2021 PXG 0211 Hybrid Review

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The PXG 0211 hybrid is an excellent option for players looking to replace their long irons.  Consistent, controlled distance.


While PXG has, rightfully, put much of their focus on their irons, they’ve consistently put out some of the best hybrids in golf.  From the very first 0317 to the new 0317 X Gen2 [review HERE], PXG has mixed forgiveness with high performance in a way that few can match.  With the introduction of the new 0211 hybrid, I was eager to find out if they could bring that same level of performance to a lower price point.

Check out the new 2022 PXG 0211 Hybrid HERE


The PXG 0211 hybrid looks great at address.  It’s slim from front to back with a slight pear shape.  The Hybrid Crown Construction is eye-catching, but the matte black finish keeps it from being distracting.

On the all-black sole, you’ll notice the mirrored rails and a weight in the center of the head.  The “PXG” and “0211” branding are moderate in size and lacking in “Look at me!” colors, which keeps the focus on the performance pieces.

Sound & Feel

Striking a premium ball with the PXG 0211 hybrid feels very solid and iron-like.  Impact is quiet and low pitched with a little “snap” when you strike one perfectly.  You’ll get adequate feedback through your hands but locating impact precisely will require you to pay careful attention.


What has made PXG’s previous hybrids so good is their versatility.  They hit that sweet spot where they’re long but not wild.  They have enough spin to hold a green but not so much that they balloon or curve off the planet.  The new 0211 hybrid strikes a similarly impressive balance.

Ball speed from the 0211 hybrid is solid and consistent.  This isn’t the fastest hybrid I’ve tested, but the 0211 isn’t a distance hybrid, so that’s ok.  Where the 0211 really excels is in launching the ball fairly high, easily, and consistently.  That launch is paired to mid spin for a ball flight that can hold any green and allows for some shot shaping possibilities.

The technology on the sole is also worth mentioning.  As you can see, there’s a weight port near the face.  This allows you to alter swing weight as well as launch and spin characteristics.  Additionally, the sole has rails which help it to glide through the turf more easily.  After testing many clubs with railed soles, I’ve largely abandoned my quest for scientific confirmation – I’m content to say, “I feel like the club moves more smoothly through the dirt.”


If you need something you can lean on for long approaches, the PXG 0211 hybrid is that club.  This hybrid creates reliable distance and an iron-like ball flight that’s ideal for handling those long par 3s.  If you’re ready to ditch your long irons, get fit for one of these.


2021 PXG 0211 Hybrid Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. What is the longest hybrid you’ve tested so far? Thanks matt

    • Matt Saternus


      Off the top of my head, probably the TEE CBX 119. But I need to throw in that it’s not really a fair comparison to all the clubs because A) OEMs send different lofts B) some stock shafts fit better than others and C) distance is the result of great ball speed (objective) and good fit with launch and spin (subjective/personal to the player).



  2. Cristian Nieto


  3. As good as I think my ability is I could not justify an individual club at todays pricing, R&D may be part of ongoing structure but that is a different level to the regular average Joe. Just cost prohibitive. Might win one though, in all these giveaways.

  4. #GetFit2021

  5. Joe Donchess


  6. David Griesel


  7. Are these intended for game improvement/high handicapper as well?
    Looking for a 3H now and it’s down to this or Ping 425. Good review

  8. Love pxg and am in the market. Will Deff have to try these out #GetFit2021

  9. I need to #GetFit2021 for these!

  10. Jerry Mattison


  11. Frank Hutnicke


  12. Kyle Antonson

    I have always wanted to try PXGs.

