cavity back.



  219. They are sharp looking. Tried my friends 0211s from last year. Loved them and bought the new ones. Just got them. Only took couple weeks and it was a great experience. Even on just the phone with the fitter.

  220. Hi Matt,

    Long-time reader-first-time writer. First off, thank you so much for the wonderfully thorough reviews from training aids to drivers. They have helped me countless times when it comes to making decisions. But I digress.

    I am in the market for a new set of irons, 4-PW, and have tested and fitted several. I have not had the chance yet, to try out the PXG 0211s, but I have had the opportunity to test (and very much liked) the PXG 0311 P GEN 2. Outside of the visible perimeter weighting (which seems to have just been internalized on the new 0211s), do you think there is a sizeable difference in performance between the two? They both seem like a nice hybrid between game improvement and a player’s iron.


    • Matt Saternus


      No, I don’t think you’re going to see a big performance difference between the new 0211 and the 0311 GEN2. It might even tilt slightly toward the new 0211. The only caveat is that the 0211 is a mixed set, so you will end up with a big more offset in the long irons compared to the P, I think.



  221. Hey Matt – price being equal, do you prefer these new 0211s or the Gen 2 XFs? Asking for a high handicap friend. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer the 0211.



      • Gordon crabb

        Hi Matt what would your answer be if Scott was asking for a
        low handicap friend

        • Matt Saternus


          At the risk of sounding pedantic, Scott asked which I prefer, so I said the 0211. For a player that wants more forgiveness through the set, the XF is the better choice.



  222. Matt,

    I just ordered some of these based on your review. I liked how honest you have been about earlier models and how much praise you have given newer pxg models. The other huge factor with my order was they were able to fill the order in less than a week with shipping included. Other major manufactures are months out when you order custom golf equipment. Good on Parsons and PXG for offering a custom set, solid price, and delivery before golf season is over.

  223. Simon every

    Love the idea of these


  224. #SecretGiveaway2021

  225. Gordon crabb

    ordered these a week ago 5 to G online I’ve not even tried them out
    ( very long wait to get fitted ) I can’t wait for them to arrive, hopefully
    in 3 weeks time then time to smash the courses

  226. Nancy Hatten

    I just purchased the 0211’s, SW-6 iron plus 22 & 25 hybrids. My fitting experience with Anthony at the PGX facility in Northbrook was amazing. Yesterday I played with them for the first time and I LOVED the feel, trajectory and spin. I shot an 81 on a course I haven’t played in a long time with “new” clubs…..the hybrids are amazing and I can’t wait to get out again and become good friends with these gems. I’m a 7 handicap and I’m really working on bringing it down, I think the accuracy of the 0211’s is going to help. My big question is why more women don’t play them, the reviews seem to be all male players.

  227. I’m curious about your thoughts on playability of the 4 & 5 irons. Being a progressive set do you feel they play at all closer to a utility than a typical iron would?

    I have a fitting next week and considering stopping at 6 and playing something more forgiving in the 21 degree range.

    I often leave my 4 and sometimes 5 in my garage with my i25s since the gaps are pretty tight for me there. The i25 5 iron is actually just a degree weaker than the 0212 7 iron (27 vs 28).

    • Matt Saternus


      The 0211 4 and 5 irons, in my opinion, are game improvement irons bordering on super game improvement.



      • Thank you so much for you response – it means a lot.

        Your site has great reviews and always look forward to see your thoughts.

  228. These look incredible.

  229. I read both reviews on the Mizuno 921 hot metal and the 0211. I am a mid to high handicap. Generally hit a low ball so wondering which would give me a higher launch angle. My current older jpx 825 Mizzunos have a 32 degree loft in the 7 iron. The 0211 are 28 degrees. Thats a big difference and makes me wonder. Also my current clubs have the true temper 300r which are like 125 grams. At 67 years old I think its time for a lighter shaft. What was the favorite shaft for these. So many decisions.

    • Matt Saternus


      There are a lot of questions, but they can all be answered with this: get a fitting. A good fitter will find the right shaft for your swing, then you can dial in the head that gives you the performance that you want.



  230. richard lupton

    as a high handicapper new to the game but becoming obsessed i am weighing up between going for D9 irons or 0211s they are similar priced but wondering which would suit me better

    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t tell you what will fit you better without working with you in person. I think you’ve narrowed it down to two fine options. If you can’t get a fitting to compare them, I would at least try to find a store or range to compare them at.



  231. Look carefully at the PXG Gen4 Drivers. Face of the club so soft, nicks are seen in the club face after one use. PXG Warranty called them “scratches” but within a year or less the nicks become deep enough to affect the ball flight. Also with all PXG clubs, woods and drivers, the current grips are so soft that they warp and become unusable within the first year. Everyone I know with PXG clubs has spent an extra $100+ to replace their grips.

