2022 PXG 0211 Hybrid Review

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The 2022 PXG 0211 hybrid is a versatile long game club at a great price.  Clean address look and appealing shape.


Following the successful release of their 0211 XCOR2 irons [review HERE], PXG is rounding out their 2022 0211 line with a family of woods.  Just as with the irons, these woods promise high performance at a budget-friendly price.  Can the 0211 hybrid meet the same high standards set by the XCOR2 irons?  Let’s find out.


The 2022 PXG 0211 hybrid is on the larger side for a hybrid, but this is balanced with a clean design and attractive shape.  While I didn’t mind the busier crown of the 2021 0211 hybrid [review HERE], I think this simplified look will have wider appeal.  The crown is matte black with a thin stripe of white at the trailing edge and a small “X” alignment aid.  This is a large hybrid, particularly from heel to toe, but the slight pear shape gives it visual appeal.

That clean look carries over to the sole of the 0211 hybrid.  There’s just one medium-size PXG logo on the sole.  There are some geometric designs and contrasting finishes to provide visual interest, but this club looks the part of a workhorse.

Sound & Feel

For a larger, more forgiving hybrid, the 2022 PXG 0211 hybrid provides outstanding feedback.  On center, impact has a medium-high volume and a mid pitch.  There’s also an interesting balance of sounding solid and authoritative while also being slightly hollow and booming.  When you leave the center of the face, this sound remains but with a high, metallic note over the top.  It’s almost like a little reminder bell, “Get back to the sweet spot.”

The feel of impact marries well with the solid side of the sound.  The 0211 hybrid feels stout, giving the ball a heavy hit before it goes on its way.  Feedback through the hands is clear, but it’s not demanding of your attention.  If your mind is elsewhere, you can easily confuse a small miss for a centered shot.


Last year’s 0211 hybrid was a quality do-anything club – it had some length, some forgiveness, and some shot making ability.  For 2022, PXG added the things that everyone wants more of: ball speed and forgiveness.  They also dropped a small amount of spin – roughly 200 RPM per PXG’s testing.  The net effect is that the 2022 PXG 0211 is almost six yards longer than last year’s.

At the top of the bag, those six yards are nice to have in reserve.  More important for us recreational players is that it’s very forgiving.  If the peak distance is 210 yards for a given player, most decent shots are going to fly 195 and 205.  This makes the 0211 hybrid a club you can reach for confidently rather than saying, “This will either be on the green or in the pond.”

To gain ball speed and forgiveness, the 2022 version does give up the adjustable hosel and sole weight.  To me, this makes sense for the 0211 line.  These clubs are designed to be great values that are simple to use.  Players that want to tinker with adjustability can find that in the 0311 GEN5 hybrid [review HERE].

Turning back to forgiveness, the PXG 0211 hybrid also produces very robust launch angles.  Unless you’re hitting the very bottom groove, your ball is going to launch on a consistent, playable trajectory.  This club also has a slight draw bias.  It’s not a slice buster, but it can take the sting out of a right miss or help turn over a straight shot.

Need more distance?  Check out the 2022 PXG 0211 fairway wood HERE


The 2022 PXG 0211 hybrid burnishes the reputation of this family as one of the best values in golf.  This club is a strong all around performer that’s even longer and more forgiving than its predecessor.  If you need to ditch some long irons without emptying your pockets, the 0211 hybrids are a great choice.


2022 PXG 0211 Hybrid Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Hi Matt – Great review as always. In terms of the 2021 0211 hybrid, it seems like you thought they were good but not great. Reading this review, seems like this 2022 version is better in your opinion. Is that fair to say?

    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      I definitely prefer the 2022 version, aesthetically, and it’s a bit longer. I like the new version better but it’s not night and day different.



  2. Hi Matt,
    I love your reviews. Does the face looked closed at all at address? I have zero confidence over my current hybrid because it looks like the face is pointed 10 degrees left. It mostly works OK for punchouts but I top it 80% of the time on full swing shots.

  3. Can the head still be removed from the Shaft?

  4. I hope your right just ordered a 4 and 5 hybrid

  5. My miss is a hook you say it tends to draw would any other hybrids in the PXG family be better recommended for anti left?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice would be to get fit, but you can start your search with the Titleist hybrids. They tend to be more “anti-left” than most.


  6. I purchased these because I wanted to replace my M6’s & didn’t want to break the bank. Had a great PXG fitting; in the studio they tested a few yards longer than my M6’s but out in the course, they just did not perform well. Actually now plan to sell them on eBay. I think these clubs are great for a “nkn-serious” player who wants a decent club & doesn’t want to spend a lot for a hybrid.

  7. Shawn Schuchard

    I bought the 2022 0211 3 and 4 hybrid. They weren’t quite as long as I thought they were , but they are so easy to hit; I don’t mind giving up a little distance. Also, with my swing they tend to have a little fade, which I really like. If you are looking for a hybrid that is easy to hit and gives you confidence, this is the one.

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