PXG 0211 XCOR2 Irons Review

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The PXG 0211 XCOR2 irons put PXG’s premium technology and performance into an affordable iron.  Progressive set design.  New XCOR2 material increases distance and forgiveness.


As I noted in my recent review of the 0311 Forged wedges [HERE], PXG is accomplishing something I would not have thought possible.  On one hand, they’re at the cutting edge of technology, creating some of the most premium, high performance clubs in golf.  At the same time, they’re offering golfers some of the best values currently available.  The new 0211 XCOR2 iron set is a bit of both, using PXG’s latest tech in an iron that costs less than many offerings from other big names.


In the bag, the PXG 0211 XCOR2 irons have a more conventional look than the 0311 line.  There are no external weights, just a clean matte back with a chrome PXG logo.  “XCOR2” branding sits inside of an angled design element above the logo.

At address, this set’s progressive design is easy to see.  In the scoring irons, there’s minimal offset and a shorter blade length.  As you move toward the long irons, both the offset and blade length increase.  Throughout the set, the top line is moderate, getting only slightly thicker in the long irons.

Sound & Feel

Every generation of PXG iron has had a supported, bouncy feel that is unique to the brand.  That holds true of the new 0211 XCOR2 irons as well.  The ball feels very quick off the face, and transmits a satisfying feel to the hands when struck well.  These irons also deliver precise feedback on mishits but without stinging your hands.

Contact also produces a clipped “snap.”  On center, this sound is quiet and low pitched.  When contact moves away from center, it gets a bit louder and higher pitched.  This adds another layer of feedback which is essential to improvement at every level.


Given their much lower price, you might think that the PXG 0211 XCOR2 irons lack the technology of the 0311 GEN5 irons [reviews HERE].  You’d be mistaken.  Both sets share the XCOR2 material, Power Channel Technology, and “golf’s thinnest club face.”  These combine to give the 0211 XCOR2 irons tremendous ball speed and distance.

Per PXG, the new 0211 XCOR2 irons are longer and more forgiving than the 2021 version [review HERE].  Much of this improvement is driven by the XCOR2 material which is lighter and supports higher ball speed.  It also allows 5-7 more grams to be put at the edges of the club, boosting the MOI by 2%.  The result of all this is that the 0211 XCOR2 spins 500 RPM less, is 12 yards longer, and has tighter dispersion.

In my testing, I found that the 0211 XCOR2 irons hit a sweet spot for launch and spin while packing in excellent ball speed and forgiveness.  Spin is a double edged sword because you need it to hold greens, but lower spin often means longer, straighter shots.  These irons can easily hold a green while also predominantly flying straight.  The forgiveness is also notable.  In the short and mid irons, a substantial miss is required to lose ten yards of carry.  It’s easier to shed distance with the long irons, but they still perform admirably on thin strikes.

Finally, it’s important to discuss the progressive design of this set.  In the short irons, the 0211s have offset similar to the 0311 P irons.  This will help to keep the ball flight down and avoid hooks.  In the long irons, the 0211s are closer to the 0311 XP irons.  This makes them more forgiving, higher launching, and easier to draw.  Overall, this set design gives the majority of golfers the best of all worlds in one set.

Get more long game forgiveness from the 2022 PXG 0211 Hybrid HERE

PXG 0211 Irons vs. PXG 0311 Irons

With the large price gap between the 0211 and 0311 irons, it’s obvious to wonder, “What’s the difference?”  Here are the key differences.

  1. The 0311 irons are forged, the 0211 irons are not.
  2. The 0311 has adjustable perimeter weighting and Precision Weighting Technology, the 0211 does not.
  3. There are three different models in the 0311 line up.  The 0211 is one progressive set.

To me, the last point is the most important.  In paying for the 0311 irons, you have the ability to choose the loft/offset/head size that works best for you in each iron.  That might be minimal offset throughout, it might be a blended set of all three models.


PXG’s 0211 line continues to offer golfers high end performance and unbeatable value.  Players who are on a tighter budget don’t have to play last year’s technology – they can have the latest and greatest in a sensible progressive set design.  Get fit for the right shaft and specs, and enjoy the fruits of PXG’s labor.


PXG 0211 XCOR2 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. I own a set of last year’s model of course, lol! But the price of this set plus a 52 and 56 degree forged wedges was pretty good so no complaints. Got fitted at their Seattle location, good experience imo. Also ordered a 7 wood and a 19 degree hybrid online (already knew specs) so I can mix and match whatever course I play. Have a 5 wood I got fitted for last year that I quite like, the more I used it the more I like it. The 0211 line is good value to me.

  2. The DC0211’s are a better buy and don’t look and feel much different. Do I need “12 yards longer” from an iron–I don’t think so and I seriously doubt the validity of this claim since the lofts haven’t changed.

    • Played them both and worlds of difference! This new XCor2 is money!

    • Loft is not the only thing that drives distance. I just picked up a set of these and I am definitely getting more distance. They are a club longer than my old set. Plus, they feel amazing and are very forgiving.

  3. Matt great reviews on both the PXG 0211 XCOR and TEE E 722’s. Since you tested both sets of irons did you have a preference of one over the other in terms of performance?
    Could the same be said about the PXG 0211 XCOR’s from your review of the TEE E722’s, ” … it still launches towering shots that can stop on a dime” , “smash factors that look like they belong to a driver”, “what I love most about the E722 irons is the forgiveness”.

