PXG 0311 XP GEN3 Irons Review

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The PXG 0311 XP GEN3 irons are longer than ever with excellent forgiveness.  More ball speed without stronger lofts.  Great look in the bag.


In our previous reviews of the PXG GEN3 irons, we’ve discussed how the 0311 T (review HERE) and 0311 P (review HERE) use technology to pack traditional looking iron with distance and forgiveness.  In the 0311 XP GEN3 irons, PXG’s technology is given a larger platform to work in and the results are nothing short of amazing.  Read on to find out what PXG’s innovations, led by Impact Reactor Technology, Powered by a DualCOR system, can do in a game improvement iron.


The XP irons are the most forgiving model in GEN3, so they are also the largest.  They feature the largest internal cavity, the thickest top line, the widest sole, and the most offset.  Compared to the other PXG GEN3 irons, they are noticeably larger.  In a wider context, they slot nicely into the game improvement category, from a visual perspective.

In the bag, the 0311 XP GEN3 irons are largely indistinguishable from their smaller brothers.  The back of the club has the same milled shape that looks like the PXG ST blade.  PXG’s signature weights line the perimeter of the club giving it a clear identity.

Sound & Feel

With the largest internal cavity and the most Impact Reactor Technology, I found the PXG 0311 XP GEN3 iron to be the softest and springiest of the group.  That said, the difference wasn’t stark, and I won’t rule out the possibility that it was all in my head.  Pleasantly, despite the head being larger and the MOI higher, I still got plenty of feedback from the 0311 XP.


The 0311 XP GEN3 irons live up the “Xtreme” name.  They have the strongest lofts, the longest stock shaft (+1/2″ compared to the P and T models), and the largest Impact Reactor (interior cavity).  All that adds up to outrageous ball speed and distance.

In my testing with all three GEN3 models, the XP was the longest and the fastest by a considerable margin.  The XP gave me 4 MPH more ball speed (4.5 MPH with the extra 1/2″) and and 8 yards more carry distance (10 more with the extra 1/2″).

The 0311 XP was the lowest-spinning GEN3 iron for me, but the gap wasn’t huge.  Compared to my favorite, the 0311 T, the XP averaged 250 RPM less which is still extremely playable.  Additionally, the landing angle was still greater than 47 degrees, so those long shots will hold all but the most devious greens.

While distance is great, the 0311 XP GEN3 is really about forgiveness and ease of play.  Despite a longer shaft and a head shape that I was less comfortable with, the XP produced more consistent ball speed than any other GEN3 iron.  There was only a 12 yard gap between my worst swing (my first with the longer shaft) and my best swing.  If you can play within that margin on the course, you will be piling up the greens in reg.


If distance and forgiveness are priorities one and two, you’ll be hard pressed to find an iron better than the PXG 0311 XP GEN3.  The technology inside this club delivers real, measurable, noticeable results, and it does so without compromising on great feel.

PXG 0311 XP GEN3 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. They certainly don’t want the average golfer to buy these clubs. Besides with all the great choices out there for less why would the average golfer even look at these. At 425 dollars a club what a joke if these clubs don’t automatically lower your score by 10 strokes or more it really be waste lol

  2. I got fitted by a PXG master fitter and these were crazy long! I was hitting 7 iron 185 yard plus. Ultimately, they were too low spinning for my swing and I went for the 0211 but if you want to impress your Sunday foursome, definitely get these irons. Regarding the feel, what can be said that hasn’t been said before, PXG make the best sounding and feeling irons. I’m really surprised companies like PING, Mizuno and Srixon haven’t copied the recipe… maybe they truly are a lot more expensive to produce.

  3. Lord Montague

    A 7 iron with 28 deg loft. Sorry I’m not buying that nonsense. I prefer actual golf clubs. Not this equipment for golf player impersonators.

    • Old Boy Pro

      Ok, “Lord.” I play the XPs, so does Pat Perez. Is he a “player impersonator?” Your attitude is what is killing the growth of the game. You might keep those comments to yourself?

      • Kevin Meeks

        They are great clubs and if you don’t like the loft you have the option of weakening them 2 degrees at no cost. Win Win.

  4. How do these compare to the 0211 for forgiveness, the 0211 are on sale, high handicapper interested in the comparison.

  5. Great and fair review! I think they’re a great offering and will find there way into plenty of golf bags. I’m putting a 4 iron to my blended set of “t” and “p” irons. The fact that the spin is similar to the other iron offerings and height is good with feel is a winner in my book.