  13. Gerald Garbett

    Buying new set of clubs with hybrids nice to have all fitted foe me #GETFIT2021

  14. I carry a PXG 5-iron that I’ve found to be very reliable, so I’m a believer in the company’s design and manufacturing skills. Looking forward to trying the 0211 hybrids! #GetFit2021

  15. Gerald Garbett

    #GETFIT2021 need to shave few more strokes off handicap

  16. T.J. Hodnett

    The face looks to be closed, which I do prefer on my hybrid, and the rails have worked in the past especially on the Cobra models. Definitely need to give this a try!! #GetFit2021

  17. Todd Williams

    Nice!! #GetFit2021

  18. Stan Dusinski


  19. Nice review. The rails look like the Cobra Baffler rails, which I’ve always liked.

    By the way, #GetFit2021

  20. Chandler Milligan

    I love my Forged Tec Single Length 4 Hybrid. It’s my favorite club in the bag. I would love to test this out and see how it compares. I r heard nothing but good things. #getfit2021

  21. Love the reviews. Have you tried the new proto hybrids yet to see how they compare to the 0211. Thanks for the reviews. #GetFit2021

  22. What are some good hybrid options for a golfer who doesn’t play much and doesn’t want to spend a lot? I need a club for the 190-215 range.

  23. #GetFit2021 I wouldn’t mind trying this Hybrid

    • Andrew Recob

      PXG has never been on my radar but the new line and qualifying for their hero pricing really has me pondering their stuff. #GetFit2021

  24. How much do the hybrids cost im intrested as a senior shaft in my driver which shaft should i use

  25. Ryan McDaniel

    On my list to test at my upcoming fitting. #GetFit2021

  26. Good looking hybrid #GetFit2021

  27. Love the shape of these, very clean. With the lower special pricing on PXG’s site, I might have to check these out!


  28. This could be going in the bag Soon. #GetFit2021

  29. #GetFot2021

  30. #GetFit2021

    How do like these compared to the Tour Exotics offerings?

  31. Love my Gen2 0317X from last year. For a mid handicap, do you have any thoughts as to which way you’d go if buying PXG hybrids new right now? #GetFit2021


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think the 0211 is better than the 0317X, unless it’s a better fit for some reason. The new Prototype looks cool, but I haven’t hit it yet.



  32. #GetFit2021



  34. #getfit2021

  35. Get fit 2021

  36. I’d like to check out the 0211 hybrids, but PXG charging $50 bucks for a studio fitting ☹️#GetFit2021.

    • Matt Saternus

      That’s surprising…when I was fit at PXG last year, they repeatedly emphasized that fittings were free. I wonder if that varies by location.


      • I just scheduled a PXG fitting and it is a $50 fee. I believe the reason for this is that it’s a mobile fitting. The fitting won’t be done at an actual PXG store, but at a local golf facility.

  37. PXG prices seem like they are getting more reasonable.

  38. How would this compare to the Maverick Pro? #GetFit2021

  39. Phillip K Yeager

    Truly enjoy, and rely on, you and your colleagues objective reviews, product analysis and educational articles. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  40. Hi Matt,
    Is this as forgiving as the orlimar hybrids?
    I am looking to get a little more distance too.
    Thanks Matt!


    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t reviewed the Orlimar hybrids, so I can’t offer a comparison.



      • Dwayne Beaty

        At 54 years of age hitting a 3 iron is just a fond memory. Hearing that a hybrid can feel and perform much like a iron gives me hope to compete while still playing from the back tees.

  41. Donnie C Lisk


  42. Randall J Johnson


  43. Always appreciate any hybrid review that points out that hybrids shouldn’t just be measured by how far they go. Distance is great, but these are scoring clubs and should be about precision and consistency first and foremost. Thanks for the great review, as usual. #GetFit2021

  44. Was it difficult to get a high launch with the club or was it automatic?

    Thank you for the great reviews!

  45. How would compare these to the epic flash hybrids from 2019/2020? I have a 21 degree Callaway Epic flash which is too hot for me. I need a 4 iron replacement for approach shots and the Callaway, while excellent for low spin/distance doesn’t gap well in my set. My 5 iron is 25 degrees.

    This PXG club sounds ideal in a 22 deg to replace the Epic. Is it as forgiving? Let me know your thoughts between these 2. I swing a regular shaft.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the PXG is more like an iron replacement where the Epic Flash is more distance driven.



  46. Matt, thanks for your answer. I believe the Epic flash 21 degree can be adjusted up 1-2 degrees. If I adjust up to 22 degrees will this change the club to be a bit of a draw bias? I may experiment with this before I swap out a club which I hit very well but need to knock off yardage. About 10-15 yards. Thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      When you add loft, you close the face which, all else being equal, will promote a draw.



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