  232. Craig Rhinehart


    I bought the 0211 driver and am pleased with it. Might consider these irons to replace my aging Callaway X-Hot set.

  233. 11/3/2021 Pricing has changed since the original review. The 0211 series are probably the best buy available in all of golfdom !
    I just bought the 10.5 degree 0211 driver with Evenflow Blue proprietary shaft for $195–it feels a bit more muted than my TS1 but is 8 yards longer with a similar bullfight
    I also bought the 0211 irons for $85 per club with steel shaft. They are outstanding in terms of feel, ballfight and distance. They are cast with “foam”, are clearly equal to or superior to my forged TM 760’s but don’t feel quite as “buttery” on pure shots.

  234. Hey Matt,

    Forgiveness-wise, would these be comparable to my Ping G400 irons? I’m an 18 handicap and curious to know your thought on if these would be a step back in forgiveness before I go try them.


    • Matt Saternus


      I think the 0211 is in the same range as the G400, though I might give a small edge to the PING.


    • Matt Saternus


      I think the 0211 is in the same range as the G400, though I might give a small edge to the PING.


  235. I purchased the 0211 2021 during the black friday sale for $75.00 a club. This was an amazing price with the option to get my specs customized with Mitsubishi MMC shafts at no up charge. I have been thinking of trying out graphite shafts for sometime now and glad to make the switch. My main set of irons were Sirxon Z745 with DG S300 shafts which are very heavy and at 57 years old wanted to try something lighter. I had the PXG customized to 2 degrees flat and had the lofts changed 2 degrees weak. This solved any gapping issues. I am getting about the same distances as my Srixons. I have to say the feel and sound is very close to the forged Srixons and was every impressive. I dont think there is any company out there that offers this type of quality at those prices.

  236. Hi Matt!

    One more question—would also you put the Cobra King Forged Tec in the same category as the PXG 0211 and Ping G425? Or is the cobra closer to the “better players” category than these two game improvement irons?

  237. Thanks for the review and answers in the comments, Matt! I ended up going with the 0211s with elevate tour shafts (fitted 2 weak on loft and 1 degree upright). As a beginner who has always fought the left hook these are amazing. Substantially less offset in a game improvement iron and after two rounds I see no loss in performance or forgiveness coming from ping g400. Thrilled to have a game improvement iron with less offset for those of us who are inconsistent, but don’t slice.

  238. Matt I’m currently playing M3 irons how do they compare to the pxg 0211 is there much difference in forgiveness / similar appearance what’s the better club for a 9 handicap I hit a 7 iron about 145 yards?

  239. Secret giveaway 2021. I would love a set of the PXG0211DC irons.

  240. Jeffrey D Case

    How would you compare the PXG 211 to the new Tour edge e721. I’m 65 and loosing distance and was looking to upgrade. I’m switching from Adams Super S irons that I have played for the last 8 years. Thank you.

  241. Hi Matt,
    Would you say these are the best feeling cast clubs on the market?
    The price seems too good to be true.

    • Matt Saternus


      Feel is subjective, but I think these are among the better feeling cast clubs.



  242. Got a set of PXG 0211 senior shaft irons and after 4 rounds couldn’t be more pleased Not the longest but they are the straightest irons I have played. I have had Pings and 0211 are longer. Used Taylormade M irons and 0211 are more forgiving and straighter For the price 0211 are more reasonable but probably the best irons for any player.

  243. I have been a Mizuno Forged blade player for a while, but as I approach my mid 50’s I am looking for more distance. I can’t believe I even considered these irons, as I am a 2 hncp, but for $79 a club, and 30 days to try, I thought why not. I will be keeping these in my bag. They do not feel like cast iron, as they are incredibly soft, and very consistent. If you are a low handicapper, leave your ego at the door, save the money, and go with these if you are looking for performance and $$$ savings. PXG nailed it.

  244. Hi Matt
    I’m trying to decide between these and Cobra King F9 irons. I’ve hit both and had similar results. I usually score in the 90’s. I think I’d get the 0211’s one degree weak to improve forgiveness. Thanks!

  245. Which clubs would you recommend? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      If both clubs perform similarly, I would choose based on looks and feel. That’s a nice spot to be in.



  246. Hi Matt! I currently play Exotics EXS irons and how would the 0211 compare in distance and forgiveness? Thanks for all your great reviews.

  247. Saved as a favorite, I love your website!

  248. Christian Wolf

    These clubs are $99 a stick, if you buy 5 or more clubs. Pretty hard to beat if price is the only consideration.

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