  6. Your reviews are always wonderful- thanks! I recently did a fitting with PXG, and the Gen 3 XP was longer and definitely more forgiving than my current Ping G410, which I had been fit into. Is there any other club on the market that you would recommend that could compete with the XP for forgiveness and length, or is it the gold standard currently?

    • Matt Saternus

      Thanks, George!

      For ball speed and forgiveness, I think the XP is the current high water mark. The Callaway Epic Forged is good, too, but the lofts are a touch stronger.



  7. How would you compare the XP irons vs the Cobra Forged Tec in terms of distance, feel, forgiveness – and of course ability to hold greens.

  8. I see the note about the review of the Cobra King Forged Tec irons – but I didn’t see an answer to the question of how the PXG XP irons compared in terms of distance, spin, forgiveness, and playability?


    • Matt Saternus


      The XP is a larger iron with better tech in it, so it’s more forgiving and probably slightly lower spinning. Distance will depend on fit.



  9. I have tried many sets of irons over the past 20 years and the PXG GEN3 XP irons are so easy to hit that I cannot describe it in words . I will keep my current set of Callaway Apex 19s to travel with, but my every day irons are now the GEN3 XPs. I’m 59, still involved in competitive softball, cycling and golf. Do people pay extra $$$ for a Lexus that is a nicer Toyota, $400 for a composite baseball bat, $250 for your son’s Wilson A2000 baseball mit, or $48 for a dozen golf balls? Yes, they do! Why bash expensive golf clubs? These clubs just make the game easier and more enjoyable. Treat yourself to the best…

    • Well put. I don’t understand the hate for PXG. People are talking about them, they are selling clubs, there was/is a space for it in the golf market for ‘luxury clubs’ and they filled it. And the numbers back up the performance. I will one day buy these clubs. They won’t make me a pro, but I want to spend my money on that. I can’t wait to have the best clubs and get fit like a pro for them.

      • What I love is when people harp on the fact that the PXG do not perform better then clubs “costing half as much”. First of all, what constitutes “performance”? Ball speed? Distance? Smash Factor? Launch height? All of the above? How about less quantifiable factors such as “feel”? Why do some people buy a four cylinder BMW 3 series for over 40K that cannot out perform a 30K Honda or Hyundai? Many will claim “feel” but most know that BMWs no longer drive the way they used to and many have no problem forking over 40K for a front wheel drive 2 series. Let’s face it, people are buying based on a reputation of luxury and performance and paying extra for the privilege. At least with these PXG irons, the reviews are consistently that they are excellent irons and perform excellently unlike some of these aforementioned BMW models which people gladly pay extra for without any of the corresponding good performance accolades. Better yet, why do people pay $2K for a handbag made of vinyl with “LV” stamped on over it when you can get a high quality bag made of leather from a Wilson Outlet? Could it be looks? Design? Or simply the perceived desirability of owning something expensive? I do not understand the hate or arguments against PXG either. There are plenty of other things in the marketplace that are much worse in terms of ripping off the consumer and having a much lower cost vs. performance ratio then these. The best argument people have against PXG are they are a rip off and do not lower scores by 20. Give me a break. Buying a Lamborghini is not going to make you a better driver, and buying a $600.00 aluminum bat vs a $75.00 model from ebay is not suddenly going to make you hit home runs.

      • You seriously don’t understand? There is no other iron company in the same stratosphere of cost. There are countless cars as/more expensive than Lexus. There are countless baseball bats above $400 or mits above $250. There is every iron company in the same price range and then there’s PXG all alone. Your comparisons don’t make sense. Good luck on one day affording them Wil! That’s something to shoot for.

        • Matt Saternus


          I’m not going to get in the middle of the cost/value debate, but as a matter of fact, there are other irons that cost as much or more than PXG. Titleist’s CNCPT line is actually substantially more expensive.


          • Spot on. There are now numerous domestic clubs in the same price space not even mentioning the Miura’s and Honda’s of the world.

        • Jeremy, your comments are completely ignorant. While it’s true their current model iron will carry a high price tag they offer the previous generation at a greatly reduced price and can still be custom fitted which other OEMs do not do. PXG only uses after market shafts and the previous generation iron is currently $119 a club. PXG is also selling a triple forged blade 0211 ST model for $85 a club. I don’t know what planet you live on but to me PXG is the most affordable company with the highest quality product if you are willing to buy the previous generation or close out. I don’t know of any other top OEM that sells a set of forged blades for less than $600 for a set with a custom build. If you don’t like PXG don’t buy them. I happen to like them, PING forgiveness with a forged feel. I just bought the Gen3 set for $800. I don’t mind playing one generation behind because the irons still perform as good as anything currently on the market and a cheaper. Like I said, if you don’t like them don’t buy them but the ignorant price rants need to stop because it’s false and you sound ridiculous.

  10. Okay, so here is a possibly dumb question: the stock shaft is described as 1/2 ” longer than the rest of the line. While I presume this is to create a slightly larger swing arc, it doesn’t make much sense to me – especially for us mere mortals under 6 feet tall. I would think a standard size shaft can be ordered…..considering the price for PXGs? We’re not talking about Drivers here.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, you can order the shafts at any length you prefer.
      Making the shafts longer to promote distance is certainly not unique to PXG. If you look across OEMs, you’ll see all different lengths for any given iron. This is yet another reason we harp on the importance of fitting.



  11. Do you know how these compare to the ping g410 in terms of blade length? They actually look pretty good (offset and top line), but my big beef with GI irons is the long blade length.
    Have had some experience with the g410s hitting them at GG but haven’t got my hands on any Gen 3 PXG irons to compare them against my Ping irons that I have a lot of experience with. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t had the PXG’s next to the G410, so I can’t give you a definitive answer on blade length.



    • The Ping G series may be a fraction larger than the XP model but not by very much. Slightly less offset on the PXG but fairly compatible. I have a set of Gen3 XP’s and a set of Ping G400 irons.
      The PXG’s are much softer feeling clubs.

  12. Hi Matt, thanks for all your great content. What other irons would be most comparable to these from a size and looks standpoint? The pictures are helpful but was hoping for a direct comparison from someone whose seen tons of irons. Playing Mizuno HMB at the moment.

    • Matt Saternus


      Off memory, I think the G410 is a bit smaller, the G710 might be about the same size. The HMB is a little smaller than the XP, I think.



  13. Perfect that helps a lot. Looking at trying a used set of these but have no real way of getting my hands on them to look at them short of paying to get fit.

    • John Monnig

      Matt, I’m interested in the New PXG 2 Series. However, I will be in Thailand for the Next 6 Months. Everytime I try to get info. It comes from a PXG Japanese Distributor. I have been told. When ordering from Asia. Shafts are Lighter and More Flexible and the Grips are typically smaller due to the Common Asian Size and Build. Should I order from the US? I’m 67 and a 7 Handicap.. Any Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

      • Matt Saternus


        That’s a great question, but unfortunately I don’t know for certain if PXG builds to different standards for the Asian market. I would expect that if you contact the Japanese distributor, they could at a minimum answer your question knowledgeably and, at best, order your clubs to the specs you prefer.



  14. If i look club for use long term which one u prefer me between p or xp

    • Matt Saternus

      Without knowing your game, there’s no way for me to make a credible recommendation. My best advice is to get a fitting and test both.


  15. Dan Melanson

    I just bought the xp s with the kbs Max graphite shafts , because these shafts hit the ball higher. I hope it will counter the lower spin. I will get them tomorrow and try them on Tuesday

    • I hit the 0211s during a fitting at CC and the numbers were second best out of any irons I hit. Actually identical to the 0311P 3rd Gen except the 0311Ps had lower spin for me. Best I hit were the Titleist T300 but not by a lot. Fitter recommended T300 due to similar performance with 0211s but lower cost. I’m looking at getting a set direct from PXG on the 0211 as a second set since direct they are currently $89 a club. I was fitted with Fujikura Vista Pro Shafts with the T300s and with the 0211 and 0311s I hit the KBS TGI 70 shafts. The Max Graphite are closer to the 60g shaft weight of the Fujikara shafts I was fitted with. Wonder if the Max Graphites may perform better than the KBS TGI 70 shafts for me?

      • Matt Saternus


        It’s possible, but I rarely advise buying something that you weren’t fit for.



      • Hey Peter- I was also fitted for the t300 but also the 0211. I was curious how you like your 300s and did you go with the 0211? I also was told I could play the gen3 XP.

  16. In regard to all the negativity toward PXG, suppose it could be jealousy or that green eyed monster Envy?

  17. I’m a diehard female golfer and just got fitted over the phone due to the pandemic. I ordered the 0311 Gen 3 XP irons 6-GW. I am looking forward to playing with them as they will be my daily set. I plan to keep my Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal set (6i-LW) to travel with.