  4. Gordon Mills

    When will they be on sale in the Scotland

  5. I just turned 58 years old. I have Wilson d200’s. They are brand new, played one time and didn’t really quite like them.

    I now see these pxg’s…0211, and I really am excited too see the price on Amazon. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A local pga pro told me it all has to do with the shaft. I have never bought an updated set of clubs b4. The price on these irons excite me. I need 5 thru 9 iron I think. I have a 52 degree wedge, a 56 degree wedge, and a 60 degree wedge. Do I need something between 9 iron and pitching wedge?

    What is best way to sell my d200’s, I have 5 thru pw, and there is a d200 sand wedge as well. Any suggestions on trading them in , or selling on eBay??? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank You For Your Time!

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on how much you value getting more money out of your old set vs. your time. Trading clubs in at a store is fast and easy but you won’t get much money for them. You’ll get more money on eBay, but the fees are substantial and the headache can be, too.


  6. Nigemallett

    Look like a good reliable set of irons would love to try but bought mcgregor as tight on Money would love to win something as good to up my game n advertise the brand as most go for ping or callaway

  7. Nigemallett

    Please Please give me ur clubs 🙏

  8. I had the original 0211s that I hit well, but decided to go to a fitting to consider something new.

    The second gen 0211s went to the stronger lofts (same as this latest 3rd Gen). I hit the stronger lofts too low. I’m 66 but not super short either, 150 club is 8i, launch my 5i well to 185-190.

    I bought Gen 3 0311p to stay with more traditional lofts. I wonder how often folks buy these new 0211s with weaker lofts? Of course that bumps up bounce.

    But wow these are a bargain if you can get the right fit and launch.

  9. Matt, thanks for your response and to follow up – in terms of performance ( ball speed, spin, carry, landing angle) how did the E722’s compare to the 0211 XCOR’s? Since you tested these irons a week apart, can you share some head to head data/observations? With the lofts essentially identical and with shaft lengths varying a bit thru the set was there a noticeable difference in performance between the two?

    • Matt Saternus


      The E722 is a significantly larger head, so it is a bit more stable. Ball speed is similar but the PXG launches a touch higher with more spin.


  10. I own the new 0211’s and I love the head. I think the graphite shaft that I have in them makes them a little unstable, especially when hitting out of the rough. No problems hitting the distances when the turf is perfect, but flyers and instability are prevalent when challenged with less than perfect lies. Unfortunately, there is no way to trade up or change specs once you purchase with PXG. Pay for the right fitting and save more money in the long run.

  11. The lofts are extremely jacked. For a company who been anti delofting. I’m finding their lofts to be industry leading…28 regress for 7 irons..

    Pxg should have just given two options of loftjames

  12. I just got my 2023 0211 irons not be picking but they are too good now I can’t get enough golf…my previous set was the Cleveland Halo XL …Both are second to none in forgiveness …The PXG irons look so much better though

  13. I also keep reading that there’s a tradeoff with spin in these hollow bodied irons. Is it a ridiculous amount of spin lost, or will a flushed 7 iron from 170 hold a green if it lands in the middle…?

  14. Do we know what the MOI is for the 0211?

  15. Are the new x core 2’s have workability to them?

    I feel like I want to get either those or pxg gen 3 P’s.

    I am a high handicap golfer, but I do take lessons at times and am not afraid to try forged irons.

    I want something that will last me a long time, and feel soft because my neck bothers me sometimes. I use to like a big top line, but not anymore. I’m looking to challenge myself and get better.

    • Matt Saternus


      All irons can be “worked”; no iron can defeat the physics of club face/club path. They are not particularly high spinning, but you can still shape it both ways.


  16. Terry A Hilke

    I have read the articles on the pxg 0211 z and xcor2. It sounds the 0211 z is more for the beginner golf than xcor2. I am guessing that the 0211 z are not being made anymore. So I guess the question is the xcor2 good for beginners
    Thank you
    Terry A Hilke
    USANG Retired

    • Matt Saternus


      The 0211 XCOR2 irons are quite forgiving which makes them a fine choice for the beginner. Get them fit to your body and swing speed and you’ll have a big leg up on learning the game.



  17. Fritz Witt

    I have the 0211 irons since 1,5 year. The clubs seems to me a fine choice, but the quality of the clubs are not satisfying. One of my clubs, the S, start to rust. I ask myself what is the risk that the rest will follow?

  18. Matt, I am looking hard at these irons and have a question about the wedges. PXG offers this line all the way through the lob wedge but I am also interested in either the PXG forged wedges you reviewed so well or the Edison wedges you game. The gapping on the 0211 wedges is six degrees starting at the PW and am wondering how easy/difficult it would be to dial in distance gaps on the above-mentioned wedges outside of the 0211’s. Also if you have any thoughts on the 0211 wedges. Thanks for your reviews. You are the go-to for many of us.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, I appreciate that.

      There’s nothing unique about the 0211 that would make it harder or easier to gap off of than any other iron set. If you’re going to get fit by PXG, they should have fitting tools to get your wedges dialed in with the 0211 or the Forged.
      If you want to go with Edison, get the irons, figure out how far your last 0211 wedge goes, and decide how many wedges you have room for. Let’s say you stop the 0211 at 48 degrees and have room for three wedges. Then you can play 51, 55, 59. You can use Edison’s 30-day trial to make sure the gaps work out.



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