  18. Hi Matt – Are you planning on reviewing PXG’s gen 4 irons any time soon? Thanks.

  19. Matt, I’m 77 with an 8 handicap, currently playing the Taylormade p790 with Recoil 750 F3 graphite shafts.
    I’ve been noticing about a club, loss in distance recently.
    Thinking about thinking about switching to the Pxg Gen 3. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get a fitting, particularly if you’re looking to pick up some distance.



  20. Crazy horse

    If you can afford PXG irons why not buy them. They have good reviews and you can cut the cost by ordering what iron set you need.
    I’ve just ordered the gen 3 xp in the set up I want so won’t be wasting money on irons I don’t put in my bag. I paid less for the gen3 xp than I was getting quoted fo TaylorMade p790 irons.

  21. Great review! It’s a no brainer for us veterans who golf, we get a KILLER discount with the pxgs hero’s program.

  22. For those with negative reviews, “get a life”, these clubs rock. The XP’s are amazing from anyone with a 10 handicap to those at 18+.
    I know it might be hard to admit but if you can’t hit these better than what you have after being fitted properly, maybe you should focus on your tennis game.

  23. Gary belcher

    I don’t understand all the animosity toward pxg.they make a great product that performs. No one is making any of u buy them. So get a life move on.

  24. I purchased the 0811 gen4 driver a few months ago and it is the best driver that I have ever owned. Bought it at the $299 sale price. I am 68 years old and play to a 12 handicap. I gained 15-20 yards and much more consistently hitting fairways. Recently played Mayakoba in Mexico and only missed one fairway. Just ordered 0311xp gen3 irons and am looking forward to getting them this week. I did the phone fitting with PXG and have been very happy with this experience.

  25. I just ordered a set of the XP’s & the sales rep/pro in Birmingham was extremely helpful. PXG is having a killer sale on the Gen3 & they really take care of us Veterans. I’m always willing to pay a little more for custom/quality (American) made equipment.

  26. i have a set of 0211 DC thinking about buying 0311 XP Gen 3 is there enough difference to warrant the change?

    • Matt Saternus


      The GEN3 is a substantially different club than the 0211, but whether or not it will be better for you can only be learned in a fitting.


    • Ronald Nelson

      I recently got fitted and tried both. I went in thinking I would get the 0211 unless there was a big difference.
      For me it was substantial as the 0311 were much better. I believe it was because of the weighting system and the fact they are made of two completely different materials (other than the face). 0311 are carbon steel while the 0211 are stainless steel. Carbon being much softer than stainless and the 0311 are forged keeping the integrity and the grain of the metal.
      I ended getting the 0311’s with the Aerotech shafts which gave me higher launch and better spin numbers.
      Hope this helps.

  27. Héctor R. Fernández

    I have been playing the Gen 1 XF irons since their birth. PXG has been the best equipment I have ever owned, not because of status, but because the quality is amazing.

    When I saw the Gen 3 XP’s on sale it was an opportunity to move up a couple of generations. I order 4-GW with UST Recoil Dart 75 F3.

    I can’t wait to take them out for a spin. I’m not getting rid of my XF’s, but I’m sure I’m getting much better technology with the Gen 3 XP’s.

    Thanks to Matt and the Plugged In Golf staffers, your reviews are a staple in the golf community and an immeasurable asset.

  28. Is it worth changing from XF to XP ? Besides length of clubs and stronger lofts are there any substantial differences in clubs ?

    • Matt Saternus


      My recollection is that the XP is a smaller head. How much that difference means will depend on the individual.



  29. I’m currently playing with the P790s I traded a set of PXG 0311 XF for them
    I hit them ok but not as good as the PXGs getting ready to trade for the Gen 3 0311 XPs how do these clubs compare to the 0311 XFs

  30. I’m getting ready to get fitted for the Gen 4 PXG don’t know which one I’m thinking either the 0311 XP or the 0311 P thanks for your getting back to me.

  31. I just bought a like new set of 0311XP gen3 (6 clubs) at my local golf shop for $649.00. After reading all the complaints about cost, looks like I got a great deal. I’m 86 and play to a 20 HCP. I can shoot my age from the whites. These clubs are almost an inch longer than what I use. I’m 5′ 8″ tall. What would happen if I shortened them 1″. They are a senior flex Mitsubishi Chemical.

    • Swingweight would drop by around 6 points. Cutting 1” off without addressing the drop in swingweight I suspect rarely works out well.

  32. see